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Secret Society Synchronicity

October 5, 2017

Anyone who has been following this blog for the past eight years knows that I am not a “conspiracy theorist,” nor am I left- or right-wing-brand politically inspired or anti-government. However, as a philosopher and advocate of enhancing human perception through application of Noetitek™ in all arenas and tunnels of reality, toward maximizing quality of life experience, I am aware that the world is, and always has been, a hotbed of minor and major conspiracies as people pursue power over others, and that this activity is engaged in by essentially everyone some of the time. Where there is self-interest, competition, and different perspectives, the urge to conspire arises on every side. Which is not to say that all conspiracies are inspired by evil inclination. Although many are malevolent, the intent of conspirators is just as likely to be benign or benevolent. When Jesus of Nazareth said, “…if two of you on the earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done… For where two or three gather together in my name, there I am with them” (Matthew 18:19-20), he was describing conspiracy. Jesus was a revolutionary striving against oppressive government. “I did not come to bring peace, but a sword” (Matthew 10:34)—a nonviolent sword of spirit separating truth from lies (which is part of this blog’s mission).

I am also aware that personal consciousness is not entirely personal, that the dimensions of Consciousness described in various earlier posts are shared by all creatures, and that certain seemingly strange powers of mind are available according to the design of each life-form. Consciousness, or conscious awareness, is striated into levels, the highest of which is generally referred to as Higher Consciousness or Cosmic Consciousness. Psychiatrist Carl Jung called it the Collective Unconscious, a term I do not prefer because it implies that individual wells of consciousness reach up to connect with a collective when the opposite is more correct: individual consciousness is distributed from a “higher” source which is, paradoxically, born within. “Synchronicity,” another term coined by Jung, is a kind of inter-level telepathy achieved through exteriorized symbols and metaphors that can take any form and are recognizable or decodable by those who attune themselves to perceive them. Intensely emotion-charged situations or events produce powerful messages from among the higher levels of knowing. So, when I experience an unmistakable potent synchronicity, I take time to ponder its meaning which is often unambiguous and obvious.

In some prior posts I have shared some of my experiences with synchronicity. The synchronicity event that I experienced Monday, three days ago, involved a shocking news report of the random slaughter of more than fifty people and the injury of more than five-hundred others attending a music festival in Las Vegas, Nevada—”the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history.” The shooting took place Sunday evening, October 1st, from the 32nd floor of a hotel, room 32135. At 10:08 p.m., the time of the incident, I was reading a book I had purchased a long time ago but not begun to read until Sunday evening when I picked it out of a pile of unread books for no special reason. I often buy books that catch my eye and that I feel I will want to read sometime. I have dozens of them sitting in piles in my reading room waiting for the muse to move me. This book is titled Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, by Michael A. Hoffman II. Previously unknown to me, Hoffman is a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press who has gone on to investigate political and occult crime by decoding something he calls “twilight language.” I read through page 17 and set it aside.

Monday morning, after checking my email and seeing news reports at, I picked the book back up, read page 18 and was halfway through page 19 where I was stopped short by Hoffman’s mention of “massively publicized ‘lone nut’ mass murders”! The synchronistic connection was unmistakable and potent. The last time I read anything related to a “lone-nut” murder was months ago while researching the ideology of singer-songwriter John Lennon. Whether Hoffman discusses Lennon’s murder remains unknown to me, for now, as the book has no index and Lennon’s name does not appear in the Table of Contents. I will have to wait and see. Meanwhile, the following is an extract from the book that includes the above reference to lone nut mass murders. The bracketed material is mine:

“…The public have been trained to do this [treat money and consumer products as of foremost importance] by two principal methods: ‘direct speaking’ archetypal messages of pure terror (‘psychic driving’ as the CIA’s Dr. Ewan Cameron termed it), encoded in massively publicized ‘lone nut’ mass murders, and the sinister flattery heaped upon them [the members of the public] by their masters in the cult of civilization and progress.

“The acid test of a human being’s freedom and will to protect the quality of his life, lies in a person’s attitude toward his oppressor. What is modern man’s attitude toward Wall Street and the bankers, toward Dan Rather and the ignorance-bestowing media and advertising man, toward Lincoln and Truman, FDR and Reagan, George Bush and Johnny Carson, Exxon and Monsanto? [Modern man’s attitude has been adjusted to be supportive of his oppressor, as in cases of Stockholm Syndrome.]

“As one writer has observed, ‘The most amazing thing about the American people is that they are constantly defending their worst betrayers.’ Who then is the modern man? He is a mind-bombed patsy who gets his marching orders from ‘twilight language’ key words sprinkled throughout ‘his’ news and current events. Even as he dances to the tune of the elite managers of human behavior, he scoffs with great derision at the idea of the existence and operation of a technology of mass mind control emanating from the media and government. Modern man is much too smart [educated, enculturated, civilized] to believe anything as superstitious as that!

“Modern man is the ideal hypnotic subject: puffed up on the idea that he is the crown of creation, he vehemently denies the power of the hypnotist’s control over him…” [See Ingo Swann’s book Reality Boxes for details about mind control and social programming.]

Normally, I would at least finish a book before giving an unfamiliar author voice here—I am not endorsing Hoffman or the wholeness of his writing—but I do not want to delay bringing to the attention of my readers the certainty-by-synchronicity that this killer, Stephan Craig Paddock, was a mind-controlled instrument directed by ones Hoffman calls “puppet-masters.” As wild as that may seem, consider that Paddock’s actions were completely out-of-character, unexplainable by mystified—“dumbfounded”—family members and others. He also had no criminal history and no radical ideological affiliation, no apparent motive or inclination. As one news report said it: “He doesn’t fit the profile.” Selecting such a person to commit this heinous crime makes the whole incident even more terrifying for an already paranoid public because: the next mass-murdering gunman might be anyone from your own brother to Captain Kangaroo, and the puppet-masters’ societal manipulation game relies on destabilization.

Is there a further reason for such puppet-masters to choose Stephan Craig Paddock? Clue: Not many years ago, according to early reports, Paddock was reportedly an auditor at defense and aerospace company Lockheed Martin, a company found at the center of numerous UFO-related conspiracies and smokescreen disinformation over decades. In 2014 a former Lockheed Martin scientist said that there are UFOs and space aliens at Area 51. Similarly, a former Lockheed Martin CEO reportedly said on his deathbed that UFOs and ETs are real and that we have the technology “to take ET home.” Members of this corporation are deeply involved in above-top-secret Black Projects, and they have every leading-edge technology at their disposal, not limited to technologies related to aircraft design and propulsion systems. As an auditor (and pilot), Paddock would have had intimate knowledge of at least some confidential aspects of the organization beyond its financial records. Note that news reports by the time of this posting have been scrubbed to say that Paddock worked for an unnamed “defense contractor” way back in the 1980s and refer to him as a “retired accountant.”

Numerous facts presented by the media support the message of my synchronicity indicating that the attack was engineered by conspirators. The plan, I surmise, included Paddock’s death. Numerous clues link the incident to secret society occultism and conspiracy. I also see an occult connection to the congressional baseball practice “lone-gunman” (James Thomas Hodgkinson) shooting in June and conclude that the agenda is globalist and totalitarian: to disarm the American citizens by eliminating the Constitutional right to bear arms. Yet, as with Lee Harvey Oswald, Stephan Craig Paddock is put forth as a lone gunman with no collaborators or purpose, and, as with Oswald and Hodgkinson, no one gets to interrogate him.