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A Meta-Shift Anniversary

July 29, 2017

This post is presented to celebrate the 53rd anniversary of a life-changing, meta-shifting, encounter. The June, 2015 post: “UFO Rabbit Hole” disclosed my 1964 UFO encounter in some detail. For many years, this experience was only revealed to some family members and a few close friends, out of fear of social repercussions. My father, an IBM employee and active in local politics, forbade me and my co-witness mother to tell anyone in the community about it. We were eventually able to discuss it with some government and military officials and a couple scientists, but not until the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) set up an office near our home during the winter of 1965-66, on the heels of the UFO-triggered Northeast Blackout of November 9, 1965. Even after my father fully retired in the late 1980s, he preferred that we not speak of it openly; he had had an unsettling UFO encounter in his youth. At this point in my life, at age 70, I have no allegiances or fears impeding my personal disclosure. See the February, 2014 post: “The PluribusOne™ ‘Disclosure Project’” and the December, 2016 post: “PluribusOne™’s ‘Experiencer Paradox’,” among others.

My independent researching began right after the sighting, and other profound sightings and encounters followed during my stint as a volunteer NICAP field investigator where I worked long hours side-by-side with William Donovan, Chairman of Subcommittee Four making reports directly to Major Donald Keyhoe (ret.), author of some of the most enlightening books published on the subject since 1950 and to date. My mother did her own research and kept files found only after her death. We both invested many thousands of hours and dollars over the ensuing fifty years in our quest to know the source of the “rocket” and understand the technology that it demonstrated in passing through the heavily wooded and swampy section of our rural neighborhood, beginning in the vicinity of a power company’s substation.

Although the government has suppressed the truth about the UFO “phenomenon” that burst upon the world scene—a wave remarkably coincident with major societal transformation—self-suppression, intra-family suppression, and other affiliative forms of suppression of close encounter reports has contributed at least as much as government to the slow and disjointed unfolding of disclosure toward full societal acceptance of the reality that Earth is being visited from elsewhere and apparently has been of interest to extraterrestrials for many millennia. The September, 2015 post: “Analysis: Willy Ley on UFOs” serves to disclose more about my backyard co-witnessing of the nearly ground-level, silent, horizontally-vectored rocket-like object on July 29, 1964. Denigrating witnesses publicly, as Ley and others were wont to do, further contributed to the decisions of others to keep their sightings to themselves until the Condon Committee could better achieve that silencing goal, including closure of Project Blue Book.

(Stepping back to look at patterns of change in the USA during the second half of the 20th century, we cannot miss seeing the extent to which suppression of the reality of highly-strange UFOs runs parallel to the major fluctuations in national politics. Not that it is surprising to realize that a liberal environment tends to be more conducive to citizen-involvement, openness, and disclosure than a conservative environment—including the government-controlled mix of information versus disinformation throughout—but it is something to keep in mind as a citizen who votes. The wave of sightings in the Hudson Valley during the 1980s—the Reagan-Bush years—which carried a great deal of disinformation, is addressed in numerous books and video productions, while the greater wave of sightings and profound encounters reported in the same area during the 1960s—the Kennedy family years—is almost ignored in writings after the 1960s. Note that I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican; I have no party-politics affiliation or agenda.)

In the “Genesis Interview” posted in 2009, updated in 2011 and accessible via the homepage, I shared the following exchange regarding the seed- or chrysalis-like metanoia that occurred July 29, 1964, and led me to discover the universal Language of Nature—the invisible fabric of Reality—that would come to form the superstructure of my New Science invention, Noetitek™:

Interviewer: Mr. Eastwood, where did all this begin for you?

Eastwood: It began with an abrupt shift in my awareness when I was 17 years old. In the middle of a breakfast conversation about space-time, I suddenly experienced a moment of pure knowing that cannot be put into words. To say that “everything is One” sounds like paradoxical gibberish, but that is an approximation of the core insight. I suddenly understood that “space-time” is an incomplete concept, that it is more like “space-time-mind.”

Interviewer: Is that when you discovered the hidden language of Nature?

Eastwood: No, but I began to perceive the world from another level. It was the beginning. The actual discovery of a metaphysical structure which amounts to a language imbedded in the fabric of the universe did not come to me until more than 25 years later. The invention and development of Noetitek™ took several more years after that.”

My NoetiTaoist™ philosophy was an unexpected biproduct of the development and successful applications of the Noetitek™ intelligence augmentation (IA) system and associated mind-tools. Although I believe that the true root of all of this technological and philosophical expansion from within my inner being preceded the July 29, 1964 encounter with high-strangeness, that incident definitely marks the point where greater awareness, or “cosmic consciousness,” surfaced like a lightning strike and led me to seek an increasingly greater grasp and express it through a synthesis of various creative modalities: poetry and other creative writing; visual arts; music; science in general; meta-tool inventions; natural philosophy; spiritual initiatives; and humanitarian proposals.

Some have asked whether any psychoactive/psychedelic substances, such as ayahuasca, mescaline, or LSD, were involved. The answer is: no. Mind expansion does not require ingestion of chemicals. The bioelectrically directed chemistry already present onboard the natural human body is sufficient. Some nootropic food supplements may have a useful brain-boosting effect, but none are needed. In the Holy Bible it says: Ye are gods, and all of you are children of the Most High (Psalms 82:6). Your body is the Temple of God who resides within you (1 Corinthians 6:19). So, be who you are. Stop self-suppressing. Let the light that is within you shine forth through your personal gifts, and chief among those gifts is the gift of connection with the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent One. Direct the light toward fulfillment of your greatest desires for yourself and the world.

Until right now, it has never been publicly revealed that my shift in consciousness occurred in synchrony with my July 29, 1964 UFO encounter, moments before I saw the object. Today is also a perfect time to announce a shift in the focus of PluribusOne™ Consulting, LLC, a shift from a ten-year-long generalist business consulting agenda centered on serving companies and individuals seeking solutions to problems, to a humanitarian agenda centered on global opportunities for humankind, an agenda focused on creative initiatives to benefit the world—on EHP™ (enhanced human perception) projects that have potential to make the most constructive impact on the largest number of people in the shortest time via publishing, lecturing, and mostly pro bono advisory services. As soon as possible, the homepage information and various pages accessible from the homepage will be adjusted accordingly, and notations/notices will be inserted in certain past posts.