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Analysis: Flight 370 Mystery

August 8, 2015

On March, 8, 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370), a Boeing 777, carrying 239 people and twelve tons of cargo, vanished without a trace over the South China Sea less than an hour after takeoff from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Although there was no indication of a problem during the last pilot communication, all contact was lost a few minutes later. The disappearance from air traffic control radar, and then military radar, remains an unsolved mystery despite the recent discovery—sixteen months later—of a single small wing component (flaperon) that has been confirmed as a Boeing part manufactured for a 777. A Boeing 777 has about three million parts, not to mention the passengers, luggage and other cargo, much of which would be buoyant. Even if the flaperon proves to be from MH370, it may be a red herring or complete fabrication designed to appease relatives of missing MH370 passengers.

The primary questions are:

• What, or who, caused MH370 to go off course?
• How could it go off radar, stay off radar, and also elude satellites?
• Why did no emergency devices activate?
• Where is the plane or its provable wreckage now?

Several books have been published that present and assess all available apparent facts and/or offer one reasonable argument or another for the various theories that have been posed. Did weather play a role? Was it hijacked by terrorists or a drug cartel? Did the pilot commit suicide? Was it a mechanical malfunction? Was it shot down by a missile? Was it sabotaged? Was there a confrontation with something Otherworldly? Was it remotely cyber-jacked by the CIA or an agency of another government? Does the U.S. military have the plane hidden away, and, if so, why? PluribusOne™ has conducted a meta-study of all of these questions and the theories that purport to answer them. We have also pursued our own lines of inquiry, although hampered by disinformation and secrecy. The Noetitek™ system is indispensable when seeking to determine critical elements for analysis and helping shape complex data toward formulation of one comprehensible end-of-the-day assessment.

I am partly interested in this matter because it is a challenging mystery. But I am also interested because one of the passengers, Philip Wood, lived two houses away from me in the 1980s. Whenever I drive past his former home I remember his neighborly manner, ponder the strangeness of life, and wonder whether he is alive. It is possible.

Without writing a book, I cannot adequately discuss my use of Noetitek™ in this matter or attempt to explain my examination of the publicly available data and theories. For now, my thoughts must be presented without proper pro-and-con argumentation. For those not fully informed about the mystery and its numerous controversial elements, my conclusions will make sense if you read the books and news reports and listen to the online interviews with parties directly involved in the investigation. Only then can you appreciate the difficulty for investigators applying ordinary tools of logic to the vast amount of deeply conflicting data. This is not uncommon considering the nature of human perception, but the muddle is so extensive that I can only conclude that a deliberate expert effort has been made to obfuscate facts and create confusion. No logical theory—as presently strung together—holds up under scrutiny.

All of the theories can first be put into one of two basic categories. It was either an accident or intentional. Without extensive wreckage, there is very little to support any theory that involves some kind of accident ending in a crash and the deaths of all on board. Relatives of passengers clearly sense the truth of this and rightly cling to hopes that their loved ones may return alive, even after all this time. The disappearance of Flight 370 was intentional. The lead question is: Who hijacked/skyjacked/cyber-jacked this plane? The options are three: (1) a government agency, (2) a non-government agency, or (3) some other/Otherworldly, agency. It is very difficult to make a case for a non-government agency, such as drug cartel, having both the motive and sufficient means to steal a Boeing 777, especially in this manner. Call that the least likely option. A government (including terrorist) agency is a strong possibility—motive, means, and opportunity are easier to imagine. However, oddly enough, the idea that the plane was captured by a UFO is the only theory that makes sense of all of the anomalous data reported.

Unless you know the history of UFO intrusion, the idea that a UFO could explain MH370’s disappearance undoubtedly sounds outlandish. However, UFOs are real—I know because I saw some up close as a NICAP field investigator—and some are not American or Russian or made by a fascist “breakaway civilization.” General Nathan Twining knew that back in the 1940s and in 1957 President Eisenhower made him Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the top post over all U.S. Armed Forces. General MacArthur knew it too, and predicted that humanity would eventually go to war with aliens from space. This is not conspiracy theory; it is U.S. history. You might want to read these posts: The UFO Rabbit-Hole (June, 2015); Analysis: Robert Salas’ “Unidentified” (January, 2015); Flying Saucer Drive-By (September, 2014); Analysis: “Saucers, Swastikas, and Psyops” (April, 2014); The PluribusOne™ “Disclosure Project” (February, 2014); Secret Saucer War? (July, 2013); Analysis: “Aliens in the Skies” (July, 2013); Ancient Aliens (February, 2013); Scientific Studies of UFOs (March, 2012); Space Program Secrets (September, 2011); Presidential Disclosure: Alien Presence Affirmed (February, 2010); Roswell Crash: the Mystery Metal (January, 2010); and Alien Abduction Assessment (August, 2009).

Investigators say that MH370 was “deliberately diverted,” which it was, but not as a willful act of the pilot if hijacked by a UFO. It was reported that the plane made abrupt course changes from northeast to west to northwest to south, and made changes in altitude from 45,000 feet to 23,000 feet, to 35,000 feet, to 5,000 feet—all of which is typical for a UFO. And if the plane was electromagnetically tethered to a UFO—as was the helicopter piloted by Army Captain Lawrence Coyne in 1973 (Ohio)—its electrical systems, including communications systems would be affected—“shut off.” Like MH370, Coyne also lost radio contact. I personally experienced electromagnetic interference in a close aerial encounter with a disc-shaped UFO in 1966 (Mid-Hudson Valley) that overheated the cockpit and disrupted (“shut off”) ventilation. The garbled communications from MH370 in its attempts to reply to other planes in the vicinity is also reminiscent of the disappearance of Frederick Valentich and his Cessna aircraft in 1978 where he encountered a UFO near Australia, never to be seen again—and no debris.

But was any UFO activity detected on radar over the South China Sea during MH370’s flight? Yes. A UFO was detected by military radar in the vicinity of MH370, but this is rarely mentioned when it should be brought center stage. An oil rig worker, whose testimony has been suppressed, including losing his job, reported an orange “burning” correlative object “at high altitude” that demonstrated “no lateral movement,” which is, historically, a good description of a large hovering UFO. Also, the reported sightings of a fighter jet or jets “escorting” MH370 make more sense when the jets are understood as helplessly trailing alongside 370 while the airliner is under external control by a UFO that may not be visible to the eye either because it is temporarily cloaked or positioned at a much higher altitude. UFO files contain other sightings of UFOs “escorted by” fighter planes. Fighters are almost useless against UFOs—other than manmade UFOs—another fact that military forces avoid admitting. So, it is not surprising that there has been no official confirmation of a fighter plane or planes sighted by civilian witnesses. Lesser incidents more than fifty years old are still being held at the highest level of secrecy as a matter of National Security.