Deep Water II

The prior post ended with the question of whether there are only alien bases inside this planet, or a full-scale civilization. Until I applied my UFOmetry™ system to the UFO enigma—a system unbound by blinkering paradigms, use of which helps synchronize what the late philosopher, Robert Anton Wilson, called “reality tunnels,” a term even more accurate than Ingo Swann’s “reality boxes”—I had considered the notion of an inner-Earth civilization a crazy one of the highest order. However, the presence of alien bases always seemed logical, even likely, because I attributed the UFOs I had seen and read about as carrying extraterrestrial visitors to and from planets in other star systems. In more recent years, books by erudite authors such as Timothy Good support the apparent truth of such bases. Our visitors need to camp somewhere safe from detection by spy satellites. But the idea that another branch of humanity, humanoids, and/or non-human bipeds are resident underground seemed illogical, nonsense.

During the winter of 1965-66, on the heels of the Great Northeast Blackout of November 1965, not coincidentally, representatives from NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena) gave a lecture at a church in Hyde Park. I quietly joined in NICAP’s effort to gather information on UFOs by helping investigate citizen reports that were being made daily. The Chairman of New York State’s Subcommittee Four was one William D. Donovan. Despite philosophical and personality differences, Bill and I were the effective core of a local team that included several others who drifted in and out of the program or tagged along out of curiosity. It was not until many years later that I learned something that seems obvious now: that we were gathering intelligence for the NSA-CIA, which continue to bar access to the best files we developed. My NICAP involvement was unofficial due to my father’s employment at IBM, and his role in local politics—Bobby Kennedy, in person, endorsed dad’s campaign for Councilman in Hyde Park. “Respectable people” shunned the subject and were among those most traumatized when they had a close encounter; many shared their experiences with only a single, most trusted, friend. My father withheld from me his own close encounter episode, in the 1930s, until shortly before his death. Many profound encounters have occurred in Hyde Park during the past century, yet not one has been included in any of the numerous UFO books.

Despite potential family embarrassment, I was eager to pursue knowledge about objects like the one my mother and I had seen in July 1964, hoping to discover the truth about this politically-incorrect, culture-threatening, tabooed phenomenon (see “A Meta-Shift Anniversary,” July 2017, “Analysis: Willy Ley on UFOs,” September 2015, and others). Early on in our working together, there was a conversation with Donovan and my father in our family’s living room where Bill showed us a blue-on-white mimeograph copy of a thesis that included in its title the words: Hollow Earth. This crudely reproduced document, of which he had just the one copy, had come down to him from higher up in the NICAP organization—retired Marine Corps naval aviator Major Donald E. Kehoe, I believe, with whom Donovan was in frequent contact. However, having already jumped to the seemingly obvious conclusion that these otherworldly objects were carrying visitors from outer space, my indoctrinated opinion instantly rejected the Hollow Earth Theory as a possible source of the UFOs that were buzzing around the planet like hornets from a whacked nest.

Bill never mentioned the Hollow Earth Theory again, and I gave it no further thought until almost thirty years later when my UFOmetry™ system produced results pointing to voluminous covert comings and goings from inside Earth which, together with other telling factors, formed a body of evidence indicating either a substantially hollow Earth or a greatly-honeycombed planet. The agenda of some “visitors”—perhaps inner-Earthers—is, or includes at its heart, the transformation of surface-dwelling humanity both culturally and biologically. Evidence is overwhelming and far from limited to my personal experiences and research findings. A lot of highly-credentialed credible veteran investigators have provided stronger evidence than a court of law would need to prove the validity of their assemblages of parts of the “alien” visitation puzzle. Famous British scientist and polymath, Sir Edmond Halley (1656-1742), whose work has passed the test of centuries of time, was first to present the Western world information signifying Earth is “hollow” (see “The Last Portrait of Edmond Halley,” June 2010). David Michael Jacobs who, like me, has been studying the UFO phenomenon since 1966, has focused his efforts on sorting down carefully extracted UFO-abduction-related data to learn and share alien agenda insights, including disturbing evidence of human-alien hybridization and a “hubrid” presence, a topic deemed too “far out” for many people to consider, although Jacobs, a university professor, is highly intelligent, credentialed, and credible.

One strength of UFOmetry™ is its ability to facilitate production of profound collations of data. To solve a complex mystery, small puzzle pieces often need to be connected over time before a larger picture can begin to emerge. This effort is made difficult by governing entities already having a grasp of a bigger picture as these controllers work to withhold as many of certain kinds of puzzle pieces as possible for the purpose of impeding independent discovery while they work in secrecy to address the situation in their own time and manner, and with minimal disruption of social order (by debunking, generating disinformation, and perpetrating hoaxes). For example, the most dramatic UFO encounter Donovan and I shared remains under wraps to this day, fifty-two years later. I asked myself: What in the report of a “dogfight” between a small twin-engine prop-driven aircraft and a large gravity-defying flying saucer in 1966 could be so important? As a puzzle piece, what picture would it help assemble? There are actually at least three pictures that are impeded by withholding that particular encounter from the public, but here I will point out one: The flying disc was first spotted by the Vassar College observatory when the object was hovering nearby the then all-female campus on an evening during spring semester. Days before, a UFO flap (raft of sightings), clustered around the vernal equinox, had flared-up in Michigan, including the New Woman’s Dormitory at Hillsdale College on March 21. Why would nighttime UFOs be attracted to high-density housing populated entirely by young female humans? How many similar occurrences have been investigated and covered-up?

Consider this as well: right now, there are nearly 100,000 people listed as missing in the United States alone. The gender division is about 50-50. Past statistics have shown about 50,000 missing persons each year—a thousand per state per year, on average. When airplanes and boats go missing with all occupants aboard it rarely escapes our attention, especially when reports over time continue to inform us of the fact of their absence. We pay less attention to missing individuals, unless they are public figures or someone we know. Numerous explanations for vanishings apply, but some of these mysterious disappearances, and deaths, clearly involve the “UFO Phenomenon,” despite official cover-ups and denials. Thousands of military aircraft have been lost to confrontations with UFOs (see the July 2013 post: “Secret Saucer War?” and “Analysis: Flight 370 Mystery,” August 2015.) Yet, to the extent that the interactions can be interpreted as warfare, it is mostly a Cold War. In fact, there is good evidence that the intruders do not desire mass destruction of Earth collateral. Declassified government files show that they have been active at our nuclear sites since at least 1948 and up to present day, and they have repeatedly demonstrated their ability to deactivate our weapon systems. Note that during the aerial “combat” in which I participated in 1966, although the flying disc flew at us repeatedly in a threatening manner, it could have easily knocked us out of the air and into the Hudson River but chose otherwise. Inner-Earth residents would be as concerned about damaging and destroying the planet as surface-dwellers. Maybe that is why UFO occupants are so often seen collecting soil and water samples—to test the quality.

In one case I am aware of, during the 1980s, an IBM employee reported having been abducted along a highway here in the Mid-Hudson Valley. He said he asked his abductors where they were from, and they responded: “from here.” This response has been interpreted to mean: from a parallel universe, or from the future, but it might, more simply, have meant: from here-and-now Earth, inner-Earth.

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