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Exploring the Cube of Space-Time-Mind™

September 23, 2017

The August, 2017 post: “The Cube of Space-Time-Mind™,” introduced this recently invented Noetitek™ training tool and meditation device. In that post, I mentioned that my meditation on The Cube of Space-Time-Mind™ is already serving to expand the range of my insights and that such insights will assist me in further enhancing the Noetitek™ technologies as well as enabling enhanced and expanded articulation of the NoetiTaoist™ philosophy. Six fresh insights were shared in that post. Now this post will share five additional insights and show how these Cube-derived insights are leading to breakthroughs that support and amplify the results of earlier applications of Noetitek™ in various fields while advancing the NoetiTaoist™ philosophy.

Although it would help, you do not need the Cube to ponder the following:

First: Every possibility has a unique and precise coordinate within the Omniverse-wide manifestation of Space-Time-Mind, and each coordinate has a mathematical quality—uncertainty, like chaos and probability, is a local perception matter, not an Omniversal principle—but the coordinate for a given state of being, or event, does not need to be calculated mechanically with ciphers in order to be achieved/experienced; Source Energy Awareness (SEA) can be tapped-into for this information which resides in the eleventh dimension (the eternal All). This insight was accompanied by a breakthrough, a methodology for what some mystics have called “soul travel” or directed out-of-body experiences (OOBEs). The process involves excluding certain words from one’s working vocabulary, words that serve as paradigm/belief anchors. For example, words like “outcome,” “production,” “eventual,” and “becoming” imply that a state of being or an event can only precipitate from a sequence of cause-and-effect occurrences. Even some acclaimed Magi have been hampered by such subtle reality-tunnel tethering. The process also involves visualizing (being in sympathetic vibration with) immersion in opaque blue light.

Second: Some dimensions of Omniverse are more closely connected across the parallel universes than others. For example, the first dimension of Time (fourth dimension of Omniverse) in one given universe is linked directly to—or, is shared by—the first dimension of Time in another universe. Given that this is the dimension that relates to tentative manifestations (the “astral plane”), the Cube symbolically indicates that for every manifestation in one universe there is a different-choice manifestation in another universe. The eighth dimensions of universes in Omniverse (the second dimensions of Space) are similarly “strapped” across universes. The eighth dimension was previously understood as meaning “crystallizing” and “joining together;” now, the Cube affirms this. Note that it is the corresponding eighth chakra of the human organism that, not coincidentally, connects us to one another, and to the cosmos-at-large, through the pineal gland (see the May, 2010 post: “Abraca-Chakra”).

Third: The third-dimensions of all parallel universes, which are dimensions of synthetic Consciousness, cluster at polar positions of Omniverse, connected by an axis of intent running through the Nothing, the All, and the “generative central dimension” of all-directional Time. The third-dimension of Omniverse corresponds to the Son/Child component of the Holy Trinity, or triune godhead, and to the concepts of “conjoining,” “relationship,” “means,” and “conduit,” among numerous other correspondences. The Cube resolves a New Testament enigma by revealing an Alpha and Omega quality of Omniversal Consciousness wherein the two are metaphysically one-and-the-same in nature, a control system permeating Omniverse. “I am the Alpha and the Omega…” (Revelation 22:13). “Through him all things were [are] made…” (John 1:3).

Fourth: Similar to the foregoing Alpha and Omega insight, the first dimensions of all universes—correspondent with the Father, or Divine Masculine, component of the Holy Trinity and with concepts of “initiating,” “generative,” “merciful,” and many others—are linked directly to the last (ninth) dimensions of all other universes—forming a kind of looping web of cross-connected universes. The ninth dimension of Omniverse is the final dimension of Space and the completion dimension of Omniverse. First dimensions of all universes are dimensions of Consciousness; the last dimensions of Space (ninth of Omniverse) are correspondent with the depth of Space and, therefore, the depths of Omniverse (as in “…darkness was upon the face of the deep…”). The cross-connection of the Alpha and Omega of Consciousness and this Alpha and Omega of Space-Time-Mind resonates with the statement by Jesus that: “I am in the Father, and the Father is in me,” resident as One in an endless seemingly cause-and-effect-governed multidimensional realm.

