The following list is an aggregation and summary of  hundreds of accomplishments marking our successful application of the perception-enhancing Noetitek™ system:

  1. Invented the world’s first (non-electronic) Intelligence Augmentation (IA) device and established a service to help any person or project team achieve Enhanced Human Perception™ and a sharper edge in any arena.
  2. Invented twenty-six amazing mind-tools having endless applications.
  3. Designed a system to conserve freshwater and control floodwaters at sites such as Devils Lake, ND.
  4. Supplied a down-to-earth explanation for the Nazca Lines in Peru.
  5. Made a compelling argument for the authenticity of lead codices discovered in Jordan.
  6. Provided an unbiased analysis of the Gnostic Gospel of Judas.
  7. Decoded three ancient houses of worship that revealed the ancient roots of Christianity.
  8. Shed new light on the mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau in France as well as on the enigmatic Indus Valley Script.
  9. Developed a new perspective on the Shroud of Turin.
  10. Produced breakthrough analyses of Renaissance artworks by Botticelli, Caravaggio, Da Vinci, Durer, Holbein, Michelangelo, Raphael, and van Eyck, as well as others such as Goya.
  11. Solved the mystery of Bornholm Isle in the Baltic Sea.
  12. Analyzed books such as Fulcanelli’s Le Mystere de Cathedrales, Dan Brown’s The DaVinci Code, Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol, Capra’s The Web of Life, Fuller’s Aliens in the Skies, Hancock’s Fingerprints of the Gods, Thompson’s Pacific Shift, Pearce’s The Biology of Transcendence, Farrell’s Manifesting Michelangelo, Casti’s Paradigms Lost and Paradigms Regained, Koestler’s The Case of the Midwife Toad, Hawking’s The Grand Design, Robert Norris’ The Manhattan Project, Hoagland’s Dark Mission, Ronson’s The Men Who Stare at Goats, Stout’s The Sociopath Next Door, Burroughs’ The Law of Agreement, Farrell’s Saucers, Swastikas, and Psyops, and writings of Philip K. Dick.
  13. Revealed the flaws in Wassily Kandinsky’s conceptualization of form and color.
  14. Discovered a long lost element of the design of the Sphinx in Egypt.
  15. Removed the ages-old obstacle to “squaring the circle.”
  16. Put a spotlight on the last portrait of Edmond Halley that revealed his highest priority as a scientist.
  17. Answered Einstein’s call for the formulation of a cosmic religion.
  18. Generated awareness regarding the “politics of pattern perception.”
  19. Provided insights into the hidden aspects and agendas, or focused revelations, of filmmakers such as Altman, Amenabar, Campion, Carney, Coen, Cronenberg, Crowe, Ferguson, Hopkins, Jarmusch, Jeunet & Caro, Kelly, Kieslowski, Kubrick, Lynch, Nolan, Paltrow, Podeswa, Polanski, Proyas, Scott, Soderbergh, and Spielberg through analyses/reviews of their films.
  20. Analyzed the architecture of structures such as the Cathedral of Notre Dame at Paris, France.
  21. Solved the riddle of Venus de Milo.
  22. Discovered and cured the incompleteness of the ancient card system known as the Tarot.
  23. Invented a new genre of art: “meta-naturalism,” and Noetitek House Art™, and made related contributions to the interrelated fields of interior design, colorology, and chromotherapy.
  24. Conclusively identified the subject of the Mona Lisa painting.
  25. Created the design for a nine-dimensional sphere.
  26. Opened a new pathway to understanding the phenomenon of synesthesia.
  27. Pioneered “discovery engineering,” enabling scientific discoveries to be more intentional.
  28. Offered a new formula for winning in any arena.
  29. Developed “Problem Theory.”
  30. Assessed the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.
  31. Debunked Pareto’s 80/20 “Principle.”
  32. Studied problem-solving behaviors toward supporting the making of optimal business decisions.
  33. Tracked trends related to human perception and popular truisms.
  34. Probed the limits of mathematical reasoning and meta-theoretical principles such as Ockham’s Razor.
  35. Identified obstacles to progress such as the “threshold of disbelief,” reluctance to meet the challenge to change and innovate, and uncreative habits of thinking.
  36. Broke ground for a global economic solution, provided new insights into the related cycles of Nature, and identified pitfalls to understanding and anticipating changes.
