Text of 2018 Speech

I appreciate this opportunity to address your group and promise that my lecture will be brief enough to be memorable. I am happy to be here, and especially happy to be here at this point in time, not only in the sense of this particular location and special event, but in the sense of this place in the unfolding drama of human evolution, as evidenced by both historical and 21st century developments in philosophy, art, and science.

We meet, here and now, at this leading-edge of change and challenge, in this century that began with both the bang of terrorism and the whimpering of those who suffered effects of numerous and enormous natural disasters, in this new age of televised fear and privately voiced hope, in this millennium that holds the greatest potential in history for wisdom and understanding to surpass ignorance and even knowledge.

For, despite the exponential growth of scientific knowledge over the past few hundred years, doubling as it has at a rate that increases faster than the intellect can be schooled to keep pace, the answers to perennial questions remain elusive, and perennial problems persist in eluding the best efforts of scientists and humanitarians, working as they do in the midst of machinations of those who seek to vanquish evils through militant action. The solutions needed cannot be found and fielded with weapons of destruction, nor with artificial intelligence and computer-based “expert systems,” nor by drawing upon subject matter inculcated solely through conventional and parochial schooling.

Whether the Dawn of Man is thought of as originating in a primordial cave gained through perseverance, or in a paradise lost due to carelessness and indulgence, who can argue the fact that the long and spiraling road that brought us to this point in time and space has been marked by growth and development, physically, spiritually, and technologically. Yet, if the whole history of humankind, as recorded in paint-smears on cave walls, in hieroglyphs carved into stone, with blood on animal skins, with inks on parchment and paper, is considered to be the Era of Man, those records make clear that it was only a moment ago that we began awakening to our true nature and potential.

In the future it will be realized that the establishment of the new science of Enhanced Human Perception™, the development of the technology called Noetitek™, and the concept of Noetitek Intelligence Augmentation™ marks a new beginning. Where theories of even the greatest scientists of Renaissance, Enlightenment, and Modern times—Descartes, Newton, Darwin, Einstein, and so many others—have experienced a cycle of acceptance, revision, diminution, and sometimes complete dismissal, EHP™ has set a cornerstone toward development of one seamless assemblage of essential truths expressible philosophically, through abstract artworks, and in fully tangible fruits of this enabling noetic technology and its intelligence-augmenting meta-tools and devices. That set of core truths will prove to be the bedrock for all future science.

The science of the past has created new evils at least as fast as it has succeeded in addressing the world’s ills—unacceptable. And, in a time not far away, the need for illumination in pursuit of scientific developments will expand beyond Earth. Our influence will become increasingly universal. In recognition of that imminent need, PluribusOne™ Consulting has already applied Noetitek™ to the task of designing and developing a device to support the enhanced perception of space explorers operating in alien environments. The device serves to connect its user to the highest level of wisdom and understanding when most needed. And aiding space colonization is only one application.

No longer can humankind afford to seek rewards in ways that produce negative side-effects in terms of high cost, human hardship, and environmental harm. With Noetitek™, the bedrock for a better future exists today, and yet ecological disasters persist because a small minority of human beings refuses to relinquish control of business-as-usual and allow new solutions to proliferate. The future belongs to those who take the initiative to move ahead, to use new tools, discover new resources, and build a new world that may not be Utopian but can be a world free of poverty, pandemic disease, and warfare.

No ambitious vision is achieved without difficulty, without the need for commitment and courage. Desire is not enough. Time, perspiration, and financing are necessary to make it happen. Yet, if we can learn anything from history it is this: human beings are capable of making right choices and following through with consistent efforts in order to bring about great change. Whether or not a given group or individual chooses to support the expansion of applications of EHP™ and Noetitek™, this “way of the future” will continue to unfold; those who are adventurous enough to join us on this first wave will reap the greatest benefits, as has been true with every breakthrough in history.

This effort to expand the study and use of EHP™ and Noetitek™ is more than a project to be taken up by one nation seeking dominance over other nations; it is a project calling for the participation of the people of all nations, a project for all organizations and individuals who cherish freedom and the kind of justice that can only emerge from out of a barrel of enlightened intelligence. The vision of planet-wide peace and security through the fulfillment of our obligation to recognize our interdependence calls upon us to learn the deepest secrets of Nature and use them to harness hidden forces of the universe.

EHP™ has already embarked on its journey to previously unimaginable discoveries and with intriguing early results. There is new knowledge to be gained and new frontiers await exploration for the benefit of all people, toward ending international strife and minimizing threats to global harmony, health, and well-being—for starters. Join us on this voyage to a better world that may one day be called New Earth; to reach that goal is our ultimate intention. Many milestones have already been attained, and they provide encouragement as we continue to shift to higher and higher gears.

The seeds of EHP™ and Noetitek™ were planted in my childhood and began sprouting twenty-five years ago. After fifteen years of research, development, and trial applications of the Noetitek™ system, PluribusOne™ Consulting, LLC was founded in 2006 to serve as a vehicle through which the system could be made available as a service to individuals, businesses, and nonprofit agencies, among others. Many “public service” projects have been taken on since then and completed with great success. Glimpses of these projects have been published in blog form beginning in 2009, during which year plans were drafted toward establishing a think-tank: The PluribusOne™ Foundation, the project for which we presently seek funding.

