The Noetitek™ System™

An expert application of Noetitek™ is like having the translator of a sort of Rosetta Stone help decode your challenge, identify new opportunities, and solve problems because Noetitek™ is based on the hidden language of Nature. The result of more than twenty thousand hours of research, development, and testing, this unique Intelligence Augmentation™ (IA) system to enable Enhanced Human Perception™ (EHP) aligns and refines several systematic ways of knowing that grew out of nature-based observations, intuitions, and experiences of proto-scientists over millennia. As scientist M. K. Jessup, who devoted much of his life to the study of puzzling anomalies said, “Common denominators help us organize knowledge which is in chaos.” The world is loaded with both knowledge and apparent chaos; Noetitek™ provides the common denominators to help organize information, achieve new perceptions, expand awareness, and enhance creativity to enable making better decisions on matters crucial to survival and success.           

For over twenty years, the inventor-developer of Noetitek™ was a bank officer whose chief function involved gathering, collating, and analyzing data, developing information, performing evaluations, experimenting, making decisions, preparing presentations, and helping guide policymaking. He is prepared to address the needs of individuals and organizations seeking to make something desired happen or make something undesirable cease. A composite of early reviewers of the core material and full scale application called it: “Valuable… a monumental work… fascinating… an ambitious project… deep and encyclopedic… comprehensive… deeply researched… your conclusions support your structure.” A New Science publication counted Alan Eastwood as: “…among the most creative scientific and metaphysical minds on the planet at this time…”1 

A product of “qualitative science,” Noetitek™ supports a rising level of consciousness in the business community and among a growing number of enlightened leaders in other fields. A number of leading-edge scientists, for example, have been shaping this trend, scientists such as former astronaut and New Science champion Brian O’Leary, author of The Second Coming of Science, renowned biologist, Rupert Sheldrake, author of A New Science of Life, and the late Willis Harman, social scientist and editor/author of New Metaphysical Foundations of Modern Science. And new faces are emerging every year.

Noetitek™ is based on the Law of Correspondences, evidenced by recurring patterns in Nature. It is structured as a toolset of interrelated subsystems that serve as perception portals. These portals are conceptual, archetypal, like metaphors within one Great Metaphor reflecting and representing the universal process of Nature. Everything—tangible and intangible—is derived from and composed of natural patterns, even “artificial” constructs that seem arbitrary. What appear to be human contrivances, such as alphabets, are actually the articulations of metaphysical forces that underlie the structure of the world. Within the Noetitek™ system are gathered many sets of correspondences, all of which have been aligned and combined for the purpose of supercharging non-formulaic perceptual abilities. 

The Noetitek™ system has been referred to as a meta-Rosetta Stone. It functions as a malleable Master Decoder, unlimited within itself and having unlimited applications. Because the entirety of existence is subject to the Law of Correspondences, among other “laws,” everything is more knowable, more understandable, and better managed through the application of this unique system. Noetitek™ opens the way to meeting any challenge. It is most effective when employed via ongoing e-sourcing.


1Maury Albertson, Ph.D., and Jennet Grover, compilers, “Proceedings of the Eighth International Symposium on New Science”, International Association for New Science, Fort Collins, CO, October, 1997.


4 Responses to “The Noetitek™ System™”

  1. Valiant Says:


    In his book, The God Particle, experimental physicist Leon Lederman says that millions of years ago “nature spoke but one language,” an original cosmic language that became confounded and scattered as in the biblical story of Babel. When you say you discovered the Language of Nature, is this the language you’re referring to?


  2. PluribusOne™ Says:

    No doubt.

  3. PeaceTrainer Says:

    I read Lynne McTaggart’s books, “The Field,” and “The Intention Experiment,” and I am presently reading the latest Dan Brown novel, “The Lost Symbol.” These books refer to Noetic Science. Is there a connection to your Noetitek system? You call it a new science. Is it also a noetic science?

  4. PluribusOne™ Says:

    Yes. My system is based on a new science that is also a noetic science.

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