  37. Assessed the completeness of journalistic questioning.
  38. Defined ten distinct types of believing.
  39. Reported on Peter Drucker’s faulty thinking with respect to mapping modern economic history and, separately, debunked econophysics success claims.
  40. Published critiques of popular and obscure meta-tools and why they do not and can not produce the high-quality full-spectrum results available through using Noetitek™ tools.
  41. Developed a “Choice Factor Assessment” for prospective investors in real estate.
  42. Identified barriers to development of better and cheaper energy sources.
  43. Outlined a way to facilitate worldwide “intercultural competence.”
  44. Identified barriers to better storytelling and the keys to overcoming them, including the full spectrum of storytelling elements.
  45. Dissected the the concept, definition, meaning, and elements of love and the effect on relationships of confusion about the meaning of love.
  46. Examined the veracity of the popular Law of Attraction and put it into perspective with respect to other metaphysical laws.
  47. Developed a “pattern for human development” based on the full spectrum of natural laws.
  48. Created a unique intelligence quiz to enable identifying the top 1% of the population in terms of IQ.
  49. Devised a taxonomy for learning behavior to replace Benjamin Bloom’s deficient classification system.
  50. Decoded numerous secret signs, symbols, and names.
  51. Constructed a new system for personality-typing.
  52. Analyzed the Voynich Manuscript and developed a theory about its construction and purpose.
  53. Deciphered crop circles in Indonesia.
  54. Assessed experiments performed by quantum physicists and their claim to be able to alter the past.
  55. Shared insights into the structure and functioning of Omniverse, including explanations of such things as gravity.
  56. Discovered an 8th and 9th chakra and that the heart chakra is dual/binary.
  57. Concluded that the Urim and Thummin of the Israelites were parts of a psychotronic technology that used natural principles for divinatory purposes.
  58. Presented insights into the UFO phenomenon in general, the “crash at Roswell,” government secrecy and disclosure, shortcomings of the established approach to research, and an introduction to an approach that has proved highly productive.
  59. Examined the subject of astrology and evidence supporting it as scientific.
  60. Developed an alternative view of history in light of discoveries related to secret societies in Europe and America.
  61. Developed a philosophical hierarchy of musical vibrations related to the dimensions of Omniverse.
  62. Analyzed the Kybalion as published a century ago and discovered that it is incomplete and contains errors.
  63. Drafted a comparison of alchemical elements to the Renaissance conceptualizing of spirit entities and to the creation story of the Book of Genesis.
  64. Solved the “23 enigma.”
  65. Answered the question of whether we went to the Moon.
  66. Revealed the true nature and purpose of the self, the soul, and human life in general, including revealing the structure of the soul.
  67. Examined the matter of morality and “default program emotions.”
  68. Reexamined Freud’s conceptualizing of a tripartite mind and, separately, presented our model for the tripartite soul.
  69. Introduced and provided evidence for previously unknown aspects of world history and Western religions.
  70. Debunked the idea that the world is ending in December, 2012.
  71. Discovered the interactive process of the dimensions of Time and their relationship to consciousness.
  72. Introduced the concept of innovating “innovation.”
  73. Formulated a completely new hypothesis regarding the “alien abduction” phenomenon.
  74. Proposed a global emphasis on a fifth force of politics.
  75. Offered our services to governments toward resolving barriers to global peace.
  76. Offered our services to certain agencies on a pro bono basis.
  77. Discovered a meta-language that serves as a kind of Rosetta Stone.
  78. Uncovered a connection between schizophrenia, OCD/OCPD, autism, and high-creative functioning.
  79. Discovered a “seventh sense.”
  80. Brought to light a long-suppressed cure for drug addiction.
  81. Found evidence supporting the alchemical conceptualizing of ancient Greeks and its correlation with specific brainwave frequencies.
  82. Identified keys to self-motivation and the motivation of others.
  83. Formulated a method for quitting smoking.
  84. Discovered a cure for Type II Diabetes.
  85. Clarified how the past can be effectively changed.
  86. Discerned the nature of music in terms of its functioning through the dimensions of mind, time, and space.
  87. Expanded the understanding of memes, their roots in “primal software,” and new applications.
  88. Discovered that Beethoven’s symphonies can be used to enhance specific kinds of awareness and strengthen particular mental abilities.
