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Visions of Omniverse

January 31, 2016

In dozens of posts over the past few years we have discussed or mentioned: “Omniverse.” Our understanding of Omniverse traces back to our epiphany of its totality more than fifty years ago, a non-visual vision that unpacked itself slowly over ensuing years until fully breaking through in a way enabling its articulation beginning 1993. Omniverse includes all levels of Reality: Consciousness/Mind/Spirit, Time, and Space, all of which is integrated as one living entity. All appearances of separateness, including dimensions and parallel universes, are a function of the sensory system design of seemingly separate sentient organisms such as humans. Via the “highest” level of perceiving (the ninth chakra, as identified by Noetitek™) the great truth is revealed: that All is illusion, product of the imagining of an entity beyond Thought as we know it. But illusion is not delusion.

The purpose of this post is to draw attention to the fact that numerous authors and lecturers have begun using the term Omniverse, but their definitions of Omniverse vary and none matches with PluribusOne™’s tested description of its structure, nature, and functioning. Omniverse is somewhat correspondent with the term Multiverse, except that Omniverse is more than a nearly infinite set of discrete parallel universes—the whole is not the sum of parts. Our “Omniverse” is a term that upgrades the longstanding term “Universe,” definition of which was incomplete as commonly grasped although the term itself is excellent. Omniverse includes everything “omni-“: Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient, and the Creator and Creation are One.

Alfred Lambremont Webre, author of: The Omniverse: Transdimensional Intelligence, Time Travel, the Afterlife, and the Secret Colony on Mars, describes an effectively bifurcated multiverse wherein spiritual dimensions in a spiritual realm contain civilizations of beings existing alongside physical dimensions in a physical realm containing separate and different civilizations, all identifiable according to such things as body type. His hypothesizing expresses Omniverse in terms of two equations when the truth is: there is only one equation. Because this, we say, misperception is foundational to the hypothesis, Webre’s elaborate conceptualizing of “dimensional ecology” develops an unreal vision of the nature of Reality and Life. Life, in fact, permeates dimensions of space-time-mind throughout countless universes that share one multi-vibrational meta-architectural set of design principles. Dimensions are not “interlocked,” as Webre sees them, but integrated, and the difference is not semantic.

Webre admits that his hypothesis is an unprovable educated guess based on secondhand observations. His posture comports well with most of the similarly flawed conceptualizing that passes for scientific thinking, published in books purporting to be New Science when they are more akin to religious tracts. He speaks of “hyper-dimensional” entities as being from other galaxies/universes/higher dimensions—in effect, making “hyper-dimensional” the equivalent of “elsewhere,” or who-knows-where. In our schema, the only dimensions that can be called hyper/higher with any accuracy are the dimensions of Mind, and then it only means: beyond direct apprehension by way of the ground-level five senses of a human organism. Webre speaks of civilizations based in dimensions outside of Multiverse—in “spiritual dimensions,” when the truth is that there are no civilizations outside of Multiverse/Omniverse.

Other New Age cosmologists posit the existence of nine or more dimensions of Consciousness when there are three. They speak of Earth as being three-dimensional, which is equally absurd. And they claim that the fourth dimension is a realm of collective thought bridging visible and invisible worlds. An (assumed) “sixth density” is described as being the last stage before achieving unity with the One, which is said to reside in the seventh density—the implication being that the One is limited to a seventh aspect of Omniverse (i.e., that God is not dead but alive and well and living in the seventh density). Ridiculous. Here again the misperceiving is more than a matter of semantics when compared to the scientifically sound cosmological and ontological insights revealed through use of Noetitek™.

Earth and it inhabitants, as well as the inhabitants of any planet, are multi-dimensional. Ideas formulated solely through external observations—whether secondhand or firsthand—produce incomplete and flawed conclusions about the nature of Omniverse. For example, such observations lead the otherwise sane and reasonable inquiring mind to conclude that there is such a thing as a straight line when the truth is that there are no straight lines anywhere in Nature. It is certainty about straight lines that supported the old belief that the Earth is flat. Locational identification of “exopolitical civilizations” is not conceptualizing rising to the level of scientific hypothesizing. The notion that alleged Pleiadians are fifth dimensional whereas Earthlings are third-dimensional is paradigm-twisted nonsense (although it would explain why the Pleiadians keep passing-up my dinner invitations).

How did Webre come to his solicited hypothesis? What was the impetus/agenda? What was the process? He refers to the universes of Omniverse as “exopolitical dimensions”—universes as politicized dimensions. In the preface of The Omniverse, he says: “As I worked to develop a new typology for extraterrestrial civilizations and extraterrestrial governance bodies, I realized that it provided an evidentiary and conceptual foundation for mapping the many dimensions of the Omniverse.” By “it” he apparently means his “exopolitics” idea which makes bold assumptions about politics, governance, and law across the cosmos. In proceeding to make his map of Omniversal dimensions, he drew upon a wide range of (in our assessment) weakly-examined evidentiary material from various kinds of questionable sources in order to attempt to deduce an apparent structure that might account for all considered reports and appease the associated constituencies of believers. New Age ecumenism.

All mysterious so-called “nonphysical” phenomena—all of the many forms of psychic phenomena, including telepathy, near-death experiences, electronic voice phenomena, and many others—involve the dimensions of Consciousness and at least one dimension of Time, not additional space-time dimensions.