NoetiTaoist™ Philosophy Primer—Part III

[For those who wish to start at or revisit the Primer’s beginning, Part I was published in March, 2014. Part II was published in November, 2015. If you go to the homepage, you can access these parts by scrolling down to “Posts by Month” or by clicking on our “Quick List of Posts” utility, also listed on the homepage, and using your browser’s “find” feature to locate the desired hot link.]

History indicates that the development of Science was initiated by inspired, free-thinking, independent, natural philosophers whose powerful conceptualizing and carefully assembled perceptions often stood in varying degrees of opposition to domineering beliefs and parochial/provincial blinders of dogmatic religionists. Entire libraries provide commentary on the convoluted evolution of human intelligence, including the rise of modern science, which is not our purpose here other than to briefly discuss how Noetitek™ and the NoetiTao™ fit into the flow of that unfolding of universal enlightenment-potential.

Whereas Philosophy precipitated Science—from out of the proto-science of alchemical magic on down through world/universe-view paradigms formulated by scientists: most notably Newton and the emphasis on laws, then Einstein and the subsequent wonderland of quantum physics—the philosophy of NoetiTaoism™ was birthed from the new science of Noetitek™ which had rolled out and opened up unexpectedly in the process of unpacking our mystical experience of fifty-plus years ago (see “The ‘Genesis Interview’” via a hot link listed on the homepage). And, whereas Philosophy has become subservient to Science—beginning in the days of Isaac Newton and increasingly ever since, to the point that the average person today questions the relevancy of Philosophy—the science of Noetitek™ has, for twenty-five years now, increasingly served to unveil, develop, and expand the paradigm-eclipsing philosophy that PluribusOne™ calls the NoetiTao™ (the Way of the Mind, the Way of the Triune Godhead). NoetiTaoism™ is a philosophy rooted in science.

The New Testament Apostle Paul, speaking on Mars Hill (Acts 17), informed philosophers of his day that while mortal humans are the Eternal God’s offspring, the Godhead should not be conceived of in ordinary physical terms, nor represented by physical objects in the way iconic works of art express a thing such as a human head. Godhead is not a concept bound in space and time, amenable to expression in any form constructible by human hands. Paul’s message has remained mysterious for more than two thousand years, but with NoetiTaoism™ there is no mystery: Godhead is alive and the source of all Life; it is the first three dimensions of Omniverse: Consciousness, including Imagination. It is also omnipresent throughout its Creation in time and space. The dimensions of Consciousness are literally foundational for human being; the idea that humans are “offspring” is not merely metaphorical, nor does this truth pertain to a future state for chosen worthies. It pertains to all humanity, now.

So we see that NoetiTaoism™ has an unavoidably religious aspect, in that it is not absent alignment with the great core truths embedded in, but muddled by, the world’s traditional religions, Eastern as well as Western. However, the NoetiTao™ is not culture-based, culture-bound, or culture-biased. “…God is not a respecter of persons” (Acts 10:34), solely or in groups; the Creator is eternally impartial despite any sectarian claim to the contrary. Neither is NoetiTaoism™ dogmatic or doctrinal, worship-centered or dues-demanding. Nor is it limited to Earth’s inhabitants. If it is religion, it is Cosmic Religion—Omniversal Philo-religion—in every sense of the term. Please see also the April, 2010 post: “NoetiTaoism™ as Cosmic Religion.”

Newton’s most prominent insight was that something akin to “laws” governs everything in our experience of space and time. Inductive reasoning—The Inductive Method—began to supplant flawed application of deductive reasoning in guiding a quest to identify, understand, and harness those readily apparent laws. Einstein’s most prominent insight was that matter is, in effect, slow/condensed energy and that matter, energy, space, and time are endlessly interrelated. Mathematics gained dominance in the process of applying The Scientific Method to the less directly observable aspects of Physical Law. PluribusOne™’s prominent insight is that a spectrum of essential vibrations act as foundational principles constructing tangible and intangible (to humans) phenomena and that this omnipresent vibrational superstructure is composed of Mind and Time and Space—three sets of three dimensions each, all of which have substance and all of which originate in the Dimension Zero of Source Energy Awareness (SEA), whose omniscient Seed/SEA-d Vibration is the ultimate creative force. Noetitek™ uses all modes of cognitive processing made available by virtue of the design of the human mechanism/organism.


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