About PluribusOne™

In 1991, Alan Eastwood, owner of PluribusOne™ Consulting, LLC, left a 20-year career in banking to pursue childhood dreams, one of which was to discover something that could help people live happier, more productive, and more fulfilling lives. Two years later, he unexpectedly discovered the “language of nature,” a master pattern set that is found everywhere, having correspondences in both mental and tangible human constructs as well as within naturally occurring phenomena. First and foremost, he is a natural philosopher and Gnostic although some have used the terms: philosopher-practitioner, metaphysician,  independent New Scientist, and  systems theorist.

This language-of-nature master pattern set, Eastwood realized, could be made to serve as a kind of meta-Rosetta Stone, toward gaining a better understanding of anything because everything is an extension of this resonant repetitive patterning, a fact that is most readily verified by physical demonstrations in the field of Cymatics, as well as Harmonography. This insight and its application became recognized by an international science organization which published his research papers during the 1990s. He has since established the new noetic science of Enhanced Human Perception™ (EHP) to shape an ongoing vision for technological implementation.  

Pursuing the vision of EHP full-time—taking what Buckminster Fuller called “unpatronized designer initiative”1—Alan has continued to research, test, and expand a core technology to harness this new knowledge in the form of a process to help scientists, clinical psychologists, and executives solve problems, generate ideas, and identify opportunities. The technology and service, called Noetitek™ connects a continually expanding list of decoded scalar pattern correspondences together with various Transpersonal Psychology techniques in order to better utilize the whole brain and all facets of human intelligence.

1. Page 23 of Fuller’s 1963 book: Ideas and Integrities.