NoetiTaoist™ Philosophy Primer—Part VIII

This part concludes Primer discussion of the NoetiTaoist™ approach to Religion by addressing four more questions: Is God and religious experience verifiable and understandable in scientific terms? What is “religious experience,” and what sort of knowledge can it yield? Is religion or a religious philosophy important now that the Piscean Age of Secrets has passed and the Aquarian Age of Enlightenment has arrived? Can miracles happen, and, if so, could we ever have sufficient evidence to prove that?

Is God and religious experience verifiable and understandable in scientific terms?

First of all, a basic definition of terms is necessary. In NoetiTaoism™ the creator of Omniverse is SEA, which is beyond Space-Time-Mind and nameless. When we say “God” we mean the triune godhead that exists within, and as part of, Omniverse—the first three dimensions, which are dimensions of Consciousness. The first and third members of the godhead are masculine/positive energies/forces, known as the Father/Voice and Son/Word. The second member of the godhead is feminine/negative/receptive, congruent with the concepts of Holy Spirit and Holy Mother, and is mutually complementary with the first and third. “Religious experience,” sometimes as brief as a flash of lightning, is the human awareness of direct connection with these constructive forces that permeate Omniverse—indubitable direct knowledge of at-one-ment with the omnipotence and omniscience of SEA-in-Omniverse.

Second: there is good science and bad science. Although dualist-logical-positivist science dominates in academia, it is not good science, not good enough to see beyond the walls of the dying kingdom of its crippled paradigms. See our December, 2013 post: “Setting Science Free” for discussion of ten core dogmas of science that Dr. Rupert Sheldrake (among other enlightened intellectuals) has been challenging for many years. The post mentions his 2012 book, Science Set Free, and an appended comment includes a link to his 2013 TED talk which was banned because mainstream science cannot bear to watch its nose be justly rubbed in its own bull excrement. The late philosopher Robert Anton Wilson would point to this ban as blatant evidence of the New Inquisition (the New Inquisition is mentioned in our November, 2013 post “Near-Death Experiences”). If Sheldrake’s arrogant adversaries could burn him at the stake, they would not hesitate to do so; yet Sheldrake is a highly-credentialed scientist, a functionally true scientist, a world-renowned scientist, and about the farthest thing from anti-science.

Master creator-designer of Omniverse, God, as defined above, is verifiable and understandable in scientific terms when “science” is understood to be simply: that which is being done whenever anyone tests their idea against the ‘outside world’. That was Dr. Carl Sagan’s definition, as presented in our March, 2011 post: “Paradigms Lost and Paradigms Regained,” even though Sagan sometimes made contradictory statements expressing hostility towards matters tabooed by the New Inquisition for which he served as leading spokesperson for many years. His publication of that definition of science was, as we see it, a kind of subtle apology for having supported the Old Science inquisitors on whom his livelihood as an Ivy League university professor, best-selling author, and pre-TED lecturer depended.

This is a good place at which to openly share how I first received proof of God. On January 24, 1967, during a period when the world felt insanely out of control, ultraviolent and godless, with eyes closed I mentally shouted: “If there is a God, then prove it.” Suddenly I saw more than blackness; I saw a star-field. Then one star came closer and turned into an oval, eye-like shape. Within the oval there was a full-color 3D movie! The motion picture showed three men wearing spacesuits inside of something like a control room. The scene went smoky gray and the oval shrank back to a star and moved away. I managed to recall the star and review the exact “film-clip” several times but had no idea what it meant. I shared the bizarre experience with only two people. Three days later I was with one of them when they saw the same scene broadcast on television as a reenactment and pointed it out based on my description. Apollo 1 astronauts had died in a fire inside a space capsule. I was so taken up by having seen the disaster in advance, as if I had miraculously peered through a peephole in time, I embarked on a prolonged tangent that involved experimenting with my “psychic ability” to see things not only in the future, but at other places in the present (i.e., remote viewing, before anyone had published research about RV). It was only many years later, when I learned that the Bible says only God knows the future, that I realized the Apollo vision had come in response to my call for proof that God exists. The proof had come in the unexpected form of a moving picture of an unambiguous near-future event. More years passed before I learned what “God” is and where God resides.

