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The Matter of Intelligence

April 15, 2012

Intelligence is often equated with academic achievement. Ironically, one alert to switched-off intelligence is vociferous declaration that one’s level of schooling is a definitive measure of intellect correlative with an immutable bell-curve of IQ scores and indelible genetic factors. The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life, exemplifies the level of rabid ignorance attainable by highly educated people. 

Although he may not have been the first to say it, author-intellectual George Bernard Shaw once asserted: “The only time my education was interrupted was when I was in school.” True education requires real-world interaction. Classroom study, test-taking, grade-making, and gaining various forms of academic credentials certainly require intelligence, but the purpose of enculturation is harnessing intelligence—controlling it. The word “education,” rooted in the Latin word “educere,” means “to draw out;” yet most dictionaries promote the notion that education is all about “putting in”—inculcation. 

As we discuss in earlier posts, such as: “Theory of Everything” and “Multidimensionality and Turbulence Theory,” Omniverse is constructed of nine dimensions, three of which are dimensions of Consciousness. True “evolution,” evidenced on Earth by a trail of fossil breadcrumbs, is the process of Consciousness mindfully pursuing its experiential desires, which is why some fossil-finds conflict with flawed Darwinian assumptions. Primal intelligence is embodied in and borne forth by those first three dimensions. 

The rudiments of Intelligence are expressed through essential design elements of living organisms, elements that express three fundamental desires: (1) desire for perceptual interaction with all nine dimensions of Space-Time-Mind, (2) desire for mobility within the lower six dimensions of Omniverse (Time and Space), and (3) desire for physical manipulation of the lowest three dimensions (Space). In the human form these desires are enabled by: (1) a multisensory system based in the head, (2) two legs, and (3) two arms, including hands and fingers. Counting a torso that houses life-supportive organs, these six expressions of desire extend Triune Consciousness into Time and Space. 

Within the human form are nine energy centers that express through nine endocrine (yes, nine) glands correspondent with the full range of infinite Omniversal qualities and phenomena—see our related posts on chakras, glands, and neurological circuits. The complexity of the human organism is based on the full range of enneadic qualities. But this post is not intended to expound on the metaphysical roots of biological form. Here we are focusing on the matter of Intelligence and the intelligence of Matter—phraseology not intended to be witty but to point to facts mainstream science does not yet embrace: that Consciousness is not nonmaterial, and Space is not an empty vacuum. 

Consciousness (life force) is omnipresent. Everything throughout the infinite processing of multiversal Omniverse has consciousness, which means that Intelligence is also omnipresent. Yet many highly educated scientists persist in asking the absurd question: “Is there intelligent life elsewhere in the universe?” The sensible question is: “Where, beyond planet Earth, can we find the kind of intelligent life with which we would like to make more tangible contact?” With apologies to Dr. Carl Sagan and Jodie Foster (and Ralph Nader), fishing for signals in the ocean of outer space is a bigger waste of dollars than a third-party campaign for the US Presidency. 

The greater part of human intelligence lies in our ability to sense the presence and direct accessibility of higher Intelligence. The greater part of wisdom lies in accessing it.