Stress-Free Synchronicity

The December, 2014 post: “Synchronicity in NoetiTaoism™” provided an overview of PluribusOne™’s definition of synchronicity, which deviates substantially from that given by Dr. Carl Jung, inventor of the term for the profound and seemingly mysterious phenomenon in his quest for a scientific understanding. For brevity’s sake in recapping our conceptualizing as shared over the past seven years—conceptualizing which has achieved Jung’s objective—we made reference to earlier posts that discussed our Noetitek™-derived certainties, including: (1) that synchronicities are not acausal but rooted in the One Cause of infinite All-ness; (2) that the lines drawn between the concepts of synchronicity, precognition, déjà vu, and other psychic phenomena are fine; (3) that synchrony is an inherent quality of the totality of parallel universes of Omniverse; (4) that synchronicity is the way the Collective Consciousness communicates guidance, assurance, and affirmation; (5) that synchronicity is the momentary personal awareness of the continuous flow of impersonal synchrony; and (6) that Omniversal synchronicity can be put to intentional, innovative, and immensely productive use.

Many misconceptions about synchronicity persist via the literary marketplace, and this post will focus on one that we see as having potential to undermine and derail the efforts of many who wish to make intentional use of their natural psychic connection to Collective Consciousness. That misconception says that: although synchronicities can be used as a guide as one moves through the world, such signs and directives are only received passively and if one is not paying adequate attention and, in effect, obeying the guidance, the optimal path forward for their life becomes closed. This is patently false. Collective Consciousness, or Higher Consciousness, does not have any such operative rule and anyone who tries to follow that idea will find themselves balled-up in a state of fear and self judgement hosted by the same superstitious mindset that governed the masses of ignorant pagan and religious people centuries ago.

Opportunity is not constrained to knock only once. Every salesperson would love to have a list of names and addresses of all who believe opportunity only knocks once and that low-cost offers are available only to those who “act now.” Collective Consciousness does not work on commission, nor is it a puppet-master or punitive entity. Having said the foregoing, I need to add some fine print: Whatever we believe to be true is that which will guide our life experience, including the breadcrumb synchronicities that will show up along the way. Those who choose to argue for a world governed by limitations are free to do so. Ignorance is an option, peril is an option, and suicide is an option, but we are not here to serve the way of fear, guilt, and unhappy drama. A cornerstone of the NoetiTaoist™ philosophy is that: All things are. All things are not only possible; all things are—somewhere and some-when in Omniverse, and Collective Consciousness is continuously fulfilling the selections with which we are in synchrony.

Many cases of delayed—even long-delayed—responses to the beckoning of synchronicity could be cited, but I will cite one of personal experience that evidences the argument. In 1977 I had a strange and unexpected eyes-open vision of a place I had never seen before. Within a week or so, while holding an old book that was not my own and which I had never read, I opened the book at random to see a photograph of that same place along with its name and location. I immediately felt called to visit that place, in South America. That began a series of similarly striking synchronicities that showed or mentioned this place I had not even heard of before. Not feeling I had the time or money to travel there, I repeatedly ignored that which became an increasing clear “call.” More synchronicities, too many to mention here, continued from time to time over a period of about four years. Pointed efforts to insulate myself from likely sources of further synchronicities proved futile. The syncs popped-up in the most unlikely places to the point that it became humorous to me. Eventually my curiosity overcame any resistance to making the journey, and I went to the exact spot indicated in the original vision. I made one of the most significant artifact discoveries of my life there, one that I will share another time.

By comparison to the foregoing, synchronicities that call for immediate attention have a different feel, an unmistakable urgency related to imminent danger. Attending to those detailed “hazard alerts” saved me from injury and probable death, especially during the years when I enjoyed motorcycling at all times of day and in every kind of weather, including snow. All of those synchronicities were more than intuitive prompts and none related to following a patterned path for my life. Some might be labeled déjà vu experiences but they were no more so than the 1977 vision of the Andean mountaintop. The only difference was the period of delay. As stated in the first paragraph: the lines drawn between the concepts of synchronicity, precognition, déjà vu, and other “psychic phenomena” are fine in my experience and studies.

Synchronicity does not block or override your personal will. It is not threatening or intimidating, not something to stress-out about; it is something that can prove to be a valuable tool. Experiment, have fun, and share your experiences.


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