Analysis: “The Mystery of the Shemitah”

Published in 2014 and re-published with new content in 2015, the book The Mystery of the Shemitah, by Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, addresses what he calls “the 3,000-year-old mystery” of the biblical Sabbath (Shemitah), a key part of the Torah established by Moses for the Israelites preparing to enter their Promised Land. The 2015 edition includes a DVD titled The Mystery of the Shemitah Unlocked. The following paragraphs aim to serve as food for thought on the information and perspective contained in the book and DVD, but we encourage firsthand study of this provocative material pertaining to historically verifiable cycles of seven.

From the earliest stage of human intelligence development, homo sapiens sensed a connection between happenings in the sky and happenings on earth and pondered the meaning of existence. Prehistoric calendars in stone attest to the fact that early Man studied the cycles of Nature not only in search of mystical knowledge but for knowledge that would allow for reliable predictions to aid physical survival and material prosperity. In tracking changes, it was observed that: the more things change, the more they stay the same, to the point that this has become a trite statement. A better one would be: Change on the surface of Reality never overthrows the deepest level of Reality. In truth, the Laws of Nature are better defined as indicators of the omnipresence of a small set of eternal principles expressing through variations upon themes (see the May, 2009 post: “Evolving beyond Darwin”). These variations are apprehended by some scientists as evidencing Habits of Nature, a good working concept for practical purposes.

Another term for cycles, trackable and measurable as ups-and-downs—waveforms—is vibrations. Vibration is Omniversal, and vibration is perceivable as cyclical and further perceivable as cycles within cycles. “Wheels within wheels” are mentioned in the biblical Book of Ezekiel via his symbol-filled vision popularly mistaken for a description of an angel-piloted UFO. These cycles exist whether we venerate them or dread them although we can be aware of them, plan for the opportunities they bring, and buffer ourselves from their potentially adverse effects. Each of us is also a vibrational phenomenon and a component of Omniversal synchrony (see the December, 2010 post: “Biorhythmics: Neo- or Pseudo-Science?”). Because cycles of the same length turn in synchrony, like wheels on a vehicle, some cycles pertaining to human behavior—individually, culturally, and globally—will match-up with other cycles of Nature regardless of absence of a readily detectable cause-and-effect pattern of process.

The best source of basic information on cycles—and proof that many cycles of various lengths have profound meaning with respect to concrete events—is the book by Edward R. Dewey and Edwin F. Dakin: Cycles—the Science of Prediction. The Kindle edition is only $.99. Dewey was not espousing a religious doctrine or New Age philosophy. He was the Chief Economic Analyst of the Department of Commerce during the Hoover administration. Hoover appointed Dewey to the task of explaining the cause of the Great Depression, a controversial matter among economists. He turned to a study of cycles for the answer and devoted his life to that study with respect to various matters and fields, including geology, sociology, and biology. Although Rabbi Cahn concentrates on one particular cycle, Dewey determined that the economy of the USA was driven by four separate and distinct cycles. The book includes graphs and charts.

There can be what appears as “distortion” in a cyclical phenomenon because there are larger and multitudinous cyclic influences that we are not aware of because they are infrequent, and because the study of cycles is an incomplete science, but mostly because Omniverse is not a machine. However, such apparent distortion—especially “regular irregularity”—is easily interpreted as the special act of a personal God dispensing judgment or forbearance. Without tools, such as our Noetitek™ system, to scientifically unravel a mystery of Nature, a belief tends to form around it in an attempt to understand its source and apparent purpose. When the “judgment” seems unjust, unearned, the superstitious mind will rationalize and invent some culturally acceptable explanation altogether apart from human behavior; the idea of an Original Sin can fill most such gaps (see the February, 2010 post: “NoetiTao™ and the ‘Fall of Man’”). Cyclic effects are also somewhat based on human expectation and, sometimes, intention.

The Mystery of the Shemitah examines, through religious eyes, the purported God-guided effects in the USA of Shemitahs during the past hundred years and beyond. In my NoetiTaoist™ philosophy different people manifest different things in their individual lives—regardless of environmental conditions. Financial successes, for example, occur in the worst of economies, and vice versa. The effect of earth-wide and national or geographic cycles on individuals, such as myself, depends on personal cycles (vibrations), including astrological (natal) charts, biorhythms, and “rhythms of conviction,” to coin a term—i.e., deeply instilled will-directed responses to challenges posed by the natural rhythms and posed by associated expectations for the seemingly “appointed times” based on rhythmic historical happenings.

