Unlocking the Star of David

Through knowing the fundamental principles of Nature, which PluribusOne™ apprehended via Noetitek™—the system of New Science from which the philosophy of NoetiTaoism™ springs—one becomes attuned to the structure of meta-magic, the source-fabric and creational process through which all of the magical phenomena are made manifest that self-aware entities in space and time perceive with wonder. This post, a product of that alignment, will probe the deepest level of meaning of the Star of David while also resolving a millennia-long debate among Jewish rabbis and mystics. 

In our August, 2009 post: “Dreidel as Symbol,” which revealed keys to understanding that object which even many Jews see as nothing more than a child’s toy, we said that we were inclined to infer from our dreidel-related findings that ancient Kabbalists understood the structure of Omniverse in a way not incompatible with our Turbulence Theory (see our May, 2009 post: “Multidimensionality and Turbulence Theory”). Our analysis of the Star of David encourages us to think that there was more to the oral teachings on the Torah than came to be set down in the twenty-two volume Zohar

The Star of David (Magen David) is a double-triangle with one equilateral triangle superimposed upside-down upon an upright triangle of same size—its mirror image—such that a hexagon is formed at the center, surrounded by six small triangles. In Judaism, the basic triune quality of this “star” symbolizes the inseparable connection between three entities: the Holy One, the Torah, and Israel—more specifically: the Creator above, the souls of the Jews below, and the Torah or totality of Law rooted in the five books of Moses. This, we say, is a limited, although not incorrect, cultural perspective on the fundamental principles of Nature. 

The deeper NoetiTaoist™ view, based on creational principles revealed by the Noetitek™ system, and expressed in our theorizing, is that the downward-pointing triangle symbolizes the triune quality of “the Godhead”—the three dimensions of Consciousness. The upward-pointing triangle symbolizes the three dimensions of Space. The overall symbol expresses the integration of Creator and Creation in Time. The hexagon resulting from the overlay is shared by the Creator-triangle and the Creation-triangle and symbolizes the two-way processing of the three dimensions of Time. Sometimes a pentagram is inscribed within the hexagon. That pentagram symbolizes the five books of the Torah—the implication being that the Torah is timeless, for all of Time. As Noetitek™ has revealed, the fifth dimension of Omniverse is the core dimension of Time, the central processor. 

The principles underlying Nature are timeless (endless) and even beyond time, and those principles are embedded in the Torah as evidenced by numerological examination of Aramaic and Hebrew scripture. This fact reconciles the debate between rabbinical schools over whether the Torah pre-existed the world. Where the more ancient school describes the Torah as black fire written upon white fire, our Theory of Everything understands this as the No-thing-ness of Dimension Zero—pure awareness—mirrored upon the All and Everything of Dimension Ten, the totality of multidimensional multiverse. Both schools are correct because everything has form and formlessness. 

The Star of David, the blazing hexagon, can serve as a mandala, a powerful meditation tool, and as a psychotronic device. The symbolism is universal—not only related to the Jews or the “mixed-multitude” who vacated Egypt. The symbol expresses truths found in the Hermetic philosophy traceable to ancient Egypt, truths reflected in the relatively recent New Testament of Christianity—for example, in the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:10): “Our Father… your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” The counter-balancing teaching is found in Matthew 18:18: “Whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” The latter teaching has fueled much debate among ministers who know not the principles of Omniverse or the nature of their own souls.



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6 Responses to “Unlocking the Star of David”

  1. Peace Trainer Says:

    Outside of your system, is there any evidence that the Torah has ever been associated conceptually with Time?

  2. PluribusOne™ Says:

    Among rabbis, especially Kabbalists, the un-manifest aspect of Torah has definitely been associated with Eternality, which is a perspective on Time. However, the word “torah” is widely misunderstood as being about legalism and obedience. It is about Omniversal construction. The true meaning of the manifest aspect of torah is: omnipresent living structure, the fabric underlying all things, animate and inanimate.

    Foundationally, Torah is best perceived as metaphysical science, and dynamic, not religious instruction of concretized dogma. Torah, like Time, is the way for and means of Omniversal revelation across all universes. Where “be-ing” is a function of the dimensions of Space, “living”—all movement of every kind—is a function of Time.

  3. Peace Trainer Says:

    Next question, If the ancient Kabbalists embedded secret teachings in a toy, were related teachings embedded in anything else?

  4. PluribusOne™ Says:

    Yes, in many other things. For example, just as the dreidel seems to have been some ancient sage’s intentional means for hiding great secrets in the open, the cut glass ball present in large numbers hanging from chandeliers is a similar means.

    If you take a cut glass crystal ball from a chandelier—covered with rows of contiguous equilateral triangles—and hang it by a thread at eye level, when you peer into it you can see images of the Star of David. And if you look through it at a certain angle and point and in just the right amount of low light you can also see a perfect tiny bright Star of David suspended in mid-air at the center of the ball (the rest of the ball will be darkened). Seeing it can have a consciousness altering impact. Be patient.

    If this little illuminated star in the midst of relative darkness is not intentional, then it is profoundly synchronistic—i.e., evidence of resonance within the patterned network of essential energies of Omniverse. Occult knowledge can be found everywhere in Nature and in humanly manufactured objects as well.

  5. Stark Raven Says:

    My religious training from childhood made a sharp distinction between the beliefs and practices of the Egyptians and Israelites. The idea that the Star of David is not a symbol uniquely held by the Jews or that it could have any roots in knowledge held by the Egyptian priesthood is very hard to accept.

  6. PluribusOne™ Says:


    It would take a book to respond adequately to that. The forces of enculturation maintain division among the masses of people while professing to advocate truth and unity, which is a disservice to all, in my opinion. The true history of the Egyptians and of Moses is not widely known, but it is not a secret either. Those who seek the truth will find it. This may help:

    The great truths are held in Nature and are revealed to those who study natural artifacts and phenomena with clear eyes. Magic squares are artifacts derived from transcendent natural truth. Unless you believe that the whole idea of mathematics is merely a human invention, it is undeniable that magic squares are natural artifacts that have been discovered—not invented—by humans. Their original discovery undoubtedly predates recorded history.

    A magic square is a square containing a matrix of squares filled with numbers that have the same sums whether the number in each square is added to the others in vertical columns, horizontal rows, or diagonals. The most ancient priesthoods of various cultures believed that magic squares reveal the deepest metaphysical secrets. Magic squares are well known; they continue to be studied and worked with by mathematicians, scientists, and occultists today.

    Less well known are magic stars. The Star of David is a magic star. The Star of David has a total of twelve points and intersections. When each point and intersection is assigned, a number from one to thirteen (excluding ten), in a certain configuration, each line adds to a number whose digits when added equal nine. If perceived as a set of six connected triangles, the Star of David has eighteen sides and eighteen vertices, and one plus eight equals nine again. Nine is the number of Egyptian deities referred to collectively as: the Ennead.

    It would take another book to explain the significance of the Ennead and its reflection in the Star of David, but this star is one piece of evidence for the connection between the metaphysical knowledge held in common and revered by both the Egyptians and Hebrews.


    P.S., Image File #43, associated with our January, 2010 post: “Analysis: Dürer’s ‘Melancholia I’,” shows an example of a magic square. Our four-part “Magical Omniverse” article, October, 2013, also discusses magic squares.

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