Magical Omniverse—Part III

The recent discovery of the amplituhedron, discussed in Part II, is providing physicists with a new tool for examining the interaction of sub-atomic particles. More important, it is encouraging them to stop seeing space and time as fundamental constituents of Nature; “locality” has become an untenable concept for them. They are, instead, inclined to see the origin and development of the universe arising from out of geometric configurations of sub-particles. We agree, but the most primal particles are not reflected in the amplituhedron—they have yet to be discovered by physicists. 

PluribusOne™ has long perceived the initial geometric configuration of Creation to be that of a unique tetrahedron composed of the first four dimensions of Omniverse: the three dimensions of Consciousness, which lie outside of Time, and the first dimension of Time, which is nonlinear and unknown to physicists at present. Although perceived as metaphysical in a spiritualist sense, it is actually physical although its component particles escape detection by the Large Hadron Collider. For references to the foundational tetrahedron we perceive, see our posts: “Analysis: Hoagland’s Dark Mission” (September, 2011), and “Sex and Chevrons” (September, 2012). 

In addition to locality, another former “given” in the field of quantum mechanics has also now become untenable for physicists: unitarity. In quantum physics, unitarity means that the probabilities of all possible outcomes of any event will always sum to one. Because physicists now believe that this can only be proved by performing an infinite number of observations and using an infinitely large apparatus—an impossibility outside of thought experiments—and because observations limited to a finite portion of the universe cannot possibly produce accurate results, physicists are inclined to abandon unitarity along with locality. 

Unitarity needs to be retained as a pillar of quantum physics if physicists are ever to grasp the big picture of multiversal Omniverse. Their quest can be assured by accepting our Noetitek™-derived theory: that although Omniverse is finite, its processing is infinite, never-ending, and the nature of the all-ness of Omniverse is oneness—the perfect and complete reflection of the No-thing-ness of pure and total Awareness. Omniverse is a perpetual living organism and the word “unitarity” is an excellent description of its most fundamental state: It is One (as discussed in our May, 2009 post: “Cosmic Primal Number Discovered”). PluribusOne™ made that as yet unacknowledged discovery five years ago. 

Physicists seem surprised that the amplituhedron-aided reformulation of quantum field theory does not solve the mystery of gravity. They will persist in searching for the ever-elusive theoretical particle: the graviton, but there is no graviton. Gravity is the other side of centrifugal force and both are functional phenomena of the second and third dimensions of Time, without which there could be no manifestations in dimensions of Space. See our April, 2011 post: “Quantum Query,” our March, 2012 post: “Quantum Gravity Quest,” and our December, 2012 post: “Mysteries of Omniverse—Part II.” 

The creational workings of Omniverse are indeed magical—i.e., beyond the holistic grasp of traditional science, although the discovery of the amplituhedron and the nascent perceptions of invisible geometry indicate that greater breakthroughs are on the horizon. But before seeking new geometrical forms, they should take a closer look at the graphic and physical products of ancient mystics and mystically-inclined modern artist-scientist-philosophers such as “Bucky” Fuller and me. Fundamental truths are embedded in the Star of David, the dreidel, the tetrahedron, magic squares, and many other artifacts.


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