It occurred to me to overlay the pattern of Shemitahs on the events of my own adult life. The result was profound for two reasons: (1) it demonstrated the reality of that exact cycle of seven years called Shemitah years, and (2) it revealed that the effects, or “coincide-ances,” in my objective life experience were uniformly and entirely other than—effectively opposite to—the national effects Rabbi Cahn identified. The cycles are real, and in my case every single Shemitah of my adult life has heralded career and financial advancement. Those Shemitahs all mark the distinct peaks of my personal performance, a fact that I had never realized until I read Cahn’s book and a fact that cannot be the product of chance. For example:

1972 to 1974 saw the overall economy shrink; an oil crisis; a currency crisis; and the wiping out of 45% of the stock market (1973) while inflation rose from 3% to 12% (1974). Yet during that period, my career advanced by my creating a new lending function for a new bank employer. My new department and innovative loan program was started-up in the midst of the beginning of the economic collapse of 1973, in the wake of Shemitah. The portfolio experienced strong growth and generated increased profits in each successive year. My income doubled, I was promoted, and I also gained industry recognition that resulted in my election to president and board chairman of a national association’s local chapter.

During the following Shemitah, which began in 1979, I created—again, on my own initiative—a new bank-wide function and a commensurately expanded role for myself that also influenced the industry. And in the next Shemitah, I established yet another new function in the bank, an addition to my primary role that further expanded my knowledge, career, and income. On Black Monday, the day of the greatest percentage crash in Wall Street history, news of it leaked into the law office where I was closing on a mortgage that secured my family’s financial well-being into the 21st century as the indexed interest rate adjusted downward every year. That mortgage, my only debt, helped my family prosper even as 150-year-old banks were collapsing.

The book mentions that the Black Monday 1987 crash corresponded not only with the last day of the Shemitah but was also within days of a solar eclipse, a Black Sun. Yet twenty-eight years later (a set of four Shemitahs, another pattern Cahn deems significant regarding prophecy) on September 12, 2005 the stock market was relatively “flat” and “lackluster” although that date also marked the last day of the Shemitah and, within days, involved a solar eclipse. As the author says, “Nothing has to happen within a given Shemitah.” Yes, but by the same token the fact that there was no crash or significant downturn on or about September 14, 2015 does nothing to demonstrate and support his thesis. For me, Cahn does not make his religious case that the God of Judaism and Christianity is using Shemitahs to bring judgment on America.

People in the USA may be less religious today than fifty years ago, but I argue that we are more spiritual, more enlightened, and wiser with respect to metaphysical matters than fifty years ago—less desirous of priesthood intermediaries. We are not a nation in spiritual decline despite the fact that attendance at houses of worship continues to shrink and the fact that many Americans are neither Christian nor Jewish. Regardless of what some people claim, as clarified by the U. S. Constitution’s First Amendment, the USA has never embraced any particular religion to the exclusion of others. God forbid.


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One Response to “Analysis: “The Mystery of the Shemitah””

  1. PluribusOne™ Says:


    I want to emphasize that I am not disputing the cyclic patterns or even the correctness of associations with physical events Cahn has identified in his book. Nor am I disputing that these patterns have meaning and are worthy of commentary and consideration. Much of the material comports with information developed through use of the Noetitek™ system.

    In numerology, sevens are generally taken to mean “expansion of” and/or “extension into”. Sevens are associated with Yahweh/Jehovah, the Father God of Jews and Christians. See, for example, our November, 2012 post: “Analysis: Joseph Smith’s ‘Jupiter Talisman’.” The Mystery of the Shemitah includes a chapter on “The Mystery of Sevens,” while an entire section is devoted to “The Shemitah and the Mystery of the Towers.”

    It is also no mere coincidence that there is a Tarot card titled: The Tower (XVI). In the Rider-Waite deck the tower is shown struck by lightning, the top (crown) broken off, fire, with people falling ground-ward. The card is generally interpreted as meaning both destruction and liberation, corresponding to ascent and descent, such as the rise and fall of iconic towers discussed in Cahn’s book. By the way, this 16th card of the Major Arcana resonates with the number seven, because 1+6=7.

    Nature is permeated with cycles and numbers and symbols, a kind of topology. But when I say the cycles are natural, I do not mean “mindless.” Nothing is mindless. In my philosophy of NoetiTaoism™, which reflects the science of Noetitek™, everything in Time and Space is the product of—i.e., the extension and expansion of—the “higher” dimensions of Mind/Spirit.


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