Beyond the Purple Shore

It was recognized at least thirty years ago that something on the order of a fundamental parameter is missing from science, without which life-forms cannot be understood as phenomena. Mass, length, and time are not nearly enough. The physical and metaphysical sides of the human being, for example, have long begged for reconciliation in rational scientific terms. However, at best, such reconciliation of body and spirit, brain and mind, organic matter and life energy, are only able to be approached by Cartesian-based science via theories rooted in questions beginning with the word “how.” None such theories can answer the deepest questions, which all begin with “why.”

Sir Francis Bacon, early on, feigned the solution of matters related to “why”—to causation—by positing a two-tiered Causality. Primary causes were seen as the domain of religion; secondary causes were seen as resident within the domain of science. But as science has worked to expand its domain to include such matters as psychic phenomena—and with considerable success, as repeatedly demonstrated in experiments conducted by Dr. J. B. Rhine and his wife, Dr. Louisa E. Rhine, in the first half of the last century—science has been pressed to begin to acknowledge that causation cannot genuinely be divided. 

As a result of evidence provided by Max Planck and Werner Heisenberg, twentieth century science was dragged kicking and screaming into a new and confusing paradigm: Quantum Reality. Later the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen experiment indicated that photons somehow exist outside of time and space—a mind-boggling enigma. Meanwhile, outside the confines of top secret research centers funded by covert governmental operations toward advancing a psychic military agenda, biology and psychology continued to trundle along on the tracks of classical Newtonian physics, a state that persists to this day—read the latest books by leading biologist Richard Dawkins. 

Through the somewhat misperceived “illicit antics” of intellectuals such as former Harvard professor, Dr. Timothy Leary, secret science discoveries pertaining to consciousness—conducted clandestinely beginning in the 1940s—elbowed their way into popular culture via a Consciousness Movement fueled by natural psychedelic compounds and by both pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical “brain boosters,” among various associated less controversial mental techniques, including electronically-induced mental effects as well as physical practices: body movements and sensory manipulations. Many breakthroughs occurred via renegade scientists and non-scientists who reinterpreted the implications of earlier scientific theories related mainly to physics. 

Some “new scientists” claimed to have established a radically revised and revolutionary paradigm that brought consciousness into the mix of scientific parameters. But what they actually achieved, in retrospect, was taking the “old paradigm,” presentable symbolically as a box drawn on paper, and drawing a larger box around that—the equivalent of proverbially putting new wine into an old wineskin, as none had broken free of Descartes’ mind-harnessing influence. Some inadvertently provided indirect hints of a greater Reality beyond the boxes, but none had reconciled physics and metaphysics. None seemed to even recognize the presence and challenge of the new box. 

By contrast, beginning about twenty years ago, due to certain profound personal experiences and non-drug-induced insights, I stepped outside the paradigm-building game and perceived a primal architecture that stands impervious to the ego-driven quest by science to ever-invent theories that are nothing more that flawed perspectives on Reality. Where the process of science is bottom-up, a brief burst of cosmic consciousness fifty years ago allowed me to work top-down: to begin with an undeniable indelible metaphysical vision and collate corrected sets of humanly-articulated principles and processes asserted by modern-day scientists and by ancient proto-scientists. 

Among the foundational breakthroughs that I embedded in my Noetitek™ system—which enables a systematic holistic approach to gaining and assembling perceptions and applying resultant meta-paradigmatic information to any challenge, any enigma, any objective—was the reconciliation of Consciousness with Time and Space. Equally important, after decades of unpacking those moments of cosmic consciousness for communication to others, Noetitek™ includes a vocabulary for conveying the concepts, data, information, and expanding knowledge base in a way that any reasonably well educated person can grasp.


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2 Responses to “Beyond the Purple Shore”

  1. Tigersprite Says:

    What is the purple shore?

  2. PluribusOne™ Says:

    The “purple shore” is my metaphor for the farthest reach of human imagination in the quest by science to formulate the ultimate or final paradigm.

    Purple shore is also my metaphor for the boundary of human consciousness where the eighth neurological circuit and chakra encounter that of the so-called higher self and its connection to the “collective consciousness” of the One and Source Energy Awareness (SEA).

    Numerous earlier posts provide more information about our unconventional perceptions of these and related matters.

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