The PluribusOne™ “Disclosure Project”

During the past five years, PluribusOne™ Consulting has used this blog to showcase its Noetitek™ system and perception-enhancing meta-tools; announce and record more than two hundred publicly significant achievements across nearly four hundred posts; and generally establish our credibility.  

In celebration of this fifth anniversary of the blog, it is an appropriate time to reveal that Noetitek™ was originally developed for the purpose of solving the multifaceted UFO phenomenon. An amazing array of insights never before garnered by any investigator of the “phenomenon” resulted from application of the earliest version of Noetitek™. Those insights were set down in a manuscript submitted to a world-class publishing house in 1995 where an editor had been awaiting it. The long story made short is that the book was suppressed in the interest of national security. One thing I will share, related to the manner in which I was informed, is: Men in Black (MIB) do not always wear black.

In discussing my personal background in another blog file, I mentioned my long-ago full-time volunteer field investigator role with the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP). I worked with Subcommittee Four Chairman William Donovan during “the most exciting period of civilian-assisted UFO research and investigation in history.” The most significant reports, made at the height of the 1960’s UFO flap, were made directly to Major Donald E. Keyhoe, (Ret.) and remain classified to this day. For those of us who saw the effects of close encounters on average citizens it is less of a mystery why some information is not disclosed to the public-at-large.

In many earlier posts I have shared various Noetitek™-facilitated insights into the origin, purpose, structure, and functioning of Omniverse and of the design and development of life-forms. Twenty-four posts address the UFO phenomenon or some aspect of it. None, however, contain material from my 1995 manuscript or reveal data collected from firsthand observations of UFOs and related encounters—and Noetitek™ is held as a trade secret.

In a March, 2012 post: “Scientific Studies of UFOs,” we shared the bottom-line of The RAND Report, existence of which was denied for twenty-five years. Download the report in PDF format. The portion of its conclusions we wish to reemphasize is: “…in our own galaxy, 100 million planets are likely to be home to people whose technologies surpass ours by billions of years; and if light-speed can be exceeded… some advanced race is certain to have discovered and harnessed it”—which they have. On numerous occasions before, during, and long after my affiliation with NICAP I have witnessed at very close range, and sometimes in broad daylight, objects far beyond any technology developed at Area 51, or by Russia, or out of any imagined “breakaway” civilization.

Let the following augment the conclusions of The Rand Report:

The oldest civilizations of numerous races of sentient creatures lie near the center of our galaxy, and they are billions of years ahead of us in every way. They are also here, on Earth, as part of a quiet survival-purposed colonization of star systems closer to the galaxy’s outer edges. The “UFOs” are what I call EVOs: extraordinary vectoring objects that travel through space, the atmosphere, undersea, and underground. Millions of citizens have witnessed them although mostly at sufficient distance, or after dark, and for such brief periods that the sightings are buffered from awareness of this guarded reality.


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