Blog Policy

Thank you for visiting our weblog. We invite you to present provocative questions about our posts and hope that you will become part of our growing community of clients and supporters. 

Our purpose for this blog is primarily to promote our company’s brand and services. To that end, our intention is to publish material that helps explain and expound on information we post for the benefit of clients, prospects, and other supporters. As you scan previously approved comments, you will notice that this blog is a drivel-free zone. Comments received are also screened for approval in order to: 

  1. Prevent violations of law.
  2. Preserve confidentiality/privacy.
  3. Maintain decorum.
  4. Avoid off-topic comment streams.
  5. Avoid unproductive repetitiveness.
  6. Eliminate spam and spam-lite (any form of advertising, direct or indirect, intentional and unintentional). 

Comments may be edited, although 98% are accepted and unedited.

With the exception of spam, spam-lite, drivel, and comments otherwise unacceptable as stated in this blog policy, if a comment is not accepted, or requires substantial editing, an explanation will be emailed to the submitting party and resubmission encouraged if the resubmission is likely to serve the purpose stated above. Whether positive or negative, comments that do not add substance or are otherwise unsuitable will be read but not posted.

Similarly, part of a comment may be edited-out without prenotification if that can be done without compromising the commenter’s contribution; for example, we will remove links and any associated material promoting or critiquing other articles posted on other blogs or giving the impression that we endorse or condemn such other site, article, or viewpoint.

A “comment” that consists mainly of links to other sites is considered spam-lite (mystery meat but with less substance and flavor) and deleted in its entirety. Your own thoughts add value whereas nonsubstantive statements accompanied by links to other sites is like sending readers on a guided research expedition—not our function.

We are open to all input, but some input is better given by email at: For example, we receive a lot of one-word comments like “great” and “yes” and statements like “this satisfied my curiosity” which are always appreciated, but please email us instead and share more about whatever you think.

As provided by copyright law, PluribusOne™ may reproduce any comment or comments posted on the blog and without compensating the commenter/s. Comments submitted purporting to limit our use will not be approved.

Thank you for making this blog a successful part of our mission.


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