  89. Formulated a sensible, fair, and realistic approach to real estate/property valuation.
  90. Invented a new form of poetry.
  91. Analyzed poetic writings of, for example, Dante Alighieri, Dylan Thomas, and T. S. Eliot.
  92. Made a case for the fact that consensus is anti-science.
  93. Garnered new insights into quantum reality and its dream-like infinite nature, including the formative process of matter, overcoming Heisenberg’s “uncertainty principle,” and entropy/ ephemeralization.
  94. Found answers to numerous metaphysical questions via the NoetiTaoist™ philosophy, including the three “impossible questions.”
  95. Concluded that there is only one true law of logic.
  96. Revealed that Nietzsche’s “will to power” theory is erroneous.
  97. Examined and made adjustments to P. D. Ouspensky’s conceptualizing with respect to human beings.
  98. Reconciled the conundrum: Does like beget like or do opposites attract?
  99. Examined the reality of Elementals.
  100. Solved Zeno’s paradoxes.
  101. Identified the Saturn Myth as an allegory for the Creation process and shared other new insights into the occult significance, meaning, and nature of Saturn.
  102. Captured and articulated the elusive Theory of Everything and explored the truth about Nothing.
  103. Scientificated panpsychism.
  104. Discovered and named a fourth “dantian.”
  105. Formulated a new philosophy for the Aquarian Age and published a multi-part Primer.
  106. Replaced Descartes’ flawed “method of doubt” with the Noetitek™ Method for Determining Truth.
  107. Constructed a conceptual bridge between objectivity and subjectivity.
  108. Erased the “para” from paranormal.
  109. Scrutinized biorhythmics, found it to be valid, and discovered cycles beyond the familiar three.
  110. Assessed and expanded Dr. Leary’s model of consciousness.
  111. Validated interspecies communication and provided support for further research and development.
  112. Developed the concept and protocols for implementing Selective Quantum Disentanglement™.
  113. Explained the phenomenon of Déjà vu.
  114. Intersected Noetitek™ and the enneagram to devise such things as Psyche-Persona-Typing™.
  115. Confirmed the validity of kokology and devised a way to apply it to making personality changes.
  116. Created new concepts and coined related terms such as Inverse Psychology™, Psychosynchrony™, and Noetitek™ Intelligence Augmentation™.
  117. Established a new perspective on OCD/OCPD.
  118. Determined the reality of telesomatic abilities.
  119. Developed a Matrix of Essential Questions™ and intersected it with the I Ching.
  120. Evaluated “Assagioli’s Egg” and found it incomplete and flawed.
  121. Assembled a new “hierarchy of needs” that surpasses Maslow’s.
  122. Discovered  links between specific universal emotions, foci of consciousness, and basic  human motivations.
  123. Deciphered and decoded various signs, symbols, and other secrets pertinent to secret societies and hidden history.
  124. Shed new light on old truths related to ancient scriptures, including the Ten Commandments and phrases such as “…through a glass darkly.”
  125. Revealed the truth about the alleged “Fall of Man.”
  126. Decoded the meaning and deep significance of the Jewish dreidel.
  127. Debunked Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and presented the correct alternative.
  128. Discovered a direct connection between the structure of human DNA and the structure of Omniverse.
  129. Critiqued “common sense.”
  130. Conceptualized and described the Vortex of Omniverse.
  131. Identified “formulaic thinking” as the greatest cognitive impediment to gaining a better understanding of anything.
  132. Appraised Dr. Kozyrev’s Time Theory.
  133. Identified two kinds/levels of magnetism.
  134. Presented precautions for new scientists seeking funding for research.
  135. Discovered a second proof of Omniversal unity.
  136. Discovered evidence for the idea that all living organisms are extensions of consciousness.
  137. Revealed the nine-dimensionality of the atom.
  138. Found the hidden symmetry in the asymmetrical  Omniverse.
  139. Found scientific evidence for the idea that consciousness has substance and ascertained its structure.
  140. Identified the Philosopher’s Stone.
  141. Paved the way for time travel by locating a fifth-dimensional “passageway” and discussed the mechanism for “reverse time travel” including dispelling some popular myths.
  142. Discovered the long-sought Primal Number.
  143. Formulated the “Multidimensionality and Turbulence Theory” of Omniverse.
  144. Conducted experiments with psychologists and developed psychotherapeutic applications for Noetitek™.
  145. Discovered evidence for the presence of an invisible gland in the human body.
  146. Compared the philosophy of monistic idealism to NoetiTaoism™ and showed that the latter eclipses and surpasses the former.
