Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Who developed this system called Noetitek™?

A:   Alan Eastwood. He discovered Nature’s code, the code within which all other valid codes (corresponding symbol systems, such as numbers) reside. 

Q:   What is the underlying concept of this system?

A:   That everything in the universe is in resonance with a set of primary energies, each of which carries meaningful information/encoding. Everything existing in the universe is composed of and presents this coding via synchronous patterns of attributes. Therefore, anything can be better understood through the expertly applied process of “decoding” called Noetitek™. More on this can be found in the “Genesis Interview.” 

Q:   What does this mean to me?

A:   That there is more to be seen than the human brain is ordinarily able to consciously perceive or assemble. This is partly due to the limits of the five senses and partly due to conditioning. Through systematic expert application of knowledge of Nature’s code, new information and insights are able to be revealed. Paradigms then creep and sometimes shift, paving the way for innovation. 

Q:   So what can he do for me by using the Noetitek™ system?

A:   The Noetitek™ consultant uses this Rosetta Stone-like system to examine any challenge that you are addressing and assists you in discovering “pieces to your puzzle” (sometimes, a new gestalt) for the purpose of helping you achieve—or identify and then achieve—your goals. 

Q:   Are there limits to the applications of Noetitek™?

A: Its EHP and IA applications are unlimited, and the bigger the challenge the more significantly we can contribute to meeting it. However, due to legal restrictions, PluribusOne™ excludes some “end user” services: legal consulting, medical and psychotherapeutic consulting, accounting, financial planning, and services requiring licensure in a particular state. 

Q:   You have called Noetitek™ a “qualitative science” yet you’re saying that the results it facilitates are quantifiable?

A:   Quantities flow from qualities. Positive numerical effects are the direct result of being committed to consistently providing high-quality products/services. This knowledge propelled Toyota, which built laughably crummy cars in the 1960s, to a place where its numbers outperformed its fiercest dinosaur competitors. 

Q:   How is the price of this kind of consulting engagement determined?

A:   Other than a flat fee for a Direction Assessment, fees are value-based and, therefore, vary. The fee arrangement is determined and disclosed at the outset after taking numerous factors into account. The question is: What is it worth to solve your biggest problem or achieve your highest goal? Ponder that and send an email to: so we can start talking.


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