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Deep Water V

July 1, 2018

The fact that a seemingly solid physical person can be holding a vibrationally independent, yet attached, physical entity within, the presence of which is not readily perceivable to—as it is purposely hidden from—the ordinary eye is a hard pill to swallow, whether you have seen it yourself or heard of such experiences related by credible people. Yet the phenomenon of demonic possession is similar (if not the same), where an alien vibrational entity has invaded a human being, as described in the widely accepted Holy Bible. In Matthew 8:28-34, for example, Jesus exorcised demons from two violent men and cast the demons into a herd of swine that promptly drowned themselves. Why swine? Biologists today know that pigs and humans are genetically (vibrationally) similar, and in more ways than were suspected until just three years ago as the result of a focused study of genetic links between pigs and humans. Greater insights await biologists who continue to investigate the so-called “junk DNA.”

Demonic oppression is akin to demonic possession but involves external attack on a person (or place) rather than a complete takeover. Regarding alien abductions, some people have fended off attacks by oppressive nighttime visitors by invoking prayers of deliverance or exorcism. The effectiveness of this method appears to identify the true nature of at least some such intruders. Top Catholic exorcist, Rev. James J. LeBar, resided here in my community for many years. For more than twenty of those years he was stationed in a chapel on the grounds of the now defunct Hudson River Psychiatric Center (State Hospital). During restoration of Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel, I had occasion to meet with him there on a community development matter and found him to be a congenial man of unusually high awareness. His experiences with demonic possession were up close and personal while the average person understandably doubts the reality of “fallen angels,” by any name, or even the strange reality of multiple personality disorder (MPD)—harnessed and weaponized by the CIA—because they have not witnessed it.

Seeing is believing, some say: “I’ll believe it when I see it.” Yet consider how much of what we necessarily accept as knowledge or truth—even when our life is at stake–is mostly spoken or unspoken reportage that we accept based on the perceived credibility and competence of others. Every time we step aboard an airliner we accept, without questioning, the implied certification that all is well related to the manufacture and maintenance quality of the plane itself as well as the abilities and intentions of the pilot, air crew, ground crew, air traffic controllers, and FAA. Now consider that we are surrounded by an entire world of activity that we never witness or test or necessarily understand firsthand. For example, a person can live her whole life in New York State, territory substantially infested by various species of snakes, and never see a single snake except in a magazine. Snakes, however, often reside under front porches of tract houses as well as farmhouses where household members occasionally walk just inches above these hidden residents, rarely, if ever, encountering them.

When anything new and completely unexpected is chanced upon, the conscious mind may fail to register it among the relatively few perceptions that it selects for conscious awareness from out of an otherwise overwhelming flow of percepts. Disbelief alone is often enough to mask the presence of an object in plain sight. It is not uncommon for a UFO, for example, to appear in the unobstructed field of vision of two or more people, but not all will see it due to cultural hypnosis—it is not there, cannot be there, because UFO do not exist. Feeling panicked and certain that an item, like a wallet, has become lost is enough to create a perceptual block to the extent that the wallet can be sitting right in front of the frantic searcher and not be seen—a similar belief-driven kind of hypnosis. Scientists grasp the truth of such mental phenomena, and popular books have been written explaining why this can be experienced and how these phenomena work. Again, sometimes a person can see something not apprehended in the perceiving of others, and sometimes that person can not see something although it is right there in front of his eyes.

In addition to normal hit-and-miss functioning of human perception, a person can be hypnotized, knowingly or clandestinely, to see or not see a certain thing. This is true for the other senses as well, which can also be turned on or off like flipping switches, with respect to the entire surrounding environment or just one of more elements within that environment. Here too, there is much literature available, but presenting the foregoing basics will suffice to lay groundwork necessary for the following “Deep Water” disclosure.

Now to begin: It was November 1965 during the period surrounding the Great Northeast Blackout, apparently caused by a UFO, and during which time many close encounters of various kinds were reported throughout the region. Similar blackouts occurred in New Mexico and Texas over ensuing weeks, also in connection with UFO sightings. More than a year had passed since my mother and I witnessed the torpedo-shaped object travel through our yard as if on a reconnaissance mission (see September 2015 post: “Analysis: Willy Ley on UFOs), as the path of its travel included a power substation and powerlines. Having graduated from high school that June, I was still living with my parents in East Park. My bedroom was on the same lower level of the house as the laundry room, garage, and crawlspace. A narrow platform style bed was centered in the room and covered by a lion skin purchased from a school teacher whose father had been a big game hunter in Africa. I used the skin like a quilt.

