The Structure of Consciousness

Beyond the six dimensions of Time and Space lie the three dimensions of Consciousness, or Mind. In several posts we have discussed our Noetitek™-enabled discoveries related to the multidimensionality of Multiverse/Omniverse. Two posts focused specifically on the matter (pun intended) of Consciousness. The first, “Consciousness as Substance” (August, 2009), discusses our certainty that Consciousness is material. Our October, 2011 post: “Corridors of Consciousness” begins by clarifying that Consciousness permeates Omniverse. Consciousness is an omnipresent substance. Omniverse is a conscious living entity. 

In “Corridors of Consciousness” we described the three dimensions of Consciousness as three “modes,” three “pillars,” three “corridors,” three “sides of the Tetrad of Creation,” all of which also correspond with the Holy Trinity concept. We defined Consciousness as the primal extension of Source Energy Awareness (SEA), the first level of the materialization of Awareness via sub-particles that have yet to gain detection by the high priesthood of physics. These sub-particles constitute the medium through which all constructs of space-time arise, and they are also integral components of all of their creations. Despite “local” appearances, Mind and Time and Space exist as One. 

Where are these sub-particles hiding? Our theory is that they are ubiquitous, and within an atom they compose an unrecognized substructure of the electron. The, at present, unobservable triune realm of Consciousness is the same realm as the one referred to as “etheric” or “aetheric” by mystics. Unfortunately, western science failed to build upon the valid metaphysical insights of, for example, the ancient Egyptians when formulating modern disciplines such as microphysics. Which is not to say that all physicists are ignorant of the fact that some basic assumptions of physics are flawed; in recent years there has been a growing resurgence of the concept of aether as “nonmaterial antecedent” to physical reality. 

Leading-edge physicist, Paul A. LaViolette, suggests that the ether is composed of sub-particles that he calls “etherons,” sub-particles smaller than physics has apprehended so far. In themselves, he says, etherons would be of more than one type and would lack mass and charge. While LaViolette’s exceptional theorizing is not entirely in synchrony with that of PluribusOne™, we were excited to find some conclusions that are resonant with ours. In his provocative book, Genesis of the Cosmos, Dr. LaViolette asks what activating agent or primal energy source might be behind the etheric processing. The “prime mover,” he says, may be a multidimensional entity. For us, the energy source is SEA and the creational process is directed by the tri-dimensional Mind. 

However, there is much in LaViolette’s fundamental thesis that we find disagreeable. His overall theory of continuous creation and his envisioning of the structure, nature, and processing of the universe is very different than ours (see the May, 2009 post: “Multidimensionality and Turbulence Theory”). LaViolette envisions space, time, and the ether existing prior to Creation—a space devoid of matter, energy, and force fields, an etheric vastness. We say that all of that—the nine-dimensionality of space-time-mind—came into being as Creation, as Omniverse. SEA emerged from the no-thing-ness of what we call Dimension Zero, an origin that defies rational understanding by humans. 

Mind and Time and Space are the wholly integrated expression and extension of pure Awareness (for lack of a better word for the un-nameable “prime mover”).


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  1. PluribusOne™ Says:

    Of course, remember that all particles are processes, not actually objects, processes within processes–“wheels within wheels” as envisioned by the biblical prophet Ezekiel.

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