Unbind Prometheus

Where the post titled “A Prescription for Rebellion” served as a kind of prologue to the “Magical Omniverse” series, this post will serve as epilogue. In that lead post we introduced Dr. Robert Lindner’s Triad of Limitations and said that perceptual abilities eclipse his triad, emphasizing the fact that EHP™ (enhanced human perception) can make all other limitations moot, but that without perception-enhancement, perceptual ability is a fourth limitation that Lindner apparently overlooked. Psychological adjustment is rooted in the bad idea that there is no other reasonable alternative for coping with adverse conditions in an apparently hostile universe. Adjustment is misguided because its premise is wrong, and rebellion is also misguided if rebellion means something other than enhancing perception and mastering creative ability. 

To recap the material stated or alluded to in the five “Magical Omniverse” posts: (1) there are basic principles of Nature knowable and harnessable through use of meta-tools and technologies; (2) physics and metaphysics are two sides of a coin; (3) the creational process and source fabric through which phenomena manifest is meta-magical in that a largely unrecognized intangible resource underlies and enables all production; (4) the origin of everything is a oneness that is in all and in which all exist; (5) Omniverse is “harmoniously turbulent” and interactive; (6) space-time is an illusion emanating from Source Energy Awareness and everything is a symbol and metaphor and hypothetical; (7) the “locality” of Quantum Theory is an erroneous concept but “unitarity” is not invalid; (8) artist-scientist-philosophers have always created artifacts that serve as teaching tools and psychotronic devices; and (9) the sphere-based torus contains and expresses macro-level secrets of the nature of Omniverse. 

One of the most fundamental principles of Nature relates to, among other correspondences: polarity. The entirety of Omniversal processing is dualistic, “sexual,” and all human behavior is sexual. While some academicians speak of the social basis of sexual behavior, greater truth is found through recognizing the sexual basis of social behavior! What we are getting to is the fact that the impulse to conform is as natural as the impulse to rebel—rebellion is a masculine impulse whereas conformity is feminine, which is not to say that all men are rebels or all women are followers because both energies are present in both genders to varying degrees at the level of the individual. An extreme example of a woman who came to make full use of her masculine energy in service to femininity was Phoolan Devi, the Indian woman who led a gang of bandits. The film about her life: Bandit Queen is reportedly still banned in India. 

Rebellion is formed out of the natural urge for liberation and is rooted in the Original Pain of perfection experienced by the unmanifest One outside of Omniversal creation. Mental illnesses, including psychosomatic disorders and rage-related behaviors, are a human way of seeking liberation from (rebelling against) the pain of pressure to conform to someone else’s definitions of right-mindedness and a perfect world. Such illness, stemming from efforts to adjust, is self-destructive; it robs the sufferer of normal self-esteem and self efficacy. By comparison, conformity is the natural urge for liberation from the pain of being alone, different—outside. Conformists are appropriately likened to sheep, and it is okay to be a sheep, but whereas a true nonconformist does not pressure others to be like him/her, sheep tend to see non-sheep as wolves—a threat to be dealt with through conversion or extermination. The truth is that, throughout history, the most positive paradigm-shifting “shepherds” have been extreme nonconformists. 

Rebels and conformists are of the same One and have common interests. This is not obvious because the masses are culturally hypnotized to see in terms of “us versus them.” Hipsters are conditioned to despise “squares” and squares/normals are trained to show disdain for everyone outside the herd, when there is actually a natural and healthful symbiotic relationship between the two camps (and no individual is exclusively in one or the other). Useful radical changes come into everyone’s world via nonconformity while conformity provides stability and continuity. The bottom line to this epilogue is that the new view of the creation, composition, processing, and destiny of Omniverse that PluribusOne™ assembled by employing its technology and meta-tools has unexpectedly opened the door to ridding the world of psychological disorders and societal disharmony through Enhanced Human Perception™ and by calling for intentional cooperation between the typically “left-brain-dominant” conformists and the typically “right-brain-dominant” nonconformists toward blazing new and better trails in all fields.


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