Magical Omniverse—Part V

Almost five years ago we began to share basic information about what PluribusOne™ has learned about the principles, structure, and processing of Omniverse via our Noetitek™ system—more than one hundred fifty posts in the Sciences category of the blog to date. That information has served to introduce a radically different way of seeing ourselves and the realm we inhabit. In this Magical Omniverse series of posts we have done some referencing and recapping of earlier material while also supplying new insights, explanations, and clues. We also discussed recent progress on the part of mainstream science and pointed to stumbling blocks physicists still need to overcome. 

Over the past twenty years of making “new science” discoveries and assembling them into coherent theorizing for concurrent examination and assessment, we were surprised to find that our new science, which we call Enhanced Human Perception™, was inadvertently shaping a New Metaphysics, much of which is a synthesis, refinement, and realignment of some long-existing teachings toward greater elucidation thanks to our discoveries of the principles, patterns, and processes of Nature. Our new philosophy of NoetiTaoism™ emerged on its own and we continue to develop it as a philo-religion, or inclusive theosophy, rather than attempt to reform existing culture-bound systems. Why protest against dark windows when doors to light are standing wide open? 

In this post we wish to share a Noetitek™-based achievement that is of utmost importance to everyone and has dire implications for traditional thinking in the fields of cosmology, philosophy, and theology. In many prior posts we discussed microcosmic and intermediate pieces of the puzzle, and we supplied key pieces of the Big Picture in “Multidimensionality and Turbulence Theory” (May, 2009) and the numerous comments posted there; “A Real Dream” (September, 2010); and Part IV of this Magical Omniverse series. Now we are going to provide a simple symbolic description of the highest level of macrocosmic processing—a glimpse from the mountaintop of all mountaintops: the origin and coming into being of Omniverse as well as its destiny

The “unknowable” is known, and here it is: 

As presented in “A Real Dream,” the seed of Omniverse is like a black sphere within the eternal no-thing-ness realm of pure omni-Awareness, and through that portal-like sphere Awareness bursts forth to create the manifest All-ness of Omniverse. In this instant, the black sphere is, in effect, turned inside-out causing what may be thought of as a 360-degree Big Bang, the result of which is a torus containing an endless array of integrated and expanding spherical parallel universes. The torus expands, as if to inflate, until the parallel universes merge into one and the torus becomes a sphere, at which point it begins to deflate and return to the torus form, like breathing. 

The parallel universes amount to an almost infinite number of experiments—variations on a theme, like branches of one tree, and the theme is liberation, freedom from the horror of undivided omnipresence, omniscience, and omnipotence. True Utopia is not a perfect world but a wonderfully imperfect world the highest state of which is reliant upon the outcomes of all of the experiments. Because time and space—and even consciousness—are all parts of this grand illusion that exists in the dreamscape of Awareness, there is nothing that cannot be experienced/acquired. But, deep down, no sentient entity really wants to regain the omni-qualities that lead back to the most hellish of all solitary confinements. Omniverse is Paradise, warts and all.


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3 Responses to “Magical Omniverse—Part V”

  1. Tigersprite Says:

    I recently read an article by a kabbalist who says each person is responsible to increase and bring back the light and energy given by the Creator so the universe can be made whole. How do you respond to that in the context of your philosophy of Noetitaoism?

  2. PluribusOne™ Says:

    The entirety of universe is an illusion within which ostensibly sentient beings are free to pursue any imagined agenda (game, experiment) they choose. In my NoetiTaoist™ view, the Creator doesn’t need any human being or group of humans to fix a universe that they believe is broken. The challenge to see truth in the highest: that the universe is already One in the fullest sense (what we call Dimension 10) is met by enhancing perception.

    Whatever way you conceive of the Creator, whether you would use the word Father, or Mother, or God, or Great Architect, or whatever, the Creator is within you and within every perceived part of the universe and Omniverse. As the Bible advises, using more archaic language: Be true to yourself. There is no special blessing for those who abdicate their own thrones in service to someone else’s power-playing agenda.

  3. PluribusOne™ Says:

    It has come to my attention today that a philosopher-inventor named Arthur M. Young saw, in the 1970s apparently, the universe as being toroidal although I do not know the extent to which his full thought about this is comparable or compatible with mine. I am going to acquire all of his primary writings and present my findings either here or in a separate future post.

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