Bloodline Secrets

One of the chief advantages of using the Noetitek™ system to perform analyses is that it allows for the examination of information by means of tools that enable perceptions that are fresh and that eclipse ordinary approaches. Breaking away from the usual mathematical and other formulaic “linear” pathways to knowing (without excluding them) is a critical necessity especially when exploring anything steeped in culture-sustaining tradition aimed at elucidation of the masses, as well as anything shrouded in an ocean of disinformation intended to perpetuate confusion—or a combination. A prime example of an enigma involving entanglement of the combined influences is the popularized and controversial matter of the bloodline of Jesus of Nazareth and related mysteries. The purpose here is not to supply answers to the complex and convoluted issues but to present a compaction of certain perceptions in a way that may stimulate some uncommonly new lines of questioning.

Numerous books and media productions have addressed the mesmerizing idea that the bloodline of Jesus (via his mother, Mary) extends back to King David and forward to a future world monarch, a global priest-king. The idea that the world should be—and is destined to be—controlled by a hereditary monarchy/patriarchy, and the further idea that worthiness to own the future planet-wide throne should be based on biological/genetic superiority, is an ancient one that reflects the inclination to dominate that predates civilization (and religious domination is a companion, extension, and/or sublimation of that). This seems ironic in a society that professes to be based on the Holy Bible, wherein it says: “From one man he (God) made all the nations that they should inhabit the whole earth…” (Acts 17:26, KJV). The Darby translation makes it clearer and more to the point: “(God) …has made of one blood every nation…” One blood and a multiplicity of nations is the Creator’s stated intention, according to scriptures buttressing western civilization.

Both western religion and western science say that humankind descended from one person, one blood, although their perceptions about that one person differ. Humanity is essentially one big (albeit dysfunctional, so far) family; all seemingly separate familial bloodlines trace back to one master bloodline and its master matrix of DNA if science and religion have it right. Yet, irony upon irony, much of pluralistic democracy-espousing western society is enchanted by the idea of a bloodline-based one-religion monarchy. Some political and religious leaders go so far as to broadcast their eagerness for the prophesied Armageddon between the perceived saints and un-saintly, a holocaust—an ultimate power-play—that they believe will speed the return of King Jesus and establish his earth-wide Kingdom. Meanwhile, the huddled masses of sane minds everywhere revel in visions of Utopia but dread the very thought of a World War III.

If the book of Acts is a book of truth, how can the “one blood” have, at some point, become divided-up in such a radical way as to permit the superiority of any particular race, tribe, or family line? Matrilineality—tracing lineages via mothers alone—as seen in Judaic tradition, is a societal descent system, not entirely biological. For a possible long answer to how the One Blood could have become divided, look to Sumerian cylinder seals that contain a story of an interbreeding of humans and ETs, and look to the biblical book of Genesis (6:4), where it mentions that certain “sons of God” impregnated some “daughters of men” and produced a hybrid race of “giants” (physically and/or metaphorically) who were present both before and after the Great Flood. Similar tales of “sky people” are found in other ancient books and in cultures around the world. Those stories are augmented by present-day reports of alien abductions and of the impregnating of human women by sky-humans, humanoids, and reptilians from outer space, other dimensions, parallel universes, or caverns under the earth.

Maybe some bloodline intervention tales are true and some families are more (or less) than human. Or maybe that has always been a bogus argument made in order to justify bloodline dominance, in which case the book of Acts needs no appending. Logic indicates that: If there is a valid royal bloodline by virtue of biological superiority, a bloodline beyond the One Blood, the genes must be either nonhuman or a blend of human and nonhuman. This was the basis for the Divine Right of Kings, the superiority of specially-blessed bluebloods—god-men. The origin of the Merovingian Dynasty in the Dark Ages is said, in history and legend, to have begun with Meroveus, whose mother was impregnated by both his human father and an amphibian or reptilian sea creature—two bloods, a hybrid. As with the stories of virgin births (whether or not this impregnation story is taken literally and believed) the point remains that the Merovingians did rule in France and Germany and their rule was rooted in the claim and widespread acceptance of the idea that Merovingian blood was a human-nonhuman mix. Arguments have been further made for the Merovingians having descended from King David—the Royal House of Judah—and that the tale of Meroveus was a myth designed to cover-up hybridizing of some kind that took place millennia earlier.

Now, consider all of the foregoing as prologue to these thoughts:

Among the evidence for theories professing to definitively reveal bloodline secrets, including books displaying meticulously researched and carefully validated genealogical records, there is an elephant-in-the-room factor that I have not seen discussed by anyone pursuing this particular grail quest, and it is this: Genealogical records, no matter what their source, and no matter how well the evidence is assembled, cannot be considered unassailably accurate because, more often than anyone would care to admit, the source of a pregnancy is sometimes “other than advertised.” Just like today, throughout history countless rapes went unreported, in addition to those that occurred during war-time invasions. Add to that an unknowable number of pregnancies resulting from marital infidelity, a high percentage of which shenanigans are held secret by the mothers. Now add to that all the covered-up issues of incest. Then add to that another unknowable number of accidental and clandestine baby swaps, plus kidnapped babies and secret adoptions. Without DNA testing, which itself is not 100% reliable, the exact ancestry (genetic history) of every person alive today is somewhat uncertain, and the uncertainty increases as one attempts to chart a family bloodline back through the labyrinth.

When Jesus said, “Who is my mother? and who are my brethren?” (Matt. 12:48) he was not asking a question; he was making a sideways declaration about his higher level perspective, which surpassed that of carnal connection regardless of the system used to reckon bloodline. He was certainly not encouraging a focus on bloodlines at all, not his own or anyone else’s, but, instead, on the great importance of spiritual lineage and on the unlimited potential available to all members of the One Blood of humankind. Among his ancestors-in-spirit was one peace-loving Melchizedek, king of Salem (Gen. 14:18) who lived in the time of Abram/Abraham. Melchizedek was a person said to have had no mother, father, or bloodline descendants. This is the lineage to be traced, but that research requires looking beyond scripture for information about the Order of Melchizedek of which Jesus was a high priest (see Hebrews 5-8). That Order was separate from the bloodline-based Aaronic priesthood, and, outside of speculation that he was secretly fathered by a Levite priest, Jesus was not a descendant of Aaron.

As discernible from the annals of secular history, worthy leadership is grounded in spiritual fiber—in character, in wisdom and in quality of intent—not bloodline entitlement.


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