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NoetiTaoism™ and Afterlife

May 28, 2017

“Afterlife,” in many systems of faith and philosophical studies of existence, is the idea or belief that all or some of a person’s being continues to exist—on earth or elsewhere—after death of the dense material/mortal/transitory body. The surviving element is considered the immortal soul or true self (see March, 2010 post: “New View ‘Through a Glass Darkly’”). Definitive visions of afterlife accompany each system, such that some visions are dogma—e.g., see comment accompanying the January, 2010 post: “The Key to Kieślowski” that supplies an example of the religionist desire to impose afterlife dogma on a fiction story. Some believe there is one conditionally-available Heaven or Nirvana, others that there are a delimited number of heavens, and others still that offer an infinite number of heavens, along with other professed afterlife-related certainties. In Noetitek™-derived NoetiTaoism™ this indelible self is a scientific certainty and the self will experience whatever and wherever it imagines in accordance with its intent.

In our May, 2011 post: “Hawking Squawking,” we discussed a then recent pronouncement by physicist Stephen Hawking wherein he asserted that there is no soul or spirit or higher-self, that humans are just meat-computers randomly spat out into Universe by the Law of Gravity. Among his words: “There is no heaven or afterlife for broken-down [meat-] computers; that is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark…” We find it astonishing that a leader in Physics can be so comfortable spouting such nonsense considering that science remains far from assembling a complete and accurate grasp of Omniverse. Dogma of today’s mainstream science—i.e., materialist philosophy— states that memory is stored in brain cells and erased upon cellular death (see December, 2013 post: “Setting Science Free”).

In our January, 2016 post: “Visions of Omniverse,” we examined conceptualizing expressed in: The Omniverse: Transdimensional Intelligence, Time Travel, the Afterlife, and the Secret Colony on Mars, wherein the author describes an effectively bifurcated multiverse such that spiritual dimensions in a spiritual realm contain civilizations of one nature existing alongside physical dimensions in a physical realm containing separate and different civilizations. The fundamental error of this hypothesis is evidenced by the need to express Omniverse in two equations when there is only one for the one Omniverse. This misconceiving negates the author’s concept of “dimensional ecology.” In truth, life permeates the dimensions of space-time-mind throughout countless universes (multiverse/Omniverse) sharing one set of design principles.

Soul encompasses the alpha and the omega dimensions, as well as seven dimensions in between (see the May, 2012 post: “Tripartite Soul”). The soul is formless consciousness, time-flowing information, and three-dimensional physical form, and these “soul states” are integral to the self. Life and death, like day and night, are local phenomena of a perspective, valid in the limited planet-bound context but not in the larger solar, galactic, universal, or omniversal contexts. NoetiTaoism™ recognizes that a fixation on opposition as being an absolute and inescapable aspect of reality consistently manifests misunderstanding of the true nature of Reality. With dilation of personal perception all things are reconcilable rationally and the coinciding of opposites can be seen because everything is One.

The concept of multiverse allows for novel approaches to afterlife theorizing. One popular logical theory is that a creature’s consciousness/soul migrates to a parallel universe at death and that taking up residence in this parallel universe constitutes an afterlife experience. However, death in that alternate universe would then lead to migration to another universe, ad infinitum, in which case any universe can be a Heaven or Hell depending on the attitude of the migrating soul. With this theory, every universe becomes the Afterlife, and this insight leads to recognition that there could then be no uniquely identifiable after-this-life realm nor any need for one as conceived by afterlife-adherent religions. In NoetiTaoism™ life is omnipresent (“ongoing,” in time-facilitated experience) like chapters of a never-ending story. The even deeper truth revealed by Noetitek™ is stranger: Life and death are part of a Grand Illusion indulged in by eternal creational awareness that we call Source Energy Awareness, or SEA. All-ness is One, and from SEA’s standpoint, no soul is going anywhere. Parallel universes are illusions within Illusion (see also the February, 2012 post: “Analysis: “Vanilla Sky” / “Open Your Eyes” and the March, 2012 post: “Analysis: “The Matrix Trilogy”).

So, does a deathless consciousness migrate from one parallel universe to another? Not from an Omniversal perspective because Consciousness permeates Omniverse and an infinite number of versions of the self are already present in the eternal Now that includes all parallel universes, including a version where the bioplasmic self as an aspect of the One ceases to exist (see the July, 2016 post: “NoetiTaoist™ Philosophy Primer—Part IV”). Reality is not biocentric; it is SEA-centric (see the January, 2014 post: “Decentering Biocentrism”). Omniverse is an infinite living entity in which death has no dominion (see the May, 2014 post: “Grail, Rose, and Cross” and the December, 2013 post: “Analysis: ‘And Death Shall Have No Dominion’”). Yet the “I am me” that exists in one universe is only directly/ground-level aware of that construct and not directly aware of the similar construct that exists “next-door” although they are cross-connected and—as testimonies reveal—occasionally overlap.

Death is an illusion (see the July, 2014 post: “NoetiTaoism™ and Healing”). With the end of a mortal experience and the ascension of a soul, death effectively dies (see the October, 2014 post: “’Lost Tomb of Jesus’ Symbol”). A new scientific paradigm asserts that consciousness can exist without connection to a living organism, but no paradigm-based perspective can fully grasp the reality that Omniverse is one living organism imagined into existence by SEA, which is beyond life and death—eternal. (See the February, 2015 post: “Analysis: Laszlo’s “The Immortal Mind” and the September, 2016 post: “NoetiTaoist™ Philosophy Primer—Part VII”). Physics is hopelessly crippled without metaphysics.

Is there an afterlife waiting for you in some sector of multiverse? The better question is: What, if any, kind of life experience will you give yourself after you exit your present mortal adventure?