The “Genesis Interview”

The following is an interview with Alan Eastwood, inventor of Enhanced Human Perception™ and Noetitek™ Intelligence Augmentation™ :

Interviewer:  Mr. Eastwood, where did all this begin for you? 

Eastwood:  It began with an abrupt shift in my awareness when I was 17 years old. In the middle of a breakfast conversation about space-time, I suddenly experienced a moment of pure knowing that cannot be put into words. To say that “everything is One” sounds like paradoxical gibberish, but that is an approximation of the core insight. I suddenly understood that “space-time” is an incomplete concept, that it is more like “space-time-mind.” 

Interviewer:  Is that when you discovered the hidden language of Nature? 

Eastwood:  No, but I began to perceive the world from another level. It was the beginning. The actual discovery of a metaphysical structure which amounts to a language imbedded in the fabric of the universe did not come to me until more than 25 years later. The invention and development of Noetitek™ took several more years after that.” 

Interviewer:  Why do you think it took so many years to make this related discovery? 

Eastwood:  Before I answer that, I should clarify that I do not claim to be the first to have discovered that there is, in effect, a hidden language of Nature. However, I feel comfortable saying that I may be the first to have so rigorously gathered, collated, tested, and intentionally applied such a wide range of conceptual data-sets representing various symbol systems and “ways of knowing” that have been developed and used over millennia in cultures around the world. As to why it took so many years for me to bring it to fruition, I can only say that, like most people, my paying attention to the everyday world impeded my comprehension of a larger Reality. 

Interviewer:  In the most practical possible terms, what is your primary mission now?

Eastwood:  Three words: Revealing higher dimensions. By using my services, clients are introduced to the fact that multi-modal and multi-dimensional perception is real and that the benefits are valuable. That’s just Noetitek™ 101.

Interviewer:  Do you think critics would claim this is pseudo-science and not actually scientific? 

Eastwood:  As Carl Sagan once said: Every time a hypothesis is tested science is taking place. And when similar tests repeatedly produce similar results over years of testing, it’s called scientific evidence. The research I did into the “hidden language of Nature” has produced such evidence and continues to do so. Noetitek™ is the comprehensive articulation of an overwhelming body of evidence formulated as a system that can be applied to gaining a better understanding of anything. Noetitek™ is scientific. 

Interviewer:  You seem very confident about your system.

Eastwood:  That confidence has come as the result of many years of gathering data and experimenting with the information that emerged. I came to a point of acceptance only after having experienced breakthrough upon breakthrough and seeing results that often astonished me. The addition of each new data-set and meta-tool, and each new achievement enabled through their use, continues to produce further proof of the system’s validity while expanding its contributions in every arena. 

Interviewer:  Anything else you’d like to say? 

Eastwood:  Only this: I don’t claim to own Aladdin’s genie, but I do have a system to stimulate and augment the genius that already exists within my clients.

(edited 8/16/11)


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