Magical Omniverse—Part II

In the previous post we discussed PluribusOne™’s schematic for the dimensions of Omniverse and the fact that our diagram serves as a conceptual cornerstone for the mathematical and geometrical phenomenon known as “magic squares.” Although magic squares follow after our schematic, magic squares have been known for millennia whereas their basis—and an understanding of that basis—is something we discovered in recent years via Noetitek™, our system for enhancing perception multidimensionally. 

As touched upon in some earlier posts, such as: “Noetitek™’s Take on The Kybalion” (October, 2009), “A Real Dream” (September, 2010), “Nothing” (October, 2011), “The Big Who” (January, 2012), and “Why does the world exist?” (March, 2013), among several others, our Noetitek™ system revealed to us many years ago that space-time (three dimensions of Space and one of Time) is an illusion emanating from Source Energy Awareness (SEA) through the first three dimensions of Omniverse—the dimensions of Consciousness. So, we were excited to learn that physicists reported just days ago that space and time are not fundamental components of reality, that reality is a construct, an illusion. And we were not surprised to learn that this insight is based on discovering a new geometric figure: the amplituhedron

The amplituhedron has been described as a jewel-like geometric object. It simplifies calculations of particle interactions previously apprehended and examined via other symbolic formats that have proved too cumbersome, too inefficient, for physicists to manage. The amplituhedron, like a magic square or magic cube, is a symbolic representation formulated to aid understanding a complex aspect of the structure and functioning of Omniverse. By contrast, our schematic for the dimensions of Omniverse represents the whole of Omniverse and its foundational components. As such, it helps us assess the veracity and usefulness of the amplituhedron. 

It is our conclusion, based on the initial information released through the Simons Foundation, dated September 17, 2013, that the amplituhedron is a valid and useful symbolic representation of data gathered in laboratory experiments for the purpose of revealing the nature of elementary atomic particles. However, as a super-positional map of the actual physical interaction of all sub-particles it is strictly theoretical—a partial map flawed by incompleteness, albeit an impressive stepping-stone. Is geometry involved in particle interactions? No doubt; but the amplituhedron does not, symbolically or physically, express all sub-particles and the fullness of their dynamic interaction. 

In our thinking, if the work of John Searl, as revealed through his use of magic squares, were to be intersected with the improved grasp of sub-particles revealed through this new geometric figure, the amplituhedron, the result would help physicists fill in some blanks toward discovering missing pieces of the sub-particle puzzle as well as expanding an understanding of The Searl Effect. Searl’s unique know-how cannot be kept secret from other researchers and developers of electromagnetic energy-generation and aerospace devices forever. The means for discovery are not exclusively his domain. 

The Noetitek™ System informed us long ago that “locality”: the Quantum Field Theory idea that particles interact only from adjoining positions in space and time, is not valid. We are gratified to see that some physicists have finally come to this same conclusion, but they are wrong in thinking that the amplituhedron reflects all of “the most basic features of reality that can be calculated,” as stated in the Foundation’s news release.


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