Intelligence Vendor

Although the term “intelligence vendor” originally applied to those who perform research and provide knowledgeable assessments in the form of reports, it has come to be applied to companies that develop Information Technology (IT) products and services, such as software to manage data and support development and control of information. By comparison PluribusOne™ Consulting does not sell software—the Noetitek™ system is not AI or IA software. Only the basic framework of our system is software-based, and that proprietary package is not available for licensing.

Most intelligence vendors today are focused on “reducing”: ephemeralizing, scaling down, compressing, compacting, channeling. By contrast, our focus is on expansion in every sense, and expansion begins with enhancement of perception and application of enhanced perception to expansion of ideation. True intelligence does not come out of a box—although IT has its place and benefits. True intelligence lies within human beings; the answers lie within the questioners. PluribusOne™ Consulting, LLC supports the localized discovery and globalized development of human intelligence—releasing the genius that resides within each of our clients.

Planet-wide improvement is not about finding one master set of high-tech-based answers that may be impressed upon all members of all cultures. It is about supporting the asking of smart questions and the tailoring of solutions to meet local, regional, national, and globally-shared challenges. Many solutions do not require use of the latest technological advances as much as they need addressing through clearer vision and better employment of imagination.

If your company, governmental think-tank, or nonprofit organization seeks uncommon knowledge and skills to meet unusual challenges, PluribusOne™ has the meta-tools and the ability to apply them to help meet any special-case project’s Intelligence Analysis and Action Guidance needs.

Have system, will travel.



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