Synchronicity in NoetiTaoism™

In numerous posts over the past six years we have discussed and applied the Noetitek™-based perspective on the term “synchronicity,” a word coined for the phenomenon of “meaningful coincidence” by famous psychiatrist Dr. C. G. Jung but defined a bit differently in NoetiTaoism™ because the Noetitek™ system and results of its application inform us that such coincidences are not acausal, as he believed. At this point, our conceptualizing warrants some recapping, expansion, and further explanation.

The June, 2011 post: “Erasing the ‘Para’ in Paranormal,” touched on what synchronicity is and is not. Synchronicity—meaningful coincidence—can be thought of as a “connecting principle,” yet there is causality behind every synchronicity. The source of that lies beyond the higher-than-time-space dimensions of Consciousness: in the One Cause that precipitated the All-ness of Omniverse. That there is this “connecting back” accounts for the “religious experience” quality of some synchronicities. The Latin religio (re-ligiō) is best defined as reconnecting to the pre-conscious state of the One of which we are part—i.e., a religious experience is a remembering.

A March, 2010 post: “One, Two, Déjà vu,” shared the insight that the lines between precognition, synchronicity, and déjà vu are fine, and we supplied an example of an actual experience that fits the definition of all three. We further asserted that psychic phenomena, in general, reveal the processing of Consciousness. The first three dimensions of Omniverse, as revealed to us through Noetitek™, generate 3-D Reality through the dimensions of Time and into the dimensions of Space.

In NoetiTaoism™, synchrony is an inherent quality of Omniverse, like a musical score embedded in and accompanying the grand production of living reality we experience. Synchrony is so integral to that production that we only hear this “music” occasionally, such as at times when the trance of everyday experiencing is briefly interrupted—awareness is shifted—by some shock (abrupt event), or by an intentional break in the flow of life experiencing achieved through meditative means or by force of will, that causes us to be more “the observer.”

In a January, 2010 post: “The Flavor of 2010,” we said: “…synchronicity is the way the cosmos often communicates powerful messages.” Another way to say that is: Our moments of awareness of synchronized connection are perceived as powerful “messages,” messages that sometimes can be interpreted as serving like underlined stage directions in a movie script, or as confirmatory signals from the director, affirmations that we have hit our mark. In fact, such messaging is ongoing and directives are always available.

June, 2009’s post: “’Scientification’ of Panpsychism,” described synchronicity as the momentary personal awareness of the continuous flow of impersonal synchrony while Collective Consciousness—or Jung’s “collective unconscious,” or the Mind of the Creator, or the highest dimension of Consciousness—expresses itself in unlimited ways (perceived as personalized) throughout the matrix of lower dimensions of Omniverse.

PluribusOne™’s February, 2009 post announced availability of five Quiktools™ developed through using the Noetitek System™. These perception-expanding mind-tools—products of a proprietary synthesis of the foundational principles of Nature reflected in ancient systems of knowing from around the world—make intentional and innovative use of omniversal synchronicity as a source of diagnostic and directive insights and more.

Unexpected, impressive, and often startling coincidences have been experienced by people over countless ages who related them to the realm of things mystical and magical—the stuff of powerful myths, perennial legends, holy prophecies, and cultural superstitions. Dr. Jung, desiring to bring this phenomenon out of the shadows, invented the term “synchronicity” to cover these undeniable and meaningful connections that defied reasonable explanation or logical understanding—until now. PluribusOne™’s scientific examination and exploration of the phenomenon within the context of our Theory of Everything is allowing for an expanded understanding and harnessing of synchronicity.

PluribusOne™ has developed ways and means to engineer synchronicities via psychic resonance through employing Quiktools™ that facilitate tapping into the One Cause which is being endlessly expressed multidimensionally and multiversally: omnipresently.


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