John Lennon and NoetiTao™

December 8, 2016 marked the 36th anniversary of the assassination of singer-songwriter John Winston Lennon, co-founder and creative-core member of the British band, the Beatles, the all-time top music group. I say “assassination” rather than murder because, by the time of his death, Lennon had become a political figure on par with Gandhi. His Give Peace a Chance, produced mid-1969, became a potent anti-Vietnam-War anthem, its chant-like lyrics sung thunderously by a quarter million protestors at a rally in Washington, DC later that year. Some journalists credit the Beatles with ending the Cold War. Mikhail Gorbachev, former president of the Soviet Union, said: “More than any ideology, more than any religion, more than Vietnam or any war or nuclear bomb, the single most important reason for the diffusion of the Cold War was… the Beatles.” Considering Lennon’s leading role in the group, his contribution to that underscores the power of his influence in world politics. President Nixon feared that Lennon could cost him re-election. John’s far-left political leaning and a supportive attitude towards matters such as psychedelic drugs, trade unions, and civil rights, coupled with a perceived Pied Piper personality, led to his surveillance by the British MI5 as well as the American FBI.

The solemn 36th anniversary came to my attention by way of a paranormal event: suddenly hearing the song Strawberry Fields Forever as it interrupted the total quiet of my home. I knew this was a significant happening but had no idea why that enchanting song had broken through to me out of the blue, like a public service message interrupting the scheduled program. I always liked the Beatles’ music but was never a fan. I never bothered to read a book about the group, or research the background behind the song lyrics, or attend a concert. In fact, my extensive collection of records, tapes, and CDs included only one vinyl album: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. But the paranormal prompting made me interested to take a closer look at Strawberry Fields Forever, and in searching online I discovered that my “strawberry message” corresponded with the anniversary of his death. I subsequently learned that a section of Central Park near The Dakota apartment building where he was killed, has been named Strawberry Fields and that the memorial was established at the site where his funerary ashes had been scattered. I felt strongly that John was connecting with me for some reason. On the heels of that haunting connection, evidence for the idea that Mark David Chapman was a mind-controlled assassin bubbled-up. Strange days, indeed.

However, making a case for John Lennon’s state-directed demise is not my intention for this writing. What I want to share here is an amazing synchrony that would explain why John’s surviving spirit would want to reach out to me. The association of Strawberry Fields Forever with his “final resting place” may explain why the connection would be made via a psychic broadcast of that song on the anniversary of his death. Further, Strawberry Fields Forever may be his spirit signature, chosen because he considered it his greatest musical accomplishment. Reading the late D. Scott Rogo’s: A Casebook of Otherworldly Music helped me investigate the phenomenon as constituting strong evidence for immortality and soul travel. Casebook itself, by the way, came to me almost immediately after hearing the music, via my ongoing active awareness of omniversal synchrony (synchronicity) that makes timely deliveries on unspoken command. None of this is outlandish for those who realize that “death shall have no dominion,” that consciousness is the omnipresent foundation of Omniverse, and that consciousness, memory, and intent are timeless. So, what was the purpose of this “contact?” Having asked that question, I knew the best way to receive its answer would be to let go of the question. Sure enough, the answer soon began to unfold, unnoticed at first.

While shopping in a department store, I passed through the music section on my way to the movie department and happened to see a CD that had apparently been dropped and then placed out of order at the top of the rack where its presence became prominent. The case was slightly damaged but I bought it anyway because it was the only copy in the store. John’s smiling face serves as the cover art for this CD titled simply: John Lennon, with the word Icon at the side—a Capitol Records product. Licensed to Capitol by Yoko Ono Lennon in 2010, the CD contains eleven songs written and performed by John, making it the essential solo John Lennon collection beginning with Imagine. But I did not imagine (pun inadvertent) that listening to this precise set of songs was going to solve the little mystery of the apparent spirit connection. I had not listened to any of those songs in many years and what I heard was stunning because I instantly understood the lyrics and in a manner that would not have been possible before I created Noetitek™ and NoetiTaoism™.

The lyrics of those eleven songs subtly yet integrally express a complete and profound philosophy that I had not previously detected—or paid much attention to—in Lennon’s music. To my knowledge, John never wrote scholarly papers or a book specifically detailing his philosophy as a comprehensive metaphysical system. Had he lived to be an older man, I think he would have pulled the pieces together and shared it in a book or series of teachings regarding the meta-reality of all that he had sensed and articulated piecemeal via songs that I suspect were largely channeled from his “higher” self and which he grasped on a mainly right-brain intuitive level. Which would reasonably explain the psychic connection to me by way of his most cherished Strawberry Fields Forever piece because the poetry of his mystical philosophy is eerily reflected in my NoetiTaoism™—e.g., “Strawberry Fields, nothing is real… and nothing to get hung about.” Recognizing that reflection is what stunned me. Hearing those songs was like hearing my natural philosophy expressed through the powerful medium of music. The net effect was, and remains, a feeling of affirmation and support for NoetiTao™ conceptualizing.

Clearly, at some point John was initiated into the magical reality that stands beyond—not in competition with—cultural paradigms. Looking at his overall body of work with the Beatles, and then with Yoko, it is easy to surmise that his “cosmic egg” was cracked long before, probably in early childhood and most likely stemming from childhood experiences at Strawberry Field (a Salvation Army children’s home) in Liverpool. When he saw the flying saucer near his penthouse apartment in Manhattan, in August, 1974, he was deeply affected by this close encounter with high-strangeness. His song Nobody Told Me (1980) includes a brief sighting report in the lyrics: “There’s a UFO over New York and I ain’t too surprised.” Yet he had been surprised at the time, awestruck, and that “strange-day” encounter may not have been his first. But, as in the lives of perhaps all close experiencers of otherworldliness, I see it as having been the real trigger for his personal reassessment and transformative reconfiguration that included dropping out of the music industry to begin his most tuned-in years (1975-1980)—the last segment of his career and life. Had he not been assassinated, John W. Lennon, ever the political activist, would have been a formidable force in the grassroots quest for governmental disclosure regarding UFOs and ETs.


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2 Responses to “John Lennon and NoetiTao™”

  1. Aphrodite Says:

    Thank-you. Happy to have found your site.

  2. PluribusOne™ Says:

    Note that in occultism the number 11 relates to “messages to mankind,” and the CD mentioned above is definitely a message to mankind, the expression of a cosmic philosophy.

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