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Analysis: Joseph Smith’s Seer Stone

October 12, 2015

During my teenage years, unnoticeable even to myself I began developing the analogical—and “topological”—philosophy that had yet to emerge as a full-blown multidimensional matrix-like system of correspondences decades later. At that time, I was writing a lot of intuitively-structured poetry, much of which felt channeled, including one titled “Tale of Relative Faith,” later published in my first book: Gravity Park, 1978. The poem begins with a revelation I had gained as a result of meditating on natural objects in the course of early childhood excursions into the woods of upstate New York:

A cube
Of woodgrain
Tells a life story…

That poem leapt into my mind when I saw the first photographs released of Mormon prophet Joseph Smith’s seer stone, which looks like it might be a piece of petrified wood tumbled by Nature in some underground stream (see Image File #62). The idea that woodgrain or a woodgrain-like natural pattern could analogically elaborate a story of lost tribes inhabiting the Americas long ago does not seem strange to me. From my studies of Smith, which began about twenty-three years ago, after my finding an ancient artifact on a remote mountainside in Peru (a story for another time), I see him as having been a genuinely gifted psychic who, I have no doubt, used this seer stone, and perhaps others, as catalysts for making connection between his neurological structure and what some have called the Akashic records which are thought to be eternally resident in the Mind of God or Oversoul or Quantum Field, or on the Astral Plane. In PluribusOne™’s schema of multidimensionality such virtual library is an inherent aspect of the fourth dimension of Omniverse, the first dimension of Time.

Sadly for them, many people who have never had an undeniable and indelible psychic experience find such things as seer stones and psychometry to be the province of credulous, crazy, stupid, and even evilly-inspired people. Ignorance luxuriates in its baseless certainty. The fact that Smith was murdered while imprisoned reveals the degree of fear and loathing that some people held regarding him, his nonconforming lifestyle, and the experiences he readily shared. A comment appended to a related online news article argues that Smith’s seer stone was obviously part of Smith’s big lie because such objects are no longer in use, implying that if such objects worked then everyone would be using them like iPhones. The fact is that these and various other perception-enhancing meta-tools and associated personalized procedures can work and are used by a great number of attuned people who know how.

Where some see greater reason to believe, others see Smith’s brown, striated stone as better evidence than before that Smith was a total fraud. The situation is similar with respect to UFOs, Cold Fusion, and a long list of other realities not widely shared via firsthand experiences while simultaneously suffering from the withholding of tangible evidence and otherwise verifiable information. Due to the power of cultural inculcation and religious indoctrination, Smith’s visit by angels is considered “respectable religion” whereas the use of a seer stone is deemed the stuff of “superstition.” Go figure. Not a hundred years ago the idea that someone could receive messages on a tiny hand-held device having no wires attached would have provoked raucous laughter in some venues and accusations of being influenced by the Devil in others.

Although never a member of the LDS Church, I have long felt a spiritual kinship to Smith that encouraged me to invest hundreds of hours studying the jewelry that he wore and cherished as sacred objects (see: “Analysis: Joseph Smith’s Ring” January, 2013, and “Analysis: Joseph Smith’s ‘Jupiter Talisman’” November, 2012). I am grateful to the church for its recent first-time-ever release of the photographs of his seer stone despite that they must have known the response would be a mix of gratitude for the informational images together with hostility borne of belligerent ignorance. Some people are confused about Smith’s use of the stone, believing that the Book of Mormon was communicated to Smith via solely that artifact. However, Smith and his witnesses said that the book was physical and took the form of a set of buried gold pages that he was able to locate, excavate, and translate with the aid of tools found with the book.

In our earlier posts on Smith’s ring and Jupiter Talisman we were able to make substantial contributions to enabling others to gain a better understanding of, and deeper appreciation for, the fact that no valid lines of demarcation can be drawn between Science, Religion, and Magic. “Magical” is a wholly appropriate word to describe emergence of the All-ness of limitless multiverse/Omniverse from out of endless Nothingness (see “Magical Omniverse—Part I” October, 2013). In the enlightened perspective of Giordano Bruno, magic and science were one and the same, and he envisioned a Universalist religion based on Hermetic philosophy. This conceptualizing and intention led to Bruno’s condemnation by the Roman Church and consignment to its Inquisitional fires, an unconscionable act still openly justified by that Church as recently as the year 2000. (See “Renaissance Renegade” posted January, 2012.)

So, what insights can PluribusOne™ supply with respect to Joseph Smith’s seer stone?

Foremost, where we see the primarily masculine quality/energy present throughout the Jupiter Talisman and see the equally dominant feminine quality present in the elements of his eternity ring, in the seer stone we find these two qualities combined, integrated, with neither one dominant over the other—a reconciled dichotomy, a balance. This seer stone also has a general talismanic and totemic quality that preceded its later association with the formal religion Smith developed and led. Did he use the stone throughout those formative years? A better question is: Why would he NOT continue to use a tool that had been of such usefulness to him at the outset? The fact that it has been handed down carefully and is presently preserved by the Church attests to its known importance to Smith throughout his travels and travails.

In an August, 2015 post: “Enigma at Golgotha,” we said that, “Evidence is strong that the world-scale development of human civilization has involved a cultural evolution that moved across the planet from east to west over untold centuries.” We also shared our perception that: “Mormonism is a relatively recent and uniquely American extension of that evolution.” So, it should not come as a surprise that we see Joseph Smith’s seer stone as evidence that the roots of Mormonism reach back into the Far East because this stone is like a Hindu Shiva lingam stone (as shown in Image File #62). Although a Shiva lingam stone is considered a phallic symbol, it is a representation of the cosmic egg from which Creation emerged and, therefore, represents and embodies both the masculine and feminine energies that permeate Creation. In Hinduism, the Shiva lingam is an abstract symbol for God or universal power, while symbolizing sexual reproduction.