Our E-Services

There are now more than two-hundred posts in this blog that demonstrate the efficacy of the Noetitek™ system. Numerous pages of background information and sales-type data are included and accessible from the home page.

We first wish to make clear that there is NO CHARGE for questions you email us to learn more about our services. We try to put everything that we think a prospective client may need to know right at the weblog site, which is a free-access site, but if you have questions the address is: eastwood@PluribusOne.com.

Like many consulting firms, we perform some consulting services by email. PluribusOne™ does it in a way that is safe, secure, confidential, personalized, and economical. Some consultants offer pre-arranged telephone consultations and telephonic conference-calls or personal training sessions by phone. We do none of that, and here is why:

1. It is difficult, especially in a global environment, for both parties to commit to a specific time to talk without interruption, and when you are spending hundreds of dollars for a telephone call, the last thing you want is outside interference or a last minute snafu.

2. Neither party can know whether a whole hour is needed, although it often is. In any case, charging a minimum one-hour fee seems to us like a harsh way to treat an important client, and every client is important. In other words, how can either party know the value exchange will be fair?

3. If a pre-paid one-hour block is permitted to be broken up into chunks of time, it can be become a time-management and record-keeping nightmare on both ends, and broken blocks tend to be less productive than extended conversations.

4. It is unlikely that we can provide our best service “off the cuff” because we do not supply stock answers or offer cookbook solutions to anything, which is pretty much what clients get who use telephone consultations. Consider the last time you called your attorney for advice versus the last time you asked that person for a written opinion—the tailored written opinion, or pre-printed general advisory bulletin, is always more informative and useful, even when it contains a lot of boilerplate and exceeds your need.

5. You have no record of the content of the exchange unless you tape the call or take notes while also trying to formulate your thoughts and respond to our questions, etcetera. It does not work well except for standard questions and pat answers, which is not the business we are in. By the time you hang up you may have more questions than useful information. This does not make for happy campers.

6. Like you, we need time to sleep and the most frequent time-slots requested are for late at night. Late night is when we do much of our uninterrupted research.

7. We could do pre-recorded topical information sessions by telephone, but we feel the approach is too impersonal, presumptive, and condescending. We may, however, at some point offer downloadable video presentations on select matters.

8. We are not multi-lingual but we do have tools to translate written messages, and many who have expressed an interest in our work live outside of the USA in countries such as Germany, Russia, Japan, and Portugal, among others.

Here is how our e-source support works:

We begin by performing an “Enterprise Direction Assessment.” The EDA™ is three to five pages long, emailed to you in MS-Word or PDF format, whichever you prefer—and print-out enabled. You may find that the EDA™ supplies everything you need for now. If not, it provides an excellent place to begin discussing specific matters that you want to address. Depending on your needs, arrangements for ongoing assistance may continue to be handled online or in person.

Contact us at: eastwood@PluribusOne.com for more information.


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