  147. Unraveled and revealed the truth about causality.
  148. Decoded Donatello’s bronze statue, David, and discovered a link to a 4,500-year-old statuette, the larger result of which is a new perpective on and understanding of the Renaissance.
  149. Reconciled Philosophy with Reality by showing that the core questions philosophers face correlate with the nine dimensions of Omniverse and are best answered by NoetiTaoism™.
  150. Defined “superposition” in the context of our Theory of Everything.
  151. Performed an in-depth examination and critique of Aristotle’s “entelechy.”
  152. Identified a marker to aid the early detection of certain cancers.
  153. Raised new questions about the space program’s official history and added new insights into the ideology driving NASA.
  154. Explained the nature of Consciousness and why it is not a side-effect of biological processing. As part of this, presented a challenge to neuroscientists to search for a God organelle.
  155. Shared the NoetiTaoist™ perspective on the Cathar-Catholicism controversy.
  156. Examined the correspondences among: Abraxas, Tetraktys, Tetragrammaton, and the NoetiTao™-based theory of Omniversal multidimensionality.
  157. Examined and added the Metu Neter to core resource material of the Noetitek™ system.
  158. Reframed the philosophy of Epictetus as a widespread disease and modified Plato’s “law of identity.”
  159. Presented the results of our study of tokens, totems, and talismans.
  160. Affirmed the reality of mind over physical well-being and remote healing.
  161. Reexamined the life, beliefs, and significance of heretic-hero Giordano Bruno.
  162. Investigated Stanley Kubrick’s apparent clandestine filmmaking for NASA, and the likelihood that Apollo 12 was hoaxed.
  163. Analyzed and reported on the nature and significance of MICE.
  164. Conducted an extensive study of the story of Our Lady of Fatima, the secrets, and the related controversy and supplied some fresh insights into her identity, message, and intentions.
  165. Debunked the Butterfly Effect and Chaos Theory.
  166. Addressed the problem of parking lot accidents with a lot design solution.
  167. Modified and upgraded the “Chapel Perilous” meme.
  168. Explained education vis-à-vis intelligence.
  169. Shed new light on the life and death of Vincent van Gogh.
  170. Solved the so-called “quantum enigma.”
  171. Reexamined and provided a new perspective on the Roanoke Mystery, including La Virginea Pars map.
  172. Presented the NoetiTaoist™ perspective on “the meaning of Life,” and on Jesus of Nazareth.
  173. Made a case for Jesus having been a liberal humanist.
  174. Examined the phenomenon of mass whale suicides.
  175. Promoted the virtue of periodically revisiting and reconsidering past failed ideas.
  176. Decoded and explained the first sentence of the Book of Genesis.
  177. Reviewed the case of Piltdown Man and the continuing problem of unscientific biases among some scientists.
  178. Reviewed R. A. Wilson’s “Maybe Logic” and supported the insight that science and mysticism are complementary.
  179. Demonstrated the predictive power of the Noetitek™ system.
  180. Created a set of body-mind exercises called Taiji of NoetiTao™ to facilitate connection with the One.
  181. Explored the meaning of “color of time” and revealed that Time can be associated with a particular sequence of colors.
  182. Shared the continuing flow of evidence for past locations of the Ark of the Covenant.
  183. Addressed the question: Will time ever stop?
  184. Compared Buddhism to NoetiTaoism™ and presented the Four Fundamental Realizations of NoetiTaoism™.
  185. Reassessed the collected works of Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky and reinterpreted his conclusions.
  186. Presented fresh insights into the lives and contributions of famous artists, architects, and scientists.
  187. Analyzed and revealed previously undiscovered secrets hidden in Mormon founder Joseph Smith’s ring and his “Jupiter Talisman,” a unique amulet and psychotronic device.
  188. Revealed secrets about invisible colors and the priesthood of Moses.
  189. Shared speculations on the alleged clandestine use of inaudible subliminal messages.
  190. Explained why death is not a punishment from God or heartless process of indifferent Nature.
  191. Developed a fresh new theory to explain The Black Dahlia murder case.
  192. Made a case for President Warren G. Harding’s having been murdered.
  193. Presented information showing that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by a secret society cabal.
  194. Analyzed the Great Serpent Mound and discovered a richness of information previously unrecognized.
  195. Designed and promoted development of a nationwide network of Financial Services Assistance Centers.
  196. Analyzed and offered an explanation for the mysterious “Cat Haven” lion attack in California.
  197. Answered the ages-old question: Why does the world exist?
  198. Colorized the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.
  199. Clarified and expanded the meaning of “eudaimonia” and related matters.
  200. Investigated the so-called Solfeggio Frequencies and found that the concept does not comport with the Noetitek™ system.
