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Analysis: “Saucers, Swastikas, and Psyops” (book)

April 28, 2014

Saucers, Swastikas, and Psyops—a History of a Breakaway Civilization: Hidden Aerospace Technologies and Psychological Operations (2011) is the work of a theologian, Joseph P. Farrell, author of numerous thought-provoking books that combine verifiable facts, well-reasoned speculations, and educated opinions. In Dr. Farrell’s words, prior to this book’s release: “…the focus here is on the idea of a breakaway civilization itself: can such an idea be argued? And if so, what is the relationship of the Nazi component to the other components? What activities can be arguably and reasonably be [sic] traced to it… I think people will be intrigued at the real historical origins of psyops in connection with advanced technologies…”

Farrell’s books are among literally thousands of writings that I have perused or read cover-to-cover in a quest to better understand personal experiences with respect to UFOs (and other “space-time transients”), nonhuman entities, psychic phenomena, and the ongoing development of advanced technologies. My invention of Noetitek™ and development of its technological applications has provided me with the tools to accelerate that understanding by enabling me to sort the “wheat from the chaff” with regard to anything. That said, although I know Dr. Farrell only by report and via his numerous books, several of which I had read entirely, his research efforts seem diligent and fueled by a genuine desire to expand his own knowledge while sharing the fruits of his findings with all who will listen.

Saucers, Swastikas, and Psyops is much too complex a treatment of this nexus of subject matter, associated exotic science factors, and political forces to allow thorough and comprehensive analysis here. A book could be written in complementary response to this book and the material Dr. Farrell draws upon in formulating his conclusions. What I can focus on are a couple questions that his readers are left to ponder: Is there a “breakaway civilization” guided by Nazi-dominated fascist ideology? And, in any case: Is the evolving ET “mythos” a function of psychological warfare directed at the core host (Western) civilization by this peripheral parasitic breakaway Nazi civilization?

The “Foreword” to Farrell and de Hart’s 2013 book Grid of the Gods expresses the fact that true knowledge is personal (firsthand) knowledge, although the relics of past knowers—via placement, patterns, symbols, and rituals—can unlock doors to the knowledge of those bygone seekers of truths. Amen to that. In my responses to the above stated questions, I am drawing upon my firsthand knowledge as augmented by my use of Noetitek™ which harnesses those relics of the past and reaches beyond them to grasp the most fundamental principles of Omniverse.

In response to the first big question: Yes, there is a breakaway civilization; however, it is not dominated by Nazism but by Freemasonry. Hitler was anti-Masonic and Masonry prevailed over the Thule Society, apparently subsuming its collateral. Consider that controlling players in the book’s argued founding of a post-WWII breakaway were freemasons: Dulles, Ford, Rockefeller, Watson, etc., and consider that high-profile parties impeding the plan, such as Forrestal and the Kennedys, all Catholic, suffered untimely deaths. This ideological warfare traces back at least many centuries. The establishment of colonies in North America and subsequent creation of the USA was a successful breakaway engineered by forebears of 20th century Masons. This was not, in my view, an evil plan but the furthering of a vision for a free and enlightened world.

In response to the second question, the answer is: No. Although psyops surround development of all advanced technologies, such operations are not unique to any particular “civilization,” and, therefore, do not evidence a Nazi-led plan. Nor does evolving public perception of the UFO phenomenon evidence an ongoing Nazi-engineered ET mythos—which is not to say there is no Nazi agenda or disinformation injected into the picture from that source. The evolution of the UFO story is mainly due to increased openness on the part of UFO-related witnesses and “close encounter” participants. Not all alien contacts in the 1950s involved blonde-haired über-humans claiming to be from other planets. Few people who had had actual encounters with strange airships and bizarre entities dared to speak out in those days.

In addition to my foregoing certainty with respect to the evolution of UFO revelations, I will add—although I cannot reveal how I gained this “inside” information—that the degree of advancement toward development of antigravity devices that could be piloted, pay-loaded, and vectored had not been achieved by the 1950s, during which time many such advanced craft were sighted, filmed, and pursued in the skies by military jets. I witnessed such objects in the 1960s—some in close proximity and in daylight—objects far too sophisticated to have been designed and built by the USA or Germany or Russia in that period (or, probably, today) even if a basic understanding of the underlying physics was gained by then. So, as disturbing as the thought may be, Earth is hosting visitors from elsewhere.