Rare Solar Eclipse

Tomorrow, the vernal (spring) equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, will be marked by an exceeding rare astronomical (and astrological) event: A solar eclipse, a total eclipse of the sun, will take place over Earth’s North Pole, beyond firsthand witnessing by most of the world’s population. This exact alignment reportedly occurs only about every 100,000 years. And, at least this time, it includes a Supermoon. (When the moon is full and also at its closest point to Earth it is called a Supermoon.) A remarkable event—but PluribusOne™ is not a news reporter, so why are we drawn to repeat the reportage and examine this event?

In two April, 2014 posts: “Blood Moon Junction” and “Cardinal Grand Cross,” we discussed the much publicized 2104-2015 Blood Moon Tetrad and one associated pattern of planetary alignments. In both posts, we stressed that: “Our appraisal of the significance of this eighth Blood Moon Tetrad since Jesus’ day is that it will energize focusing on completion of a mission—a culmination of a ripeness. It is a time for spiritual realization, for a crystallizing of awareness on a scale eclipsing the vision of certain Jews and Christians for expansion in the Holy Land, including reacquisition of the Temple Mount—time for a higher vision foundational across cultures.” Our interpretation of the Cardinal Grand Cross was resonant with that, and we interpret tomorrow’s Solar Eclipse and Supermoon as part of the same assessment.

Before proceeding to read the rest of this post, we suggest reading or re-reading “Blood Moon Junction,” “Cardinal Grand Cross,” and also our January, 2010 post: “Astrology as Science.” These posts can be located by using the blog’s Search-This-Site utility, or going to our Quick List of Posts roster, or by using the Posts by Month feature on the home page. The bottom-line message of “Astrology as Science” is that PluribusOne™ has confirmed astrology as a valid science although much of what commonly passes for astrological advice is nonsense. In addition to other reasons mentioned previously, some of the software used by consumers and practitioners is flawed and sometimes the personal data is also erroneous.

As any truly qualified astrologer will say: “The stars impel, not compel,” and yet we have found the reverse declaration even in a book by a renowned kabbalist, who must know better. We take that error to be a kind of Freudian slip because such a strong human tendency exists to prefer the implied certainty that the error conveys. It is on that idea—the idea that star patterns compel—that false belief is established to assert that the future can be determined by casting horoscopes. A horoscope indicates probabilities, at best. Astrology has some useful application in analyzing the archetypal dynamics of past events and present situations, to the extent that the products of astrological analysis correlate with the products of other tools.

We have said and referenced all of the above in order to state the following in proper context:

The fact that this very rare solar eclipse is taking place over the top of the planet has unique symbolic value and makes it ripe for synchronistic happenings. However, it is dangerous to give this astronomical event special significance with respect to any one people, nation, or religion. In fact, the location implies exactly otherwise: that its significance is applicable equally to all people in all places. The North Pole is no one’s territory—peaceful, neutral ground. Yet we have read astrological interpretations that pertain to specific cultures and western religious groups together with exaggerations about the rarity of such an eclipse. Unless one has a shred of scientific evidence to support, for example, an argument that human beings have only inhabited Earth for a few thousand years, we can state with some certainty that this is not the first time this eclipse has occurred in human history. And as it is not the first occurrence, it cannot be assumed to announce the arrival of Judgment Day, nor is it otherwise a sign of the end of the world, or end of time, any more than the Mayan calendar pointed to such an end.

Perspectives that are based on cultural inculcation are, in our analysis, the farthest thing from the perspective symbolized and encouraged by a solar eclipse over the North Pole. To the extent that this event can be taken as a message to humanity, let it be understood as a message of peace and unity-in-plurality, not a message of Earth-wide doom.


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One Response to “Rare Solar Eclipse”

  1. PluribusOne™ Says:

    Regarding the rarity of this solar eclipse, it should be kept in mind that no exact overall configuration of stars and planets ever repeats. What has happened in the past is not entirely reliable as prologue. Omniverse is not mechanistic.

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