The Structure of Nothingness

What began as a flash of metaphysical insight into the nature of eternal All-ness and Nothingness, more than fifty years ago, started unpacking itself into a New Science technology I named: Noetitek™ in 1993. During the past twenty-one years, the Noetitek™ system has produced numerous mind-tools, and it has found ever-expanding applications while generating evidence of its veracity all along the way. Apart from countless practical uses, the system also provides a natural pathway looping back to an understanding of the core breakthrough information. My deepest questions following the insight were rooted in the all-embracing six “journalistic questions,” and I have used them together with Noetitek™ to plumb the depths of the Great Existential Mystery. Five of those questions are no longer challenging, although my commentary is far from complete. Meanwhile, I continue to explore the sixth: the How. In the ongoing exploration, expansion, and refinement of the answer to “How?” it is difficult to put the findings into words. The biggest challenge lies in making the information understandable to others who have the pioneering spirit to explore the leading edge of inner and outer space.

First, the big “How?” question: How is it possible for the All of Creation to emerge from out of Nothing?

Logic applied to the structure of Omniverse as revealed by Noetitek™ leads to the conclusion that eternal Nothingness, although non-material, has “structure,” and that—because things are known by their fruits—its structure must be tripartite because Omniverse is triply tripartite: three dimensions of Consciousness; three dimensions of Time; three dimensions of Space (some scientists refer to the relatively recent discovery of a fifth dimension as a “fifth dimension of space,” but space proper has only three). Tripartite Consciousness is, by the way, congruent with various philo-religious triads such as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Weaving the fabric of manifested Reality, a Trinary Code eclipses the familiar Binary Code which has been harnessed and primary to the functioning of computer technology for almost a century. Although the Eternal lies beyond the omniversal realm of numbers and words, conceptualizing it as Oneness is not incorrect, nor is it erroneous to see its binary quality and represent that quality in terms of yin-yang mirror-imaging—black versus white, off versus on. But the answer to the big “How?” question lies in the Trinary Code and in its origin and functioning within Nothingness.

Nothingness, out of which the nine dimensions of infinite Omniverse emerge, is tripartite. Other metaphysicians have also concluded that Nothingness is triadic in its non-physicality, but they conceptualize this through use of metaphors that fail to explain the “how” of the emergence of Omniverse from out of nothing. Nothingness is pure non-material motionless Awareness; in NoetiTaoism™ I call it Source Energy Awareness (SEA), a term to denote its nature, structure, and functioning. That the term has three words is not coincidental: endless Nothingness is Source; the impossible spot/imperfection imagined within Source is Energy, through which arise: Mind, Time, and Space; and the edge/”event horizon” of the spot is Awareness/Imagination, like a white circle (although it is more the idea of a circle) inscribed upon a white background. The intangible undifferentiated Zero of perfect Nothingness is also the One by projection of the Illusion of the All-ness of Omniverse through the circular spot via Imagination, via the idea of an exit through imperfection. Nothingness is devoid of materiality; there is no matter or motion and no building blocks of substance compose Nothingness.

Eternal Nothingness is like a movie production studio complete with writer-director-producer and film projector, a sort of solo enterprise in non-physicality. To reiterate the essence of the foregoing in yet another way: Source is non-personal Imaginer; Awareness is, operatively, Imagination; and Energy, which is also matter, is that which is imagined (i.e., the projected illusion of Consciousness/Mind and Time and Space). Imaginer, Imagination, and Image production/projection are the three elements of Tripartite Nothingness, of SEA, and they establish a triadic foundational metaphysical topology for the nine dimensions of Omniverse.

The operative quality/power/force of Awareness is Imagination. Awareness is not an aspect or level of Consciousness as commonly accepted; to the contrary, Consciousness is a function of Awareness—Awareness/Imagination is foundational to Consciousness (and the secret of the origin of Omniverse cannot be unlocked with that key held upside-down). Imagination is commonly thought of as being a faculty of the human mind whereas it is much more; Imagination is a quality of Eternal Awareness, a function of the Zero mirrored as the One. This cannot be understood through reasoning alone, but it can be experienced through deep meditation, meditation deep enough that the sense of separate self is lost for an immeasurable moment. And that which is learned in that state is not imparted in words or numbers or through multisensory perceiving. Not surprisingly, raw verbalizations of this knowledge—descriptions not filtered and processed by the intellect prior to sharing—seem like nonsense (non-sense) to others, not unlike hearing a holy man speak in alien tongues, strange metaphors, puzzling poetic quatrains, or enigmatic parables.

[For a fuller grasp of the above, and closely-related material, please see these earlier posts: New Philosophy for the Aquarian Age (May, 2009), Consciousness as Substance (August, 2009), A Real Dream (September, 2010), The Matter of Ephemeralization (October, 2010), Vortex of Omniverse (March, 2011), Insight on Omniverse and Philip K. Dick (April, 2011), Our Position on Superposition (August, 2011), Nothing (2011), Will Time Stop? (August, 2012), Why does the world exist? (March, 2013), Magical Omniverse—Part I (October, 2013), Magical Omniverse—Part IV (October, 2013, Coupling “David” and the “Dancing Girl” (March, 2014), and New Renaissance Cornerstone (June, 2014).]


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