Blood Moon Junction

What is a Blood Moon, and what is a Blood Moon Tetrad? A Blood Moon is a total lunar eclipse during which—when visible based on observer location and atmospheric conditions—Earth’s Moon appears blood-red. Looking across past and future centuries (assuming the world does not end next year) there is an average of less than one Blood Moon eclipse a year. A Blood Moon Tetrad is four Blood Moons in a row with six full moons in between each and no partial lunar eclipses intervening, which is several times less common than just a Blood Moon. Such a tetrad sequence of total lunar eclipses is scheduled to occur over eighteen months during this year and 2015. 

The first of the four Blood Moon eclipses is scheduled to arrive on April 14-15 (evening-to-evening), about two days from now. It will coincide with Passover, the anniversary of the Lamb Sacrifice preceding the biblical Exodus of the mixed-multitude from Egypt through the parted waters of the Red Sea. The other three will occur on October 8, 2014, April 4, 2015, and September 28, 2015. All four are Jewish holy days—two Passovers and two Feasts of Tabernacles—making this set of alignments rare (only the eighth in twenty-one centuries); yet odds of such a tetrad are not as high as it may seem because those holy days were not established by chance—far from it. The Jewish calendar is a lunar calendar and full moons coincide with those holy days every year. 

Despite the fact that natural mystics and truly learned theologians know that nothing is inevitable, that not even prophecies given by Prophets of the Bible were ever the last word on an outcome—What would be the point of a warning from the Eternal One if it was impossible to heed it?—some well-credentialed ministers and astrologers are pointing to the upcoming “Blood Moon Tetrad” as one poised to deliver a dramatic ending and new beginning of world-scale significance. The last Blood Moon Tetrad is associated with Israel’s recapture of Jerusalem (the “Six-Day War”). The one before that is associated with the establishment of the nation of Israel. Some are predicting a new outbreak of war in the Middle East. Some, pointing to the Book of Revelation and twisting scripture, predict the return of Jesus Christ. 

PluribusOne™ Consulting agrees that some Blood Moon Tetrads correlate roughly with major events in history, including those mentioned above, but we also conclude that many events have been humanly engineered to coincide with astronomical events. Some Jewish and Christian numerologists expect a world-scale “new beginning” this time. Our appraisal of the significance of this eighth Blood Moon Tetrad since Jesus’ day is that it will energize focusing on completion of a mission—a culmination of a ripeness. It is a time for spiritual realization, for a crystallizing of awareness on a scale eclipsing the vision of certain Jews and Christians for expansion in the Holy Land, including reacquisition of the Temple Mount—time for a higher vision foundational across cultures. 

The Talmud associates lunar eclipses with bloodshed in mortal combat. The correlation is astrological, and as we discussed in our January 29, 2010 post: “Astrology as Science,” astrology reflects the Language of Nature and structure of Omniverse; astrology is a science as much as anything is a science. However, as revealed in the Zohar—mystical writings that underlie the Torah and “Old Testament”—such patterns of Nature impel but do not compel: apparent inevitabilities can be side-stepped, completely overridden, via the exercise of human will in conjunction with the foremost force of Consciousness that established the patterns and delivered Omniverse into being. Dr. Rupert Sheldrake and other scientists recognize that Laws of Nature are better understood as habits of Nature. Bloodshed is a curable bad habit.


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