PluribusOne™’s “Law of Congruities™”

In numerous posts over the past several years we have mentioned an esoteric Law of Correspondences in discussing our Noetitek™ System’s multifaceted set of corresponding concepts, constructs, and phenomena. Numerous datasets of such “correspondences,” rooted in the foundational principles of Omniverse and articulating the Language of Nature, “The Great Language,” form the integrated core of our System, the system which serves as a kind of meta-Rosetta Stone having many correspondent sides. This “law” is evidenced in perpetually recurring patterns of thought and Nature, from archangels and archetypes to fingerprints and Nature-based alphabets such as that of the Aramaic language. Noetitek™’s toolset of interrelated subsystems serve as perception portals. These portals are conceptual, archetypal, like metaphors within one Grand Metaphor reflecting and representing the omniversal process of Nature. Everything—tangible and intangible—is derived from and composed of natural patterns. The Noetitek™ system’s many sets of correspondences have been aligned and combined for the purpose of supercharging perceptual abilities.

Hermetic Philosophy includes the Law of Correspondence (singular), the idea that the “above/within” is reflected in the “below/without,” but this is not what the Law of Correspondences (plural), also known as the Law of Analogies, or, operatively, as “paraduction,” is about, as it is more than a matter of above and below. In the field of law, paraduction means, in our expanded conceptualizing: the use of congruent legal precedents together with logic, and enlightened reasoning. Intuition—in our experience and in many arenas—also plays a role in masterful paraduction (whole-brain intuition, a three-brained intuition, not merely right-, left-, or “old”-brain but a sum of the three that is greater than any one of its parts). Spontaneous insight and synchronicity can play significant useful roles too, but not without careful examination of all available facts or without validation through interrogation.

A quote from our post: “Modifying the ‘Law of Identity’” (December, 2011) provides an example of earlier Noetitek™-aided elucidation on correspondences with respect to physicality: “…everything perceivable is a symbolic representation—nothing perceived is exactly/fully ‘itself.’ Every physical object, for example, is an extension and expression of a thought, a product of Consciousness, a creation of Source Energy Awareness (SEA). Every single thing has its origin in a master set of vibration principles; therefore, everything exists un-alone within a complex infinitely shifting matrix of countless interwoven correspondences. This means, in part, that the vibration pattern underlying the color blue, for example, also expresses as shape, sound, emotion, and more than can be listed here.

Quantum entanglement is not haphazard.

To solve the troublesome confusion between the highly publicized Hermetic Law of Correspondence, which reflects one overly-emphasized principle of Omniverse, and the Law of Correspondences, apprehended by Noetitek™ as reflecting the nine foundational principles of Omniverse, PluribusOne™ is announcing our invention of a term to overcome ambiguity: the Law of Congruities™. And making the term Law of Congruities™ proprietary allows us to henceforth avoid encroachment on our breakthrough conceptualizing while helping minimize misrepresentation of our expressions of metaphysical truth as we grasp it and as we continue to apply it in our mission to achieve Enhanced Human Perception™ on global scale, a vision that is achievable—thanks to computer technology and the internet—for the first time in history.

Our NoetiTaoist™ philosophy, discussed in numerous earlier posts, not only eclipses Hermetic philosophy; NoetiTaoist™ philosophy is the way of least resistance toward fully articulating and understanding the invisible foundation of the Reality that multidimensional multisensory-perceiving intelligences, such as humans, continuously assemble with varying degrees of personal awareness and intent. The nine-dimensional structure of ever-unfolding Omniverse is traceable topologically from the percipient’s immediate symbolic/metaphor-driven materiality back to the most primal and omnipresent metaphysical principles underlying the entirety of “reality.” NoetiTaoism™, unlike philosophy as it is generally apprehended by academia and beyond, incorporates art, science, religion, and “magic.”

What, one might ask, do we mean when we say “topologically?”

Topology, by our definition in Noetitek™ usage, is the term for the metaphysical invariance underlying observationally verifiable physical invariance—i.e., omniversal principles/qualities that remain unchanged by the transformations that occur with respect to matter-energy constructs in Space-Time-Mind. Omniverse, created from outside of time and space and even consciousness—continuously maintained, in a sense—is a matrix composed according to nine such principles that express through datasets of Space-Time-Mind resonances, a matrix composed of topological congruency perceivable by those able to see and read the interwoven configurations of ideas and denser/physical counterparts, constructional extensions into the “reality” of our ground-level senses.

By “congruity” we mean more than harmony or general agreeableness or Hermetic correspondence. The Law of Congruities™ recognizes that a concept which is congruous with a particular omniversal principle is not congruous with another principle. Yet there is compatibility among all of these principles, and there is a kind of congruence among them as well, because all are of the One. For example, “A” is not “B” but both A and B are of one alphabet the letters of which work together harmoniously to produce expressions of ideas.

All resonances trace back to one eternal silent tone. Singer-composer Paul Simon apparently tuned-in to this truth via the depths of his psyche while strumming in the dark creating his masterpiece: Sound of Silence, inspired poetry marking the genesis of his creative music career. Self-taught avant-garde music genius Frank Zappa (1940-1993)—deemed “one of the greatest artists of all time”—definitely intuited it, used his awareness of it in composing his music, and even attempted to put it into words: Everything is an extension of one note. We sense that singer-songwriter Chris Cornell has made this connection, although less consciously than Zappa or Simon, as evidenced in his performance of masterwork: Like a Stone. To immerse oneself in the music of tapped-in airwave artists is to sense the Source of all vibration and manifestation.


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