What is “religious experience,” and what sort of knowledge can it yield?

Contrary to conventional definition, “religious experience” is not just subjective, inasmuch as a recorded vision of the future that comes to pass is essentially the same as a successful science experiment; nor must such experience be interpreted within the context of a formal religion. The word “religion” is rooted in Latin and earlier language and means, in one word: reconnection—reconnection with our Source, with SEA. True religion cannot be institutionalized any more than sunlight or wind can be caught and sealed-up in a labeled bottle. The intent of NoetiTaoism™ is to serve as a catalyst for non-doctrinal, genuine reconnection with SEA from within the self.

The short definition of “religious experience,” supplied above, is: personal awareness of your direct connection with the creatively constructive forces that permeate Omniverse, direct knowledge of at-one-ment with the omnipotence and omniscience of SEA-in-Omniverse. Evidence presentable to others that you have had such experience will take shape through your impelled use of the insights that you have received. The sort/s of knowledge/insights that omniscience can yield are unlimited, including knowledge that may be called “holistic” or whole-view—unhinged from the ordinarily perceived sequential flow of Time—as compared to a view from out of any paradigmatic window or strictly personal or consensus-developed here-and-now worldly perspective.

Is religion or a religious philosophy important now that the Piscean Age of Secrets has passed and the Aquarian Age of Enlightenment has arrived?

It is important precisely because of this transition. The time has come to douse the suppressive inquisitional fires of Old Religion and Old Science, not by wasting energy confronting them but by making them increasingly moot through widespread applications of the Noetitek™-derived insights into the purpose, structure, and operation of Omniverse, and through NoetiTao™-guided pursuit of its endless exciting opportunities. Omniverse is Heaven, here and now; Heaven was made for living.

Can miracles happen, and, if so, could we ever have sufficient evidence to prove that?

The entirety of Omniverse can be called miraculous. The life experience of every living entity can be viewed as a miracle. But what is a miracle? A miracle is something that happens in defiance of the percipient’s paradigm-based understanding of what is possible. Evidence of people experiencing impossibilities is everywhere. In fact, anyone can intentionally create something deemed “impossible,” miraculous, in terms of the belief system of mainstream science as well as in terms of institutionalized religions reliant on priesthoods. Here’s how: Simply demand, mentally or verbally, that God prove its existence to you either immediately or within one day, using some sign that will be recognizable by you as unambiguous and unmistakable. The proof will be provided and, hopefully, you will be quicker than I was to recognize the response.

The world’s religions are culture-bound; NoetiTaoism™ is not. The spiritual imperative of Earth’s people is normally interpreted in terms of national interests and politicized social works—i.e., engineered from the bottom and up, like the left-brained “single vision” of Inductive Methodology of Newtonian Science, as mocked by William Blake whose reference to “Newton’s sleep” remains enigmatic for materialists. The anthropomorphized “God” of the Old Testament curiously operated in just such creature-centric manner, licensing the Israelites to pursue invasion and slaughter of Promised Land residents. Similarly, in rational-dualist defiance of any possible spiritual learning-curve, people professing adherence to the New Testament and the Eleventh Commandment claimed God was on their side when they invaded the Promised Land of the Americas many centuries later. And the history of humanity’s Eastern development is, sadly, comparable (think China vs. Tibet). The NoetiTaoist™ approach to meeting spiritual and material needs of people is from the top and down, following the flow of all-inclusive un-boundaried creative expansion of SEA via the dimensions of Space-Time-Mind instead of following the dictates of any tribal or paradigm-promoting god.

In retrospect, the timing of the arrival of the seed of NoetiTaoism™—July 29, 1964, at 11 a.m., at latitude: 41 degrees 41′ 10″ N and longitude: 73 degrees 54′ 55″ W—was perfect for the dawning of this Age of Unveiling.


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