Color Healing

Everything is rooted in and extends from one set of creational principles, nine of which construct the infinitude of Omniverse. In many earlier posts we discussed PluribusOne™’s Noetitek™ system and how it represents and works with those principles to achieve new discoveries, new insights, and new creative ideas. Many examples are listed under “Achievements” accessible from the homepage. In our most recent post, “NoetiTaoism™ and Healing,” we said that one way to overcome disharmony and disease is by intentionally connecting with the higher levels of consciousness from within by inducing altered states of consciousness, including “unconsciousness”/sleep, and we discussed “intentional sleep,” an approach that often works in one-to-three sleep sessions. Another intentional approach is through the use of color.

The way we think, the way we feel about our internal and external environments, the way we experience physical embodiment as living organisms, are a function of spectral vibrations that connect back to creational principles, as mentioned above. That spectrum of vibrations emerges from the primal vibration of one underlying substance. While Einstein revealed that the one substance expresses as both energy and matter, our revelation is that it expresses three ways: as matter, energy, and consciousness. Thoughts take shape as things, and our bodies are extensions of thinking and feeling. And because every vibrational frequency exhibits a color, it is correct to see colors as instruments of creation and, therefore, of re-creation/healing (with respect to anything). In a true sense, color is Life and its immediate source is the Sun.

Chromotherapy is the name for health treatment employing the visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation (colors)—applying beams of colored light to the body. Scientists who are unable to understand and accept the well-evidenced value of this approach to healing, but who cannot entirely deny the proven effects of light on various aspects of health, pursue their studies in the name of Photobiology. Many books and papers from many venues are available on the subject, but it is not our purpose here to critique any particular researchers or practitioners. The color therapy approach to healing is far from new; healer priests from ancient times in China, Egypt, Greece, and India used it in accordance with their varying grasp of the color spectrum as it corresponds to the structure of the body and functions of its organs.

What can PluribusOne™ uniquely contribute to the field of Chromotherapy/Photobiology? We began the post: “Abraca-Chakra” (May, 2010), with the words: Sometimes magic is seeing something that was there all along waiting for the right “eyes.” That post goes on to share our discovery that the heart chakra is a binary chakra within a set of nine—not seven—axial chakras. How this has been missed by chakra-workers is much the same way that Sir Isaac Newton overlooked two colors of the rainbow: orange and indigo. Only after a study of Greek occultism did he see them and expand the set to seven. Our study resulted in seeing two more: purple and magenta. The fact that magenta has no scientifically detectable wavelength fits perfectly with the fact that the ninth chakra is located outside the visible and tangible flesh-and-blood body. The first seven are primary with respect to maintenance of physical well-being.

A comparative study of literature claiming authoritative stature with respect to chakras, auras, and color healing, shows considerable conflict among and incongruities within these sources. This means to us that someone the equivalent of J. B. Rhine needs to lead a research project of highest integrity at a prominent university such as Duke or Princeton. Meanwhile, the simplest approach to color therapy, for healthy people, is to get outdoors for a while every day and soak up some natural sunlight. Indoors, use only full-spectrum lighting, which mimics natural light.

A growing number of light therapy techniques and instruments recognized by medical science are becoming available for the reversal of specific disorders although their use is considered “alternative,” so they are not generally used by mainstream practitioners. Unlike surgery, colored light does not damage the body, and, unlike pharmaceuticals, colored light has no toxic side-effects (although, of course, staring into the Sun or misusing lasers is a bad idea). Colors provide energies. Light stimulates life-sustaining processes of both growth and elimination without focusing on alleviating symptoms but on fueling homeostasis. Color healing is the medicine of the future.


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