  201. Formulated a new theory on the Lindbergh baby kidnapping that answers all of the questions and explains the enigmatic elements that have eluded expert crime investigators for more than eighty years.
  202. Discovered the hidden purpose of the ancient meta-tool called The Cube.
  203. Located the lost continent of Atlantis.
  204. Resolved the inspiration-vs.-motivation debate by showing that the two function as parts of one process.
  205. Presented the Noetitek™-based non-Darwinian explanation for the existence of flowering plants.
  206. Discovered, investigated, and corrected a flaw in the design of Solomon’s Temple.
  207. Provided clarification on cleromancy, including the use of lots and dominoes as “bones,” emphasizing that validity of readings depends on the user.
  208. Amended Dr. Robert Lindner’s “Triad of Limitations” by adding Perceptual Abilities as a circle to surround his triangle.
  209. Determined the intelligence role of each of the three dimensions of Consciousness, each aspect of Omniversal Mind.
  210. Defined and described the Self, the soul, in the context of our NoetiTaoism™ and Theory of Everything.
  211. Affirmed the reality of near-death experiences and suggested a new pathway for future NDE research.
  212. Resolved the determinism-vs.- free will debate by explaining the oxymoronic truth of both.
  213. Provided fresh insights into the history and significance of the biblical Magi.
  214. Responded to the flawed theory of Biocentrism.
  215. Expanded the symbolism and significance of the “blue rose” and designated the 5th chakra as The Blue Rose Chakra.
  216. Determined twelve reasons why people join anything, which opens insights into ways that organizations can expand their memberships and attract more productive members.
  217. Devised an approach to sidestepping barriers to global unity.
  218. Interpreted the 2014-2015 Blood Moon Tetrad.
  219. Promoted demolecularization of toxic waste as the way to end soil, water, and air pollution.
  220. Interpreted the 2014 Cardinal Grand Cross astrological alignment.
  221. Examined and defended Human Enhancement initiatives.
  222. Prepared a call to action regarding government court corruption.
  223. Analyzed the conjoined symbolism of the Grail, the Rose, and the Cross.
  224. Shared anecdotal information to encourage people to project healing intentions daily.
  225. Revealed the European Renaissance as a flawed yet necessary bridge-like paradigm for the evolution of western civilization in its quest for higher knowledge.
  226. Posited that there is a New Renaissance underway that began at least a half-century ago, one centered on rebirth of humankind on a more fundamental and forward-focused level and described its significance.
  227. Introduced PluribusOne™’s cornerstone for the New Renaissance.
  228. Analyzed and reported on the Japanese art of reflection known as Naikan.
  229. Gave an argument and testimony for the power of placebos and what this power reveals about the nature of human beings.
  230. Presented a Noetitek™-based explanation of artificial intelligence and its limits compared to human intelligence capabilities.
  231. Made a metaphysical connection between pentatonic energizing in music and a similar effect in visual art.
  232. Established the relevance and usefulness of the Noetitek™ system in the field of medicine/healing with respect to the negative effect of a focus on personal mortality and the benefit of “enlightened detachment” through connection with higher consciousness.
  233. Explained how creational vibrations operative through the color spectrum can be harnessed to heal anything because while Einstein revealed that the “one substance” expresses through both matter and energy, the Noetitek™ system reveals that the “one substance” also expresses as consciousness.
  234. Explained how the musical scale corresponds to the human chakras such that the tone associated with the ninth chakra can be used to intentionally commune with the Higher Self.
  235. Revealed that earlier philosophers failed to understand the fact and functioning of “free will” because they lacked knowledge of the nature and structure of Consciousness which has been described and mapped through our use of Noetitek™.
  236. Presented better evidence of the reality of an alien UFO presence─flying discs over Washington, DC in 1952─for which the alleged Roswell Crash serves as a powerful obfuscating distraction.
