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Neville vs. Noetitek™—Part I

March 31, 2016

Neville Goddard (1905-1972) was a metaphysical author and lecturer who, not unlike Moses, Socrates, and many other influential thinkers and mystics, made his name as simply “Neville.” Born of English parents in the Caribbean nation of Barbados, Neville wrote ten books expressing a non-doctrinal loosely-defined philosophy that he adopted and advanced known as New Thought. Neville’s writings as an acclaimed magus are believed by some to have influenced sorcerer’s apprentice Carlos Castaneda who, in turn, influenced an audience of millions of personal-power seekers from the 1970s on. Magic and sorcery are non-ordinary systems of knowledge that serve as commanding ways of navigating Reality. Having read Castaneda’s books as they were published, plus three of Neville’s and many by other New Thought philosopher-mystics, along with the teachings of several additional renowned mystics, we wish to take an opportunity provided by recent synchronicity to compare our Noetitek™-derived NoetiTaoist™ philosophy to that expressed by Neville.

The venerable occultist/kabbalist-author Israel Regardie (1907-1985), who wrote books such as The Tree of Life, The Golden Dawn, and The Eye in the Triangle reportedly said, in 1946: “Of all the metaphysical systems with which I am acquainted, Neville’s is the most magical.” Whenever Regardie spoke of “magic” he meant magic/magick as a spiritual practice, “high magic” in the Hermetic tradition. Did Regardie consider Neville’s brand of New Thought philosophy to be more magical than Qabalah/Kabbalah? Perhaps he did because PluribusOne™ has found the Tree of Life to be not entirely in alignment with the foundational principles and patterns revealed by our Noetitek™ system, and it is our recollection that Regardie, whose books we read many years ago, was also aware of something amiss in the traditional Tree. Did Goddard study the Kabbalah? Some sources say that he did, under the guidance of a mentor referred to as Abdullah, which means “servant of God” and may not have been the mentor’s actual name.

From the New Thought books penned by various other authors, such as Joel Goldsmith, founder of the Infinite Way movement, whose numerous books we also read over several decades, the basic conceptualizing is embodied—perhaps most notably—in Christian Science, and it is not incompatible with NoetiTaoism™ although Noetitek™ has enabled us to develop a more explanatory grasp of matters metaphysical (and, consequently, physical), further enabling us to articulate: (1) creational intent, (2) Omniverse-wide structuring, and (3) Omniversal mechanics, toward demystifying the mystical and enhancing human perception and empowerment. Noetitek™ is new science, and NoetiTaoism™ has emerged from out of that tested system, not the other way around. New Thought philosophy has been synopsized as: “positive thinking,” whereas NoetiTaoism™ (the Way of the Mind) includes and eclipses that.

In the three books by Neville that we have read to date, we found a mixture of valuable insights and practicable guidance mixed together with some errors and skewed ideas. For example, in his book, Manifesting Miracles (Kindle edition), Neville says: “Instead of looking upon the Bible as the historical record of an ancient civilization or the biography of the unusual life of Jesus, see it as a great psychological drama taking place in the consciousness of man… Mary was not a woman…,” etcetera. The truth is that a huge portion of the Bible is history—albeit imperfectly rendered—and there is great value in understanding it as such. But the Bible does also represent the drama taking place in human consciousness because a greater truth is that the human drama has always been the shaping force of human history—no surprise. As Noetitek™ informs us: everything originates from Source Energy Awareness (SEA) working through the dimensions of Consciousness, and those primary dimensions operate through the entirety of Omniverse, including through human beings, via the focus of our vibrational/energetic structure (Castaneda’s “luminous egg” and its “assemblage point”).

“Awareness of being is the only reality,” Neville asserted in Manifesting Miracles. Processing this assertion through Noetitek™ yields a revised and profoundly different statement: “Primal awareness is awareness of being and this is the source of everything that manifests in our experience.” Our impression, after reading the whole book and two more (Power of Awareness and Awakened Imagination) is that Neville was communicating powerful information obtained second-hand that exceeded his ability to verbalize adequately. We were comparably challenged for many years before the eventual unpacking of our moment of cosmic consciousness which conveyed, finally, speakable knowledge of: the source of all things, its intent, and its systematic approach to Creation. “Awareness of being is the only reality” is slightly nonsensical to us, and seems to reflect a lacking in understanding, which is common when a philosophy or religion has been adopted or when a doctrine has been neuro-linguistically imposed rather than having developed organically from out of firsthand inspiration taking the form of a divine vision or revelation. Note that in a 1948 lecture Neville said that “consciousness is the only reality.” Through Noetitek™ we know that awareness and consciousness are connected concepts but not the same. Awareness is extra-dimensional with respect to Omniversal structure whereas Consciousness is not. Again we surmise that this—to our ears—looseness of language indicates information sourced in something less than divinely inspired insight, in something far less than Moses’ burning bush.

Carlos Castaneda’s teachings centered on realizing unlimited power by expanding the human entity’s personal capacity for awareness, dilating the portal for intent. In Noetitek™, which has the language to describe the structure and functioning of Omniverse: the “portal of intent” is the point where Dimension Zero interfaces with the first dimension of Omniverse, the first dimension of Consciousness. This is also the point of connection to the “All” of the intersecting Dimension Eleven—all possibilities made manifest. Neville speaks of the Bible’s reference to “in the beginning” as meaning the beginning of any given urge, a desire, and he speaks of awareness becoming aware of being the thing that is desired—all of which we think Castaneda would find essentially agreeable and which comports reasonably well with our NoetiTaoist™ perspective (although Neville’s “awareness becomes aware” is erroneous wording borne—we surmise, again—of unclear vision and skewed thinking). But, unlike PluribusOne™, neither Neville nor Castaneda nor other mystics known to us explain why this is so, nor do they reveal its meaning, nor do they describe the metaphysical mechanics involved. As a result, a seeker after truth who drops traditional notions of deity to follow the way of Neville or Carlos could end up concluding that we dwell in a world devoid of absolute meaning and purpose, which is false. We see that Carlos’ inner circle “disappeared” soon after his death—apparent suicides. It is not humanity’s purpose, in whole or part, to follow gurus or venerate the “Eagle” of Toltec shamanism. We are one with the eternal Eagle.

Part II of Neville vs. Noetitek™ will include discussion of our examination of Neville’s Power of Awareness and Awakened Imagination. Meanwhile, we suggest reading or re-reading the related three-part post: “The Mysteries of Omniverse,” December, 2012 and September, 2013; “The Structure of Consciousness,” September, 2013; and the five-part post: “Magical Omniverse,” October, 2013.