Determinism versus Free Will

In May, 2011 we created a page accessible from the blog’s homepage titled: “Q&A on NoetiTaoism™” in which the question: “Do we have free will?” is answered by saying: “The soul has free will, but some of its decisions are made prior to embodiment and ordinarily held apart from conscious recollection.” Progressively expanding on this answer, our February, 2012 posts: “Analysis: ‘Paycheck’,” and “Analysis: Spielberg’s ‘Minority Report’” again addressed the matter of free will, describing it in terms of the ability of sentient beings to—at some level of consciousness—select from and navigate among a spectrum of parallel universes within each of which all outcomes are preset.

Numerous other posts directly or indirectly touch on this subject. In an April, 2012 post: “Chapel Perilous Experiences (CPEs),” we rhetorically raised the question: “Are we governed by fate or free will or by some combination?” because from within the flow of embodied life experience and beta-brainwave-level consciousness it is ordinarily difficult to recognize the identity of the decider (our “higher-self”). In the May, 2013 post: “Analysis: ‘The Red Queen’,” we point out the persistent blind ignorance of mainstream science with respect to consciousness and free will, but we have shared only a portion of our examination of the origin of this ignorance, which is rooted in science dogma.

The truth about the nature of human beings and reality in general has been suppressed for millennia, primarily by the sectors of religion and government but also by the sector of science ever since groundwork for science apart from religion was established in the western world via René Descartes and his “Method of Doubt,” a method incomplete by design. Publicly announced in 2009, The Noetitek™ Method is a far better tool, and user-friendly, as it is set forth in the form of a list of step-by-step actions that guide users through the examination of anything in a way that carries them from question to answer, from problem to solution, from mystery to revelation, from vision to implementation.

Descartes (1596-1650), along with other early scientists whose minds had been clouded from childhood by inculcation of flawed metaphysical conceptualizing, established the “mechanistic science” that remains dominant today. Biology and medicine, for example, are mechanistic in that they are founded on the lame idea that humans and other animals are meat-machines rather than organisms—an idea employed via cultural programming in mollifying the masses with respect to: inhumane experimentation; human sacrifice (called “collateral damage”) on the killing fields of war; overt and covert acts of genocide; and economic oppression justified by Social Darwinism. Of course, there is no indication that Descartes foresaw such devastating side-effects.

Meat-machines cannot be considered to have “free will;” so Ivory Tower biologists, ignoring the reality revealed by quantum physicists and parapsychologists, find the very idea of free will absurd and offensive to their delusion. How can they possibly hold to such belief? To blame it entirely on science dogma is convenient but denies the intelligence of otherwise intelligent people (even if they do believe they are nothing more than highly educated bio-computers). PluribusOne™ has an explanatory theory:

It is possible that these scientists hold to the tenets of “mechanistic science” because deep intuition informs them that it is somehow true. And it IS true in that multiversal Omniverse contains all things past, present, and future within the totality of its parallel universes—all things, including an oxymoronic “mechanistic organism.” In a perspective on the eleventh dimension of the structure of Omniverse articulated in PluribusOne™’s theorizing, Omniverse has the characteristics of such an organism, a totally mapped environment and vehicle through which non-dimensional and nonmaterial Awareness systematically pursues its endless illusory adventures.

[For better understanding of this information, please see our March, 2013 post: “Why does the world exist?” and the further posts cross-referenced there.]


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