Multidimensional Mind

The subject of consciousness and conscious awareness is discussed by cognitive scientists/psychologists in terms of “human consciousness” and “human awareness;” however, Awareness and Consciousness are of one source and permeate the infinitude of multiversal Omniverse. Human minds (and all other minds of temporal expression) are like tributaries of the One Mind, extensions of Source Energy Awareness (SEA). This simple fact, as yet undiscovered by mainstream science, unrecognized by western religion, and only partially understood by eastern religion, underlies the explanation for all psychic and paranormal phenomena, including ecstatic “religious experience” and “cosmic consciousness.”

“Awareness” is un-manifested omniscience underlying Conscious Being as manifested in Omniverse. Awareness is an unbounded ocean of undifferentiated unmoving stillness, the seat of Imagination and foundation for Every-thing. Words cannot adequately describe it, even in terms of what it is not. PluribusOne™ refers to it as Dimension Zero. The nine dimensions of manifested Omniverse are, in a sense, layered in three sets of three. The first three are dimensions of Consciousness; the second set is composed of dimensions of Time. Those six are followed by the familiar-to-human-sensory-perception three dimensions of Space. Scientists have posited the possibility of additional dimensions of Space but there are only three. The discovery of a fifth dimension was the discovery of another dimension of Time.

Because Consciousness permeates this nine-dimensional realm of space-time-mind that humans inhabit, “human consciousness-awareness” reaches into all corners of the Grand Illusion of Omniversal Reality that Albert Einstein acknowledged but failed to entirely grasp. Some scientists before Einstein, as well as many theosopher-mystics—ancient as well as modern—have realized that “human consciousness” is somehow tripartite, sometimes described as: the Conscious, Subconscious, and Superconscious minds or aspects of mind. What has not been recognized is that these “minds”—and gradations of Consciousness within each mind—correspond to the metaphorically layered multidimensionality identified by Noetitek™. The so-called “soul” is, commensurately, tripartite in the NoetiTao™ philosophy that grew out of our Noetitek™-enabled discoveries. (See “Tripartite Soul,” published May, 2012.)

What is popularly considered “conscious mind” is the layer of mind that relates to the dimensions of Space and to perceptions and navigation within ground-level leading-edge-of-Creation fully-embodied Being. What is called the “subconscious mind” is the layer of mind that relates to and drives the dimensions of Time. And what is referred to as the “superconscious mind” corresponds to the first three dimensions, the “top” layer, dimensions of mind also known as Spirit. While the human waking state obviously involves awareness of spatial dimensions, the subconscious is an active automatic participant in this fully physical state, although people have limited awareness of this ordinarily. The Superconscious, or Higher Self, is also a constant participant; ground-level awareness of this is even more rare and infrequent among humans.

The Superconscious is the most misunderstood layer of “the human mind.” Philosophers/theosophers, lacking science-based insight into the structure of Omniverse and structure of Consciousness have labeled their perceptions of it as: “Christ Consciousness;” “Holy Spirit;” “Collective Unconscious;” “God” (as Father); “human superconscious;” “better consciousness;” “higher consciousness;” “supreme soul,” or “Over-soul.” The misunderstood Collective Unconscious is shared Subconscious, operatively seated in the first dimension of Time. The Superconscious is a combination of all of the following concepts: God as Father; the Holy Spirit (God as Mother); and Christ Consciousness (God as Child), corresponding to the first three dimensions of Omniverse, dimensions identified by the Noetitek™ system.


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