One night, as I lay in bed in the dark, I was awakened by the sound of breathing. At first, I thought it was the family dog until I remembered that he was dead, a realization that brought me wide awake. What could it be? The breathing was coming from the far corner of the pitch-black room to the right of the foot of the bed. Reachable by my right hand was a pull-cord for a hanging lamp, which I grabbed but did not pull. Slowly, the breathing sound moved towards me, along the edge of the bed and about a foot above it. When within inches of my face, I pulled the cord but saw nothing. The breathing slowly retreated to the same corner but did not go away. For some reason, I was not frightened; instead, I continued to experiment. I turned the light off and the sound crept near. I turned it on and the sound returned to the corner of the room. I did that several times until I fell asleep with the light on. I may have lacked fear because I detected nothing more than a sound, and although it sounded like a dog or wolf, it did not sound vicious or threatening. If it intended to harm me, why would it be stopped by a light?

The next day, I said nothing to anyone, and the following night I went to bed as usual. Again, in the middle of the night, the breathing sound woke me from my sleep. Again, I repeated my experiment, stayed in the bed under the lion skin, and fell back asleep with the light on. This strange routine continued for several nights before I decided I wanted independent confirmation of what I was hearing, someone who might help solve this mystery. So, with the breathing sound in the corner of the room, I got out of bed, went upstairs, and woke my mother. I told her what had been happening and asked her to come down into the room. I had a new experiment in mind: I shoved the bed against the east wall of the room, with the head of the bed against the open staircase that led up to the kitchen, and I reconfigured the hanging lamp. If whatever it was approached now, its path would be from my left. During the time it took to do this rearranging, the breathing was not noticeably present. My mother lay down against the wall and I took the side exposed to the invisible visitor.

We lay there in the dark, quiet, and waited. Soon the breathing returned, and the sound was coming from the same corner of the room, the corner now to the left of my head and about eight feet away. Would it approach now that I did not have the heavy lion skin on top of me that served to restrict my movement, and now that my right, dominant arm was free? Yes; it began to come nearer. However, when about two feet away from the edge of the bed, it shifted its path a bit and began climbing the six stairs behind our heads! Halfway up the steps it stopped and leaned out over us. More alarming, it sounded angry, threatening. But, difficult as it may be to believe, my reaction was not fear, but fury. And as pulled on the lamp cord and swung my body out of the bed, the still invisible visitor backed down off the staircase and bolted through the open door to the adjacent laundry room. Shouting, I followed in its path, past the washer and dryer, past the furnace, and into the crawlspace. In the farthest corner of this storage area defined by concrete floor beneath my hands and knees, concrete block walls, and raw plywood and boards above my head, the breathing sound reverberated throughout the restrictive space.

It seemed unwise to press forward towards a trapped creature that I could not even see but which might be able to inflict injury. I backed out of the crawlspace and returned to the bedroom. On the far end of the bedroom, there was another opening to the crawlspace, covered by a quarter-inch plywood panel. I pulled the panel off and then reentered the crawlspace through the laundry room, still shouting. The visitor took the path of escape and I chased it out into the bedroom, and then into the laundry room again and crawlspace, around and around two or three times until I no longer sensed its presence. After a brief discussion, my shaken mother returned upstairs, and I went back to bed. The mystery was unsolved, but the wolf-like breathing sound was gone. Because it was invisible, I thought it must be a nonphysical phenomenon, most likely a canine “spirit.” Strangely, it did not occur to me in the moment that the visitor might have simply gone silent, remaining in the house.

Over the years that followed, my mother and I spent many hours, separately and together, seeking to understand our experiences with what some have called “space-time transients.” Regarding the breathing sound, I eventually concluded that the creature had been physical although invisible to me and to my mother. The fact that it had climbed stairs, passed through doorways, and stayed within the physical confines of rooms indicates that it was not able to pass through solid walls, which also means that it probably entered the house during the day when the outer doors were unlocked, and it must also have remained in the locked house after we returned to bed. Based on auditory sensing, the intruder was about three feet tall and, based on its stair-climbing, had either multiple legs or arms and legs. I also concluded that the intruder either used technologically-induced hypnosis to blind us to its appearance or its appearance was so shocking and beyond belief that our brains were unable to assemble images of it or created a kind of protective visual barrier.