NoetiTaoist™ Philosophy Primer—Part VI

The philosophy of NoetiTao™ recognizes that there is Consciousness present in, and throughout, Omniverse—this endless realm imagined into creation by Source Energy Awareness—as dimensions that are foundational to and integratively interactive with the dimensions of Time and of Space. The space-time of Old Science is incomplete. Omniverse is space-time-mind, all of which has, by degrees, materiality. As said in Part V, the “dualist” view, employing its idea of space-time-contained physicality, holds that mind is non-physical; therefore, for dualists the physical brain must create mind; the concept of free-will/choice is delusion and fate/determinism rules. As perception became bent by Cartesian philosophical thinking, so has grown an unnatural tree of misconceived scientific theorizing with limbs turning back on themselves misshapenly as they grow.

To wit, dualist scientists look to computer engineering and artificial intelligence (AI) for an understanding of the human brain and mind and for the solution to the (for them) puzzlement of human intelligence. They think they have resolved mind-body dichotomy by asserting that the seemingly separate domains are actually one domain: physical—but “physical,” again, as defined by a thought-crippling paradigm—and, thereby, claiming that human characteristics attributed to the human mind arise from the brain’s architecture and chemistry the way neural-networking computers mimic intelligent behavior. Blinded to the difference between intelligence and information, they see the human brain as simply a more complex information-processing machine than present-day computers, and they conclude that, when a computer “brain” is built having complexity matching that of the human brain, future computers will have minds as much so as humans have minds.

Such scientists further predict that artificial intelligence will match—even merge with—human intelligence in the not too distant future and that AI will eventually surpass human intelligence. The computer, which was designed on an unenlightened and limited engineering grasp of the human brain, has, circularly, become the model for an unenlightened understanding of the brain. Humans are not, in our philosophy, elaborate protoplasmic robots. When a human tells you who they are, they have a true sense of identity that is nothing like a robot which may be programmed to say (or “learn” to say): “I am Robo” in a lively smart-sounding voice. And while Robo may be able to recognize an apple and parrot appropriate descriptive adjectives, this recognition and audio responsiveness is not accompanied by a natural multisensory memory of the tantalizing feel, smell, and taste of an apple nor an intention to eat it and satisfy a nutritional need; Robo will never bogart a candy bar or go jonesing for pizza, although he may very well be enabled to mimic such behavior the way a psychopath mimics caring and kindness.

In the dualist view that embraces the idea that intelligence can be—oxymoronically, in our view—artificial, there can be no invisible connection between the mind/spirit of one person and another or between a human mind and the cognizing cells of members of other species—animal or plant, or between the mind of an individual and a larger/higher personal Self or universal/collective Mind/Consciousness. Such dualism denies the repetitive results of scientific experiments and demonstrations conducted over the past hundred years or so, Scientific-Method-produced results that show the linking of minds—as well as effects of mind on matter—and which validate “paranormal” communications exceeding gestures and speech. Early on, J. B. Rhine (1895-1980), for example, who is considered the founder of scientific research into the paranormal, conducted validating experiments. Later, Cleve Backster (1924-2013) demonstrated the consciousness and “ESP” of plants. There have been numerous other and more recent confirmatory experiments by scientists, and there are also volumes of corroborative anecdotal evidence by non-scientists, such as Episcopal bishop James A. Pike (1913-1969) who documented communications with the “other side.” Not a credulous person, Pike held universally recognized credentials in law (Yale) as well as theology.

Whereas paradigm-imprisoned Old Science adherents and their four-dimension-based conceptualizing are bent on pursuing visions of artificial intelligence (AI) and subtly encouraging the masses of people to see themselves as complex zombielike meat-machine robots and evolving cyborgs, the NoetiTaoist™ agenda is to promote human development via Intelligence Augmentation (IA) and through the use of Noetitek™ meta-tools, all based on the nine-dimensional structure of the human being and its unlimited potential. “Ye are gods… children of the most high,” says the Bible (Psalms 82:6). As a corollary to another Bible passage, we say: If a paradigm deceives you, pluck it out of your conceptualizing. Humans are SEA’s children, not puppets for spirit-denying wannabe puppet-masters.

In February, 2009, when this blog was established, one of the first posts announced invention of “…a new concept and path of technological development: Noetitek Intelligence Augmentation™ (NIA)… NIA encompasses the development of new technologies employing Noetitek™ insights. Some of those technologies are meta-level [and some] will be cybernetic… The device will use the principles embedded in The Noetitek System™ to expand the range of human perception to [for example] enable space explorers to make rapid and thorough assessments…” Please see the February, 2009 post: “Noetitek Intelligence Augmentation™,” and appended comments. Some scientists have since attempted to hijack the term: “Intelligence Augmentation,” but their application of it betrays their continued devotion to a vision limited by the paradigm that birthed AI. Their IA is bogus; they can paste wings on a horse but it is not going to fly. Their projects to expand the brain as a library and to correct cranial-library-access deficits—laudable as those goals are—will not create, expand the range of, or increase human intelligence.

Under the banner of Enhanced Human Perception™, PluribusOne™ is pioneering expansion of human intelligence, knowledge, and understanding via enhancement of human perceptual ability. In addition, PluribusOne™ supports the vision of space colonization, which will allow the human race to expand quantitatively as well as qualitatively—in all directions, literally and figuratively. In March, 2010, we decided to delay developing an electronic-based IA device to serve space pioneers and invested our resources in the development of a small, nearly weightless, non-electronic device, a brain-boosting mind tool for everyone, with a target release date in the year 2020. Its maximal use, however, requires extensive orientation to the underlying principles and requires training in their application. Seeds have been planted for a non-profit organization (The PluribusOne™ Foundation) to provide educational services related to Noetitek™, including training people to use the IA device.


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