Practical Transcendence

More than five years ago, PluribusOne™ found that the human body has nine endocrine glands. By January, 2010 this led us to adjust P. D. Ouspensky’s understanding of human energy centers. May, 2010, in “Abraca-Chakra,” we announced that the heart is a binary chakra, two chakras among the nine, and by that November we made revisions to Dr. Timothy Leary’s conceptualizing of neurological circuits while confirming his perception that they do correspond to chakras. In our August, 2011 post: “Lesson in Entelechy,” we said that “Neurological circuitry, apparent as chakras in the physical body, extends up into the less readily detectible meta-physical body,” and in an April, 2012 post: “The Matter of Intelligence,” we mentioned: The complexity of the human organism is based on the full range of enneadic qualities.

Building on the information imparted in that earlier material cited above, the September, 2013 post: “Clarifying Cleromancy,” described cleromancy as: “…dilation of the upper human energy centers (chakras) to optimize communion with the uppermost dimensions of Omniverse,” and said: “The [chakras] are extensions of Source Energy Awareness (SEA),” and that: “…as flowers open to receive sunlight, humans are designed to communicate with SEA.” Most recently, in “Color Healing,” we mentioned that: “…the ninth chakra is located outside the visible and tangible flesh-and-blood body.” Nine constitute the full set of chakras, but it does not end there because we are extensions of the One, of the full manifestation of SEA.

Above the ninth chakra, which is positioned in the human energy field around the relatively dense tangible body, beyond magenta and correspondent with the Tenth Dimension of infinite Omniverse, is yet another chakra: the first chakra of the Soul or Higher Self or Upper (aspect of) Ego. There have been countless speculations and writings about this Higher Self as well as teachings about the importance of aligning with this transcendent aspect of self for purposes of enlightenment and empowerment by raising the ground-level vibrational aspect of being. But as millions of people are working at this, a big question is: How, other than through somewhat nebulous emotions, can I be sure I’m actually making conscious connection?

PluribusOne™ experimented with brainwaves. But while brainwave entrainment, from theta to hyper-gamma, affects mental processes, no certain gateway to Higher-Self was found. The breakthrough information was discovered instead through spontaneous insight and evaluated through analytical application of the Noetitek™ system. The insight is this: the octave of musical notes correspondent to the nine-plus-one chakras can be used as a basic bioenergy measuring tool. Especially when quiet, many people hear an ear-tone not traceable to the surrounding environment, though they generally find it annoying and try to ignore it. Sometimes that tone relates to a specific chakra, but it can also be a blend of chakra tones. Our testing indicates that changes in thoughts and feelings, or in general demeanor, can move the tone up and down the scale of tones (and semi-tones): Do, Re, Mi, Mi-fa, Fa, Sol, La, Si (or Ti), Si-do, and Do.

Si-do, which accompanies the ninth chakra, is the semi-tone bridge to Higher Self. When you hear/select to hear the Do that begins the next octave, you are aligned and online to consciously commune (we are always connected). Beyond the “horizontal” triune brain in the cranium (reptilian complex, paleomammalian complex, and neomammalian complex) and the vertical triune brain of head, heart, and genitals, there is the transceiving Mind of Higher Self.


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