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NoetiTaoist™ Philosophy Primer—Part X

November 25, 2016

This Part will introduce the political philosophy aspect of NoetiTaoism™, the aspect within which all prior aspects are integral and interactive because all souls are extensions of the One.

As stated in Part I, the bedrock statement of certainty for NoetiTaoism™ is “I imagine, therefore I imagine that I am,” and, further: I imagine that We are, that I am not alone in Omniverse. However, higher awareness is of the truth of the One, and the fact that the One is All, and that Omniverse is a magical movie-house imagined into being by Source Energy Awareness so that SEA can immerse itself in a place and through a process of making endless illusions scripted around a finite number of core story elements. From the NoetiTaoist™ perspective, politics are the activities associated with many levels of governance of multidimensional multiversal games played out by Mind/Intent via countless scripted mortal and non-mortal characters acting within and among their domains in Time and Space—multivariate kingdoms within Kingdom.

Just as an individual entity has a sense of having certain inalienable rights with respect to a personal domain within which certain things are owned and sacrosanct, this is also true for delineated groups of individuals such as families, tribes, and creeds. On this planet, over millions of years, the expansion of political structuring has evolved beyond tribes to nations, to regional pacts among nations, and to formation of a global community—a world order. What has yet to be widely recognized is that political structure exists—and has always existed—beyond Earth, beyond this solar system, and beyond the Milky Way Galaxy. And within every domain the sense of ownership pervades such that, in the consciousness of certain entities resident elsewhere in Omniverse, our planet is considered a possession.

Political philosophy encompasses all domains of Omniverse. Ultimately, the owner and controller of the countless domains is SEA, manifest as the One that is many. Because all are indelibly of the One, the highest order of political reality is a perfect democracy wherein no voice is excluded or diminished. This truth reflects the purpose behind the One Cause of Omniverse, which is Liberation, Freedom. Yet not every expression of every desire is found in every universe, hence the appearance that democracy is less than omnipresent. Domains of experiencing are shaped around desires/choices, and desires can be perceived as social contract “experiments” engineered or accepted by participants whose interaction generates conflicts and pursues approaches to resolution, giving rise to concepts such as social welfare, law, justice. The social contract is a freedom-delimiting fear-suppressing master agreement acknowledged as mutually beneficial by and for all members (the body politic) of civilized domains.

Unlike some other philosophies, NoetiTaoism™ does not hold to the idea that political science is necessarily based on fear and self-preservation, although this is often true. The political impulse in enlightened domains of Omniverse is primarily an overarching desire for companionship, camaraderie, the overall sharing of mutually satisfying life experience guided by a briefly-stated social contract and undergirded by reliance on natural justice (karma). By comparison, self-preservation as the motive for banding together is the commonly experienced consensus-belief-fulfilling reality for most Earth humans due to successful manipulation of the populous by a malignant political force that propagates ignorance, enmity, and bloodlust in order to harness human energy—the covert enslavement of the minds and, thereby, the bodies, of the masses of people—and directing that energy to serve its dark and greedy agenda. But darkness cannot prevail over light; as the Judeo-Christian Bible says: “Nothing is covered up that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known” (Luke 12:2). And this is the Age of Revealing.

While the continual struggle for resources is taken as a given in philosophies perceiving world history in terms of cause-and-effect, and in terms of closed-end supply-and-demand economic systems, NoetiTaoism™ looks to the larger history of Omniverse (initiated by the One Cause) and sees everything in Time and Space as being of the One Effect and as currency flowing within an open-ended system where nothing is in short supply. That perception is inconceivable to those whose grasp of reality includes only dimensions of Time and Space, who lack understanding that the Omniverse, as available to the five human senses, is built upon dimensions of Consciousness where lack and limitation cannot pretend to rule. Powers of Mind are the ultimate source of all resources.

In those philosophies focused on the Time-Space adventure, equity and equality are critical and never-ending issues in the struggle for resources. NoetiTaoism™ points to the higher reality that all souls are, in truth, unalterably equal, and that inequality and inequity are present in the realm of flesh-and-blood existence because worlds without discord and dialectic are rarely desired by sentient beings—no conflict, no imbalance, no polarity: no adventure. In other words, inequality is paradoxically equitable because it extends from choices made prior to embodiment, in the setting of parameters for each life experience. Feminists argue that society expects women to assume confining roles—as daughters, wives, mothers—and to follow behaviors conforming to expectations related to those roles, yet such cultural imposition is no less true for men. Whereas philosophy has historically fostered gender inequality, NoetiTaoism™ is gender neutral. All differences are equal opportunities to spice-up a game unavailable to androids and clones.

The game of Life is political and, at bottom, dyadic, hence the perpetual discord and irreconcilable dialectic. This is nowhere more obvious than on the level of national and world-scale politics. Several political parties are operative in the USA, for example, and yet the two most popularly polar—the Democratic Party and the Republican Party—are the dominant forces (the natural dyad) within a spectrum of franchised ideologies, even though the USA is neither a democracy nor a republic. Left versus right; liberal versus conservative. I have never met a person who is either liberal or conservative on all issues or in every aspect of their lives or on every single day, yet most of the people I know claim to identify with one or the other dominant mindset. This observation may be darkly humorous, but the seriously aggressive and even violent actions that some citizens will take in the name of their party are anything but funny.

The political aspect of the NoetiTaoist™ philosophy is prepared to provide insights and guidance regarding the biggest of questions, including critical issues related to democracy, human rights, self-understanding, personal development, and domain sovereignty —matters of the highest importance to humanity. The existence we imagine is the existence we experience.