The Cube of Space-Time-Mind™

Among the first posts for this blog, “Noetitek Intelligence Augmentation™,” was published February 5, 2009. That short post presented Noetitek™ as a system but not an expert system or an approach to development of artificial intelligence (AI). Noetitek™, the basis for Noetitek Intelligence Augmentation™, is a “way of knowing” that apprehends the language of nature and has enabled me to create a set of twenty-seven meta- or mind-tools that, applied through proprietary techniques and processes, allow the user to break through the crippling perceptual barriers of enculturated paradigmatic thought processing. Hundreds of non-confidential applications of Noetitek™ are published in this blog and serve to demonstrate its efficacy.

Twenty-six of the meta-tools are listed on the blog’s homepage. The twenty-seventh, the Thurim™ is mentioned only briefly and separately in the annually-updated text of our Speech introducing PluribusOne™ to various audiences. Unlike the twenty-six, the Thurim™ is a physical device, the world’s first human Intelligence Augmentation (IA) device. I had initially envisioned the Thurim™ as a small lightweight electronic unit that could be worn by, for example, explorers in outer space, to aid in the examination and assessment of alien environments. However, my call for support from Space Entrepreneur associated venture capitalists fell on deaf ears, and a focused effort to enlist Steve Jobs failed, perhaps because contact was made during the period when he was most ill. For a time, I felt stymied by the lack of capital and cooperative participation, but my confidence in the idea never diminished.

Then, on March 30, 2010 an out-of-the-blue breakthrough-insight made moot all formerly perceived limitations. I had an amazing lucid dream in which, without needing assistance, I completed the design and prototype for the Thurim™ as a nonelectronic device. The simplicity of the solution marked an exciting design science breakthrough for PluribusOne™ because it would weigh less than a domino, have no moving parts, and be powered bio-electrically, neuronally. Before long, I produced a physical prototype without financial or engineering support. The challenge that remained, and remains today, is finding the right means through which to deliver the Thurim™ to the public. Its initial use will require training, which implies the need to create materials for instruction, a curriculum, and the establishment of something akin to a nonreligious wisdom school.

Meanwhile, in a recent lucid dream, on August 8, 2017, a Thurim™-related device appeared, this one equipped to enable deep meditation on the basic principles underlying the simpler original Thurim™ IA tool. I see the meditation device, which I have named The Cube of Space-Time-Mind™, as being a key to training people to use the Thurim™ by helping trigger the kind of “AHA! experience” that I have had periodically since my cosmic egg was cracked more than fifty years ago. Meditating on The Cube of Space-Time-Mind™ is also serving to expand my own insights toward further enhancement of the Noetitek™ technologies as well as enhanced and expanded articulation of the tenets of NoetiTaoism™. But keep in mind that while The Cube of Space-Time-Mind™ displays the full spectrum of foundational principles through which the Omniverse is constructed, it is not a representation of the most foundational edged geometric shape, which is the tetrahedron, although the Cube embodies the most foundational geometric figure of all: the sphere, which touches all six sides of the cube at their centers.

Pondering my vision of The Cube of Space-Time-Mind™, I was reminded of another esoteric cube, invented by occultist Paul Foster Case (1884-1954), which he called the “Cube of Space.” His cube, which I have known of for many years, is unique in that it associates the cube’s center point, axes, sides, and edges with the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet. At some point, I will re-examine the insights that Case—a prominent Freemason, re-interpreter of the tarot, and founder of a mystery school in 1923—expressed through his cube, and compare it to mine for possibly meaningful correspondences. Although Case’s cube is a logic-based contrivance, or synchronistic assemblage, rather than the product of direct revelation, it is grounded in traditional Kabbalah as aligned with Case’s disciplined perspective on how flows of primal energies create the material world.

Although now is not—for numerous reasons—the appropriate time to publish images of the Thurim™ prototype, or of The Cube of Space-Time-Mind™ model, the following will share six of the exciting new insights that have already arrived via the Cube:

First: The number of parallel universes is not infinite. Sir Isaac Newton was correct when he said: “Nature is pleased with simplicity…” (More remains to be disclosed about this.)

Second: The second dimension of Time, which is also the central dimension of Time, is only fully understandable in the largest context: as the generative central dimension of every universe in Omniverse.

Third: The first dimension of formative structure of Space-Time-Mind is an expression of masculine/initiating energy, but that dimension is not the first one emergent in Creation. The first, or core, dimension of Omniverse is the central dimension of Time, produced by preconscious Imagination as an Energy flowing from endless Nothing of Source through an ideation of movement toward Awareness of All and toward simultaneous assemblage of Omniverse. This core dimension, while not positioned as first in the structuring of Omniverse, is: (1) innermost, (2) realizes eternity, infinity, and the immortality of the One, and (3) carries all dyadic processing: masculine-feminine, push-pull, create-destroy, extropy-entropy, etc.

Fourth: Time is experienced by mortal forms in terms of past, present, and future, but Time also flows continuously in four additional directions—in effect, all directions. Mortal forms experience those further subtle flows but with limited personal conscious awareness in people born into most cultures today. Therefore, opportunities for intentional uses are rarely taken, and accidental moments of such awareness are regarded as anomalous phenomena.

Fifth: Despite the six-way time-flow of Omniverse, Time does not flow in any direction from the perspective of the All, in which Time is as if frozen, just as there is no time-flow within the Nothing. The six passages or directions of Time are present only within the Grand Illusion of Omniverse, wherein infinite entities (immortal souls) are having illusory mortal experiences of movement through an imagined multidimensional Reality.

Sixth: All travel is Time travel, and the distances between any two points is practically zero.


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