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Grail, Rose, and Cross

May 29, 2014

Many books on esoteric matters discuss the Grail, Rose, and Cross, but none of those writings that ostensibly unveil the secrets of these symbols—application and understanding of which has evolved over millennia—reveals them at their conjoined root level. The following has been developed through a combination of many years of research together with revelations provided by application of PluribusOne™’s Noetitek™ system in order to supply a concise yet enhanced perception of these interlinked symbols as reflected in NoetiTaoist™ philosophy.

The Grail has been described in occult literature as symbolizing the quest for absolute truth, wisdom, and connection with the Great Beyond. In the earliest teachings, the Grail was associated with visions of a krater, a mixing bowl within which the gods cooked-up the stuff of Creation. In much more recent Celtic myths, the Grail was associated with heroic conquests by godlike men. This mythmaking fed into the years from about 1200 to 1300 A.D. when the Grail was held at the heart of tales surrounding King Arthur. Later rendering of Grail symbolism has it as a chalice used to catch the blood of Christ on the Cross, from which speculative replicas came into religious use to carry the ritual Eucharist, a symbol for another symbol: the Ark of the New Covenant—the womb and menstrual blood of Mother Mary. Most recently, the Grail has been recast as Mary Magdalene (see the June, 2012 post: “Analysis: The Da Vinci Code”).

In our June, 2011 post: “Templar Secret Revealed,” we unveiled the origin and foundational meaning of the Grail. The Holy Grail is the multiversal Omniverse—the One cup of stars, crucible of all Creation—the Eternal Feminine. The universes collectively contain all the fruits of creative action produced through the dimensions of Consciousness, Time, and Space.

While the Grail as cup symbolizes Omniverse, the Rose, with symbolic value of its own, adds meaningful description to the Grail symbolism. Although language is inadequate to describe the indescribable beginning of Omniverse which has no beginning in the time-bound tangible sense, try to picture Source Energy Awareness (SEA) poised on the brink of emergence from No-thingness—its motionless “waters above” desiring release via “waters below”—with the outer-edge of contiguous Omniverse presenting as a natural Rose-like vortex. As recognized by some ancient alchemists—despite their deficiencies due to cultural inculcation—this macrocosmic quality originating in SEA’s transfixed imagination is carried non-hierarchically throughout the microcosms of Omniverse, such as human beings.

The Rose (anagram: Eros), often a companion symbol to the Cross as well as to the Grail, symbolizes, in part, entrance to the womb and the unfolding of Nature’s mysteries—the round Garden within which the Grail-as-cup awaits conquest by the King/Hero. The allusion to sexual congress is obvious. Less obvious is the numerological connection between the five petals and various other fives found throughout sacred stories and Christian doctrines. In the deepest grasp of the meaning of the Rose, Grail, and Cross taken together lies a secret that provides keys to a natural process having significance beyond human reproduction. Its five stages can be labeled: Arousal, Penetration, Impregnation, Gestation, and Fruition.

The Cross as quintessential Rose Cross is made up of five black squares and a white rose where the horizontal and vertical parts intersect. The vertical symbolizes the spiritual history of SEA, the movement/descent of SEA into its multiversal Creation, whereas the horizontal symbolizes its presence throughout Omniverse from the beginning. The white rose symbolizes the light-source mother of all colors, the full spectrum of vibrational frequencies constructing every visible and invisible (to humans) manifestation in the crucible that is Omniverse. Folded-up, this cross forms a black cube one side of which is that same round Rose through which Spirit, SEA, penetrated, initiating Creation and making it an infinite living entity in which death has no dominion. This Cross symbolizes the Eternal Masculine. Its essence is held in the metaphorical sword that Jesus—“…slain from the foundation of the World” (Revelation 13:8)—said he came into the world to bring (Matthew 10:34), and it is contained in Christian symbolism relating to his Incarnation, Crucifixion, and Resurrection.

The essential quality of five corresponds rudimentarily to the central dimension of Time, which we discussed in our June, 2009 post: “Found: ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’,” and elaborated on in the May, 2012 post: “The Color of Time”, as being a kind of Grand Central Station for the flows of extropy and entropy, for transformation and transmutation. Not coincidentally, the number of beads composing a (round) Rosary is divisible by five, and the Torah consists of the five books of Moses, the first of which is Genesis.