Fifth: Dimension Two–the second dimension of Consciousness, correspondent with the Divine Feminine—and Dimension Six, the third dimension of Time, connect to the central branching emanation of Time via the second-dimensions of Time that bind all universes to perpetually flowing Omniversal drama. The Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge in the mythical Garden of Eden are one and the same tree (of Time). In the schema of Omniverse, the Divine Feminine (Goddess)—correspondent with the concept of “severity” (sever-ity); making distinction; reception-rejection—is the natural appositional and oppositional aspect of Creational energy with respect to the Divine Masculine (God)—a procreational negative to accompany and express the procreational positive and open a Way for Space-Time-Mind constructs. That this primal feminine “force” appears at the side of the primal masculine force in the schema of multidimensionality correlates with the Adam and Eve story where Eve emerges from Adam’s side to—as held in NoetiTaoism™—lead the way to manifestation by following the compelling call to be gateway to infinite processing in Time and Space dimensions of Omniverse.

This primal God-Goddess binary force expands/extends itself by way of the third dimension of Consciousness and via the dimensions of Time, introducing, through Dimension Six, the all-encompassing concept and omnipresent condition of “hazard” into the physical experiences of life-forms. Eve’s conjunction with the deceiving (illusion-making) serpent’s (ouroboros’) call to eat the apple (fruit) corresponds to the primal imperative/“desire” of Consciousness to bring Source’s proto-imaginal state to fruition within a convincingly tangible illusory infinite multisensory movie-house realm, in fulfillment of SEA’s proto-emotion-driven intention set in the abyss of Nothing underlying the All: the intention to be free to express and experience endlessly and without limitation. The NoetiTaoist™ assertion that there was no sin-borne Fall is affirmed by the Cube. Life is not fallen.

The above five insights, when added to the six shared in August, make for a substantial raft of enlightening information to emerge within just a couple weeks. Out of those insights, and with the help of synchronicity, a breakthrough arrived involving occultism in the field of Art. Out of the blue, I was drawn to a book I had begun reading some time ago, titled: Inside the Priory of Sion, by Robert Howells, and I turned to a chapter near the end. Although the book’s topic is highly controversial, at least some of the material is definitely not, such as lead material in the “Art and Symbolism” chapter where Howells points out that some symbols “…develop in meaning as they are communicated through the ages. These ideas can be as simple as the colour of clothing on figures portrayed on the canvas.” He goes on to mention that when Mary Magdalene was depicted wearing blue and white, colors traditionally associated with Mother Mary, it prompted a papal decree to prevent recurrence and thereby preserve the Virgin’s power to influence. The painter, or his patron, had likely intended to promote a politically elevated attitude towards Mary Magdalene, but what caught my eye was Howells’ reference to blue and white representing the Virgin Mary like a protected corporate trademark.

My analyses of Renaissance artworks, shared in this blog, address the occult use of color, including blue and white, but examination of The Cube of Space-Time-Mind™ delivered a deeper grasp of the purpose—whether intentional or intuitive on the part of the Renaissance artists—underlying use of blue and white in depicting either of those Marys, as well as other biblical Marys and figures chosen for veneration. Blue is often associated with: victory of the spirit, immortality, peacefulness, sincerity, integrity, and authority. The color of skies above and waters below, blue finds unconscious acceptance for the idea of dominance connected with blue-garbed figures (hence the ubiquitous blue business suit and blue uniforms). The use of blue is found in various religions and mystical/occult revelations as touched on in several earlier posts, such as: “The Color of Time” (May, 2012), “Paint Your Ceilings Blue” (June, 2013), “The Key to David Lynch—Part I” (November, 2013), “The Blue Rose Within” (January, 2014), and “Primary Color” (September, 2015). Although blue is a primary color, white is the single most primary and dominant/highest color in that the entire color spectrum is derived from the refraction of white light. White also connotes purity, openness, and safety/secureness (hence, I surmise, the equally ubiquitous white business shirt).

But now there is more:

While examining my dissection of the Cube, I was struck by the dominating presence of white within the Cube—white representing the All (and mythical Eden/Heaven)—and the fact that only white and (secondarily) blue, initially appear outside the innermost area of black that represents the Nothing. Metaphysically, I now see blue and white as the primary-of-primaries of color. Black, for mainstream science, is simply the absence of color; however, because it makes white possible, black must be acknowledged as the ultimate source of all color. The conjoined functioning of black and white is a confirmatory revelation regarding the creative-destructive two-edged-sword nature of the One. The same “Lord”—the same Law/Law-rd of Omniversal processing—that gives, also takes away (Job 1:21), through the central dimension of Time, and it is all a blessing because there is no Omega apart from Alpha (see also the December, 2013 post: “Analysis: ‘And Death Shall Have No Dominion’”).