Tracking our progress is easy, thanks to WordPress.com which hosts our weblogs: http://www.PluribusOne.wordpress.com and http://PluribusOneFoundation.wordpress.com. New material, updates, and comments are added to the main site every month. And linked sites contain information beyond that; for example our blog at http://www.MonaLisaNews.wordpress.com contains our extensive analysis of Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting, answering the question of the lady’s identity after more than five-hundred years.

During the last nine years, nearly five hundred “public service” posts have been presented at the PluribusOne™ site, plus more than twelve hundred comments. There are also more than ninety pages of information about myself, the company, the services, the system, and more, including free e-booklets and sales flyers which can be copied, a PowerPoint sales presentation to view, and a unique intelligence quiz. Image files serve to enhance about fifteen percent of the posts.

The PluribusOne™ blog posts demonstrate the kind of breakthroughs we have achieved across a spectrum of system applications. No other system of meta-tools is so powerful. At present there are twenty-five categories of system applications, including: Archeology, Art and Architecture, Business, Consumer Advice, Crime, Economics, Education, Films and Filmmaking, Global/Planetary, Health and Wellness, Music, Occult, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology, Real Estate, Sciences, Sociology, Spirituality and Religion, System Advancements, and Writing and Literature. If there is an enigmatic matter you would like us to address that would be of interest to the public, let us know by email at: eastwood@PluribusOne.com.

The launch of the first Noetitek Intelligence Augmentation™ device is one of our most exciting milestones. The Thurim™ is well on its way to proving its efficacy in the hands of users having no more than a basic orientation to the Noetitek System™. In the hands of a user having in-depth knowledge of the system and of transpersonal psychology and psychotronics, the brain-boosting effects are truly amazing. At some point, we envision certain users gaining PluribusOne™ certification to teach courses in this Noetic Technology—credit free courses at community colleges at first, and eventually elective courses at universities. The time has come for the priesthood secrets of millennia ago to be shared with everyone inclined to learn and use them for the betterment of humanity.

Consulting services are now available on a pro bono and sliding-scale fee basis. Requests are considered case-by-case. We will provide consulting assistance absolutely free, on an e-source (over the internet) basis, to any bona fide nonprofit non-political secular organization, excluding private foundations, when it relates to natural disaster relief and imminent natural disaster prevention efforts anywhere in the world. The number of hours we can donate is obviously limited, but our intention is to be as generous with our time as possible and to expand this work through The PluribusOne™ Foundation initiative as soon as possible.

The tasks at hand are challenging ones. For all of the past twenty-five years, the entire effort has been completely self-funded. But the challenges are not only financial. As is the case with most new things, no matter how well formulated and executed, prospective beneficiaries of the Noetitek™ system have been slow to request its use. Yet this system has already made so many solid contributions to numerous fields, such as art, science, and education, enriching them with fresh insights and new knowledge, that the ability to make valuable contributions cannot be doubted by any reasonable mind. The tools and techniques that comprise Noetitek™ are suitable to address challenges of any size or complexity. However, the world first needs to know that this resource exists, understand what it can do, and acknowledge what it has already accomplished.

While still in its infancy, PluribusOne™ is capable of much more than we have been able to evidence to date. We are prepared to address the greatest challenges facing humankind. We can help prevent pandemic diseases. We can help create entirely new industries and companies and thereby create vast numbers of new employment opportunities. This is because the Noetitek™ system has the ability to see over the horizon, to identify new markets and opportunities for expansion. During the next few years we hope to multiply our effectiveness by providing services to government agencies and elected officials.

To be sure, such ambitious plans cannot be carried forth without widespread support and a good deal of money. At the government level, public funding is possible, and it is certain that the use of Noetitek™ tools and devices will facilitate the reduction of costs and economic improvements. Fee income from commercial enterprises using our services will also be used to fulfill the larger vision. Our provision of services to nonprofit agencies will help those quasi-governmental agencies become more efficient and effective, which will help improve the economy as well as the quality of life for those they serve. Our provision of services at the grassroots level, and fees and contributions from individuals is also expected to provide a substantial portion of future funding.

Although the need for Enhanced Human Perception™ is obvious, although Noetitek™ has proved itself in the large number of successful trial applications, and although the concept of Intelligence Augmentation is clearly the way of the future—in other words: the development of devices enabling increased intelligence and expansion of consciousness rather than just a specialized cybernetic processing of data inputs toward generating better informational outputs—we cannot expect the world to immediately accept what we are offering no matter how exciting the prospects. So, we must appeal first to the bold of spirit, those accustomed to taking reasonable risks and accepting responsibility. Therefore, it is with leaders in all fields and in all nations that we seek to form alliances.

For now, I am the only one doing this work. Despite the high level of success I have been able to achieve with these concepts, services, and products, I can only imagine what can be done when a thousand more pioneers decide to follow the trail I am blazing. I can only imagine the exponential effects of a hundred-thousand or a million who do so, and these are not unrealistic numbers for a planet inhabited by more than seven billion humans. Help me do this job; help me do the work and pay the price of creating the infrastructure that can ensure expansion of these initiatives which not only provide immediate benefits, but which may trigger the next stage of human evolution.

Consider the effect on the world of relatively small technological breakthroughs: the automobile, the airplane, the ocean liner, the television, and then ponder what the effects can be of this meta-technological breakthrough called Noetitek™. Realize that with Enhanced Human Perception™, with Noetitek™, and with the Thurim™, even one-hundred people can change the world to a degree noticeable on global scale in less than ten years. Let the year 2020 have the unique synchronistic meaning for which it holds such tantalizing potential.

Thank you.


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