Magical Omniverse—Part IV

In addition to coded symbols and geometric figures such as the tetrahedron, there is a topological figure called the torus which also serves as a conduit to knowledge of the nature of Omniverse. The torus is shaped like a bagel or conventional donut with a hole at its center. If we look at both the donut and hole we can visualize a sphere revolving around a smaller invisible sphere with the larger sphere moving within a torus-shaped pathway. At the center of the smaller sphere is the axis of the torus, and if we compress the torus by continually decreasing the distance to this axis, the torus subsumes the central area and becomes a sphere. By visualizing this subsuming process in reverse we can see symbolization of the All and Everything emerging from the Nothing. 

Looking at the torus from two basic and familiar perspectives: two dimensional and three dimensional, we see two kinds of circularity. In two dimensions we see the circularity of the outer edge and its inner parallel edge; in three dimensions we see the intersectional circularity that runs across those parallels, into and out of the hole. The inherent circularity and embedded sphericality of the torus embody the idea and design of Omniverse with its multiversal galactic and solar system structures. As such, the subsuming torus has a kind of fetus-symbol quality, making the sphere within the torus a symbol of fertility and infinite gestation, a globular cosmic egg filled with star systems. 

Contrary to popular belief, even among followers of Judaism, the Shield of David, the dreidel, and the common bagel—a torus—are more than they appear at a glance. They are intended to preserve and display esoteric knowledge. Each originates in ancient times, designed not by chance but by ancient mystics to impart secret teachings. Those shamanic priestly mystics held knowledge of the origin, structure, and operation of Omniverse beyond that which was set down in the Torah, and even the Zohar. They understood that symbols, as well as repetitive ritual performances, impart information via the subconscious by triggering the mind’s connection to knowledge held by all individuals at a deep level, all but forgotten due to the traumas of birth and enculturation.

As we mentioned in a comment appended to the post: “Unlocking the Star of David,” among other means for hiding great secrets in the open, the cut glass or crystal ball found in chandeliers is another means because if you take one—covered with rows of contiguous equilateral triangles—from a chandelier and hang it at eye level, when you peer into it you can see images of the Star of David. And if you look through it at a certain angle and in the right amount of low light you can also see a perfect tiny bright Star of David as if suspended mid-air at the center of the darkened sphere, the point corresponding to the Nothingness core of the invisible central sphere of a torus. Glass and natural crystal have been used to make sacred objects for thousands of years.

While the torus-sphere connection is relatively easy to grasp, is there a square element hidden in the torus? Yes. A torus can be constructed by copying, proportionally, the floor dimensions of King Solomon’s Temple (see our August, 2013 post: “Solomon’s Imperfect Temple—Part I”), which is a rectangle composed of three squares. Using a flexible and stretchable material, attach the two long sides to each other to make a tubular shape, then attach the two ends of the tube to each other and begin to slowly inflate it. A torus is formed symbolizing the multiverse of Omniverse—i.e., the torus can be seen to contain an endless spiraling array of integrated and expanding spherical parallel universes, all governed by the same principles.


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