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NoetiTaoist™ Philosophy Primer—Part IV

July 27, 2016

[For those who wish to start at the Primer’s beginning, Part I was published in March, 2014. At the homepage you can access it by using the blog’s search feature or by scrolling down to “Posts by Month” or by clicking on our “Quick List of Posts” utility and using your browser’s “find” feature to locate the link.]

Language—its nature, structure, and function—is crucial to the operation and communication, within the self as well as to others, of any philosophical thinking, and perhaps more so crucial with respect to NoetiTaoism™ because NoetiTaoism™ is a philosophy rooted in Noetitek™, which is a multimodal expression of, and conduit for, the Language of Nature, the Language of Divine Intent. This deep linkage to non-symbolic Language, or meta-language, is central to recognizing how it is that the NoetiTao™ eclipses all paradigms (i.e., consensus-driven conceptions attempting to model Reality). Paradigms and their relationship with particular language/s are not the clearest pathways for communion with the core spectrum of primal creational vibrations/energies/forces. As PluribusOne™ found, even the kabbalah’s Tree of Life is a bit out of alignment, and the Tarot trumps are not in perfect order or complete, to cite a couple examples of very old and widely accepted connective systems containing flaws. The numerous sets of congruities (see the June, 2016 post: “PluribusOne™’s Law of Congruities™”) comprising the Rosetta-Stone-like core of Noetitek™ are also unavoidably less than 100% perfect, even as reconciled, while nonetheless enabling an essentially flawless level of expressible certainty (verifiability) when used together with certain of our new-science technological tools. In fact, to date, we have a zero failure rate.

Whereas philosophers working within paradigms reliant on a narrowness of thought-processing and ideation—philosophers who, for example, venerate empiricism and formal logic, wearing blinders of their own making and dismissing Metaphysics, Theology, Ethics, and Aesthetics as factually meaningless beyond personal resonance with ideas associated with those approaches to the study of Reality—PluribusOne™ is able to translate/convert the language of any given paradigm, including that of empiricists, into any other language. Noetitek™ enables the analysis, testing, and, in effect, transliteration of observations, speculations, and assertions articulated by any discipline into information that is, for example, empirically meaningful. Notwithstanding, the path of the devout empiricist is much like the way of the biblical Prodigal Son who, try as he may, cannot fully and forever break ties to home. Integrous adventures in empiricism can only eventually lead to error recognition and awakening to metaphysical Light.

Every language (i.e., system of symbols) is like a facet of a massive crown jewel. To grasp the meaning and purpose of the jewel is to understand its geometry, and to understand its geometry is to hold the Master Key to the essence of any and every language. The Master Key can, therefore, be used to encode as well as decode any system of symbols; nothing in Omniverse is one-sided in design, construction, or application. Language in general can be seen as a yes-no-maybe maze within which one becomes lost in the absence of an understanding of the nature, structure, and functioning of language. This is all the more so true with respect to the Language of Nature, wherein otherwise intelligent seekers lacking the Key are lost in confusion, for a time. Despite our empathy for their dilemma, it is hostile to the purpose of Creation of Omniverse—and it is the highest order of foolishness and pointlessness—to desire escape from the “Wheel of Life” (although it is a free-will option). Those lost seekers who reactively choose a path to Nothingness unwittingly pursue death of both their form in Time and Space and their formlessness (Consciousness/Spirit). Omniverse is not a prison; it is the realm of Liberation in every sense, created for that purpose.

Provincial paradigm-bound philosophers may use their chosen language/s in diligent pursuit of ever-elusive Truth, but they—even the mathematics-loving logical positivists—can only discover truths pertaining to their province. One plus one equals two, demonstrably; yes, but one plus one also equals one, a result that can also be demonstrated and observed. This is not to say that paradigmatic truths are not integrous (i.e., relatively true) or significant or useful—because the greater/omniversal Truth is that all things are true somewhere and some-when in the infinitude of Mind and Time and Space. This is affirmed in Ecclesiastes 3 of the Bible: “There is a time for everything and a season for every activity… whatever is has already been, and what will be has been before…”—everything imaginable. The meaning behind those words attributed to King David in his functioning as a Prophet (i.e., clear channel of higher consciousness) is far more profound than generally understood by readers wearing intellectualizing blinders of flawed (i.e., unenlightened) doctrine. David’s message is reinforced and expanded on by his descendant, Jesus of Nazareth, in, for example, John 14:2: “In my father’s house are many mansions (dwelling places)…” The two messages taken together convey an absolute truth, wherein today’s science meets ancient religion: There is a time and a place for everything.

Wittgenstein’s time-honored dictum: “Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent,” is true but only true for paradigmatic philosophy in pursuit of relative/provincial truth; it is not true with respect to NoetiTaoism™ which has the Noetitek™ toolbox to facilitate communion among languages, and between such languages and the Language of Nature. Nature itself (i.e., the Creator functioning through the dimensions of Consciousness, Time, and Space) is continuously speaking about—revealing—everything imaginable, “speaking” for those who know how to “hear” with hearing that is actually multisensory and synesthetic. The dualistic Platonic Solids, for example, make statements about Reality in a language that is fully physical and also metaphysical. The Platonic Solids offer evidence of the multidimensional bridge between intent and manifestation and are, therefore, worthy of deep meditation through study of their qualities. Another Bible passage springs to mind: “…if these [people who understand Jesus] were silent, the very stones would cry out [instead]” (Luke 19:40). Apostle Luke knew something about quantum physics and quantum consciousness many centuries before the likes of Albert Einstein began to see the light, and Luke also knew something about language.