  237. Analyzed and identified the statue known as Barefoot Kate, which stands in the gardens at the Frederick Vanderbilt estate in Hyde Park, New York, while also shedding some light on the occult interests of the grandson of railroad magnate Cornelius Vanderbilt.
  238. Demonstrated that the Great Pyramid is actually nine-sided and was intended to be an expression in stone of the Creator and of the primary metaphysical principles (Elohim).
  239. Decoded the symbol above the entrance to the “lost tomb” where some researchers allege that Jesus of Nazareth was buried with family members.
  240. Presented a criticism of certain biblical writings by King Solomon─not Yahweh/God─and offered a revised version that would better serve humanity.
  241. Provided a comparison of Gnosticism to NoetiTaoism™.
  242. Examined synchronicity in light of our NoetiTaoism™ and concluded that it is not acausal.
  243. Offered the structure of Noetitek™ as the Language of Nature as evidence for the factuality of The Great Language sought by earlier philosophers.
  244. Used Noetitek™ to examine the biblical Exodus story as allegory, and offered a new understanding of its meaning and universal importance.
  245. Presented a new interpretation of the declassified UFO events where nuclear missile launch facilities were shut down by the apparently alien presence.
  246. Analyzed the latest assertions of cutting-edge scientists regarding Consciousness, pointed out flaws in their conceptualizing, and supplied missing insights.
  247. Solved key mysteries surrounding the ancient cave paintings.
  248. Shared a proven method for conducting a simple self-examination that provides powerful support for personal success.
  249. Answered the question: How is it possible for the All of Creation to emerge from out of nothing?
  250. Identified and explained a misguided cultural-religious over-emphasis on human bloodlines.
  251. Further narrowed the gap between science and religion through revealing the true nature of the Trinity.
  252. Explained that Consciousness is an omnipresence and that perception and creation are two sides of the same coin.
  253. Explained the multidimensionality of mind.
  254. Compared our grasp of multidimensionality to that of scientists, kabbalists, and theologians.
  255. Employed synchronicity to determine that the Philly Amtrak derailment was an act of sabotage and not an accident.
  256. Explained UFO experiences in terms of occult initiation into an expanded rabbit-hole reality.
  257. Shared our discovery of patterns and related information in the Bible through use of our unique approach to decoding.
  258. Shared our assessment that The Book of the Secrets of Enoch is a book containing limited disclosure.
  259. Presented our conclusions regarding the Flight 370 mystery.
  260. Analyzed the Crucifixion and made discoveries, including that Jesus considered King David a prophet.
  261. Discovered and revealed that the most primary color is red and that this has apparently been long known in freemasonry.
  262. Provided expanded information from our earlier analysis of Raphael’s “The Three Graces” painting.
  263. Presented our case for Willy Ley having been a leading government disinformation agent with respect to UFOs.
  264. Supplied insights into the validity, usage, nature, and possible origin of Joseph Smith’s seer stone.
  265. Analyzed the Mystery of Shemitah book and DVD and concluded that the author did not make his case for the idea that God is using Shemitahs to punish the USA for its sins.
  266. Compared the mediocre answers of philosophers to a list of survey questions to our answers.
  267. Compared the NoetiTaoist™ perspective on the Sermon on the Mount to that of J. G. Bennett and found substantial similarity.
  268. Published annual reports on blog activity.
  269. Explained why New Year’s resolutions are so often soon abandoned and how to fix that.
  270. Clarified our definition of Omniverse vis-à-vis that of other author-philosophers.
  271. Reported on mainstream science’s progress in catching up to our assertion that energy-matter gravitational waves are emitted from Black Holes.
  272. Provided the true definition of “archetype” and discussed its correspondence with the term “archangel” and with the multidimensional superstructure of Omniverse.
  273. Cleared-up the popular misconception that when one ignores a synchronicity-signpost the right road ahead becomes closed. It does not.
  274. Compared Neville Goddard’s metaphysical system to NoetiTaoism™ with regard to its usage in manifesting “miracles.”
  275. Solved the mystery of the Liahona with respect to its operation and, as a result of that, located the place where Lehi of the Book of Mormon landed in what is now South America.
  276. Invented the Law of Congruities that is similar to the Law of Correspondences but unique to expression of Noetitek™ concepts.
  277. Explained the true meaning of the nursery rhyme: Humpty Dumpty.

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  1. Bill Flynn Says:

    It seems that you have accomplished more than one half of the items in my bucket list. Good Work!

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