NoetiTaoist™ Philosophy Primer—Part I

As a philosopher my purpose is to re-examine conventional perspectives, challenge dogmas, reassess evidence, confront popular theories, question established processes, and discourage formulaic thinking and other forms of widespread adherence to consensus assumptions—ingrained beliefs, habits of mind. In the earliest stage of my development in this role, my quest was to discover a new way of perceiving, exploring, and knowing that would be based on the most basic principles of Nature and that could be relied on to produce breakthrough insights on demand: reliable and scientifically verifiable results, articulated in plain language, regarding any important question in any field. The ever-expanding Noetitek™ System was the first fruit of that quest. 

My NoetiTaoist™ philosophy, which emerged subsequently, asserts that the only absolutes are the Nothing and All of pure and total Awareness. No assumption can reflect certainty, nor can any human being’s perceiving be perfectly accurate. Therefore, no analysis can ever yield a final understanding of anything despite apparent givens and past experience and despite extensive research and experimentation. Even the Noetitek™ System is subject to this truth. To the extent NoetiTaoism™ can be seen as religious, it is open-ended, dynamic, and not fundamentalist. Although rooted in a small set of Omniversal principles, the principles are “soft” in that their effects are blended as they interact synthetically and synergistically and express via mediums and phenomena. 

Based on the foregoing, knowledge can never be absolute. Knowledge is a pragmatic assemblage that has no end-point. Descartes held to one assertion as bedrock fact: “I think, therefore I am”—cogito ergo sum—when, in truth, this fact is eclipsed by a more factual: “I think I think, therefore I think I think I am,” and a series of further “I think I think I think…” extending to infinity. The NoetiTaoist™ truly bedrock statement is: “I imagine, therefore I imagine that I am.” This reflects the actual nature of the human being: a vehicular extension of Source Energy Awareness (SEA), the pure and total Awareness that freed itself from the prison of Nothing-and-All by imagining an impossible imperfection within itself. Time and Space as well as Consciousness are an Illusion. 

Because, according to NoetiTaoism™, the whole of multiversal Omniverse emerged through an “impossible imperfection,” this infinite realm is distorted, chaotic, turbulent—forever free from absolute limitation. All limitations that creatures experience are relative and temporal and critical to the construction of the many mansions of cosmos. Without tension there can be no desire, no perception of motion, and no sense of expansion. This metaphysical reality did not come to me via empiricism or rationalism but through illumination, although later examined and confirmed through sensory data and through application of reason and logic. Like the metaphysical cornerstone of creational intent, the Noetitek™ way of knowledge—my epistemology—is tetrahedral and synergetic. 

Noetitek™ and NoetiTaoism™ are not reductionistic, not materialistic, and not idealistic, as those terms are defined in the field of philosophy. For me, knowing does not begin with sensations or thought processes but with intervention by and/or intentional accessing of what is commonly called Spirit. By my definition, Spirit originates from beyond the dimensions of space-time-mind, as it is coterminous with the originator of the dimensions of Omniverse: Source Energy Awareness (SEA). Spirit is SEA in purposeful perpetual action. Philosophers in academia do not generally approach the garnering of knowledge this way. Mine is more the way of a mystic, yet I employ the ordinary mind-tools historically used by philosophers along with new and